Hedge Fund Holds Large WWE Stake, CM Punk Awkwardness, Celebs Love Hogan

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- BuzzFeedNews is reporting that Eminence Capital disclosed in a filing Monday that it had taken a 9.6% stake in WWE.

- Well - this is awkward. Dot com covered the news of CM Punk's inclusion in WWE 2K15 at this link. It's the same press release we posted with no additional details. For those that have asked, the inclusion is mutually beneficial. Punk will receive a percentage of royalties and WWE will be able to make a profit from his likeness.

- I was originally going to make a list but WWE uploaded a video of various celebrities wishing Hulk Hogan happy birthday on this week's Raw. You can watch at this link or embedded in the video below:

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  • Bob’s Diner

    Anyone else find it funny that with all the network plugging they do, they used a celebrity video where the guy says he watches old Hulk Hogan clips on youtube for free?

    • Levi Aldebol

      Which is why they’re having trouble getting new subscribers.