Hernandez Shaken Up At Friday's TNA Live Event In Hidalgo, Texas

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Hernandez took a nasty bump at Friday night's TNA live event in Hidalgo, Texas. The spot was during a TNA Tag Team Championship match in which Hernandez was jumping out of the ring onto Luke Gallows. Hernandez missed Gallows and took the bump directly to the concrete floor. Medical staff came out to assist Hernandez to the back.

As of this writing we have no further update on his condition.

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  • _JIM_

    OUCH!! I always think that Super Mex is going to catch his feet and then fall directly onto his face on the concrete floor when he does that over the top rope leap to the outside. I remember seeing just that happen to The Undertaker once. I have no idea what match it was or who it was even against, but Taker went for that running head first leap where he jumps over the top rope to the outside and lands on his standing opponent. Bu this time his toes caught the top rope and he instantly took a nose dive straight into the floor. He barely got his hands and arms up to try to protect himself because when his toes caught it made his jump short of the mark and his opponent wasn't there to catch him properly. He's lucky he didn't break his neck and so is anyone that walks away from botching that move. It's always one move that makes me hold my breath when I see someone going for it. For some reason I'm thinking that happened to Taker at a Wrestlemania. I think it happened before his matches with Michaels.

    • tyler

      it was against Shawn Michaels at wm 25 i think. shawn pushed a camera man in the way(deuce from deuce'n domino) and deuce didn't catch him

    • He did land on his head in the WM match with HBK, but it wasn’t because his foot caught the rope. He just jumped waaaay too high.