Hernandez Speaks After Impact Wrestling, Help Zema Ion With Medical Bills

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Hernandez Promotes Tag Title Bout

Hernandez promoted the TNA Tag Team Championship match at Slammiversary in a post-Impact Wrestling interview now online at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

Help Zema Ion

Zema Ion needs your help. The former TNA X-Division Champion underwent an emergency appendectomy this week and a tumor was found on his colon. A fundraising effort has been put together to help him pay his medical bills. You can check it out at this link.

  • It’s bad business for TNA to have active talent begging fans for life saving medical treatment. They should have provided full medical coverage or require the talent to have medical coverage. Assuming they didn’t do either, they should intercede to avoid further embarrassment plus damage to their reputation and bottom line. I guess TNA doesn’t realize that fans who care about the talent and whether or not his condition is due to wrestling, they will be disgusted with TNA’s lack of compassion.

    • If this was in Canada we wouldn’t even be having this discussion since we don’t pay anything for stuff like that, Americans should embrace public healthcare!

  • Trey8161

    Who pays my medical bills…oh I do..why would us wrestling fans pay his medical bills..he choose that profession and knew what he was getting himself into before hand..so it’s ludicrous to ask us to pay his bills.

    • Matt

      Do you even read? He had a tumour removed from his bladder. How the hell is that his or wrestlings fault. I’m do glad I live in England. The NHS is a marvellous thing. It actually appals and astounds me Americans actually don’t want the option of free healthcare. We have free and privatised healthcare for christs sake!

      • I’m an american and i agree with matt, why should we put ourselves in homeless shelter for life saving medical treatments, FYI trey try reading the entire article before you make stupid statements, you come off as a tool and a troll

    • Your an idiot, his surgery was in no way wrestling related!

      • Hello.

        Before you call someone an idiot, make sure you know the difference between “your’ and “you’re”. Just saying.