Heyman's Rub For The Streak, WWE Network Down Under, Eric Young As 'The Guy' In TNA, Ric Flair/Evolution

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Why are some people talking about Brock Lesnar ending the streak as some sort of rub for Paul Heyman? Five years from now, no one will remember who was the manager of the guy who broke the streak. Lesnar will be remembered, Heyman will be forgotten.

While that may be true, Paul Heyman offers WWE a great catalyst to help build an up and coming superstar. We know from the past failed Paul Heyman Guys that putting him with a talent doesn't guarantee them success but Cesaro has a great opportunity in front of him. Brock Lesnar is a part-time talent with limited dates so associating Heyman with him and keeping Heyman on the road, helps keep the momentum from ending the streak going. It doesn't matter what rub Heyman gets five years from now as WWE is using him for right now. And the right now is to help elevate Cesaro.

Is there any indication when WWE Network will launch in Australia?

We continue to get a lot of questions about WWE Network's availability in Australia and the date hasn't change, it's part of the company's phase 1 international launch and will happen in late 2014/early 2015. The cost should be along the lines of what we pay in the United States at $9.99/month or $10.71 AUD/month. WWE has announced their Australian tour for 2014 with the following dates - August 7 in Melbourne, August 8 in Sydney and August 9 in Perth.

I love the fact that Eric Young is TNA Champ… He defiantly deserves it. Do you believe he owes Daniel Bryan a bit of gratitude? I think it's TNA riding on the coattails of WWE giving the title to the little guy.

The parallels are certainly there between Eric Young and Daniel Bryan, however, it was Eric Young's hard work that got him the payoff. But as I just finished saying in the WNW Premium Mailbag, it's essential that TNA really get behind Young as "the guy." Magnus held the title for 128 days and I don't think he's much further along than he was before he won it. Not enough clean wins, no breakout moment and as a result, I don't think the audience ever bought him as champion. Let's hope things go better for Young.

Do you think there's a possibility we will see Ric Flair rejoin Evolution in a management type role?

I heard there was interest in utilizing Ric Flair for the reunited Evolution but cannot confirm whether or not it will happen. It's amazing how reuniting a past faction can completely atone for the mistake of trying to bring Batista back as a babyface. I am very optimistic about Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista back together again and while I don't know how long Hunter plans to work, this is a good idea to keep a post-Wrestlemania drop off from happening.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2012: Besides the nWo, what was your favorite moments in WCW? - In addition to the original new World order storyline, my favorite moments in WCW were the superior wrestling matches. One thing that I think Eric Bischoff deserves some credit for is bringing in international cruiserweight stars and highlighting them on mainstream shows. Workers such as Ultimo Dragon, Psicosis, La Parka, not to mention the names that became big stars once in WWE such as Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, etc. There was a lot to like on WCW shows and it’s a shame the company was ran into the ground.

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  • rschell21

    They need to bring back the nature boy if just wouldn’t be evolution without the dirtiest player in the game

  • I think Paul Heyman will never be forgotten. He’s too good on the mic. We can look back and we still remember the likes of Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan and even Harvey Wippleman. We’ll certainly remember Heyman.

    • BIG M

      No doubt.
      I still say WWE should put him back on the writing team.

    • Venom

      Yeah. Regardless if streak or no streak, Paul Heyman created ECF’NW. He’ll always be part of history.

  • BIG M

    I live in Australia and I seriously doubt the WWE Network will be only $10.70 AUD a month.
    American companies love to charge extra to foreign markets especially since the Global Financial Crisis.
    Australia’s economy is stronger than the American economy Hell from 2010 to 2012 the Australian dollar was worth over 1.05 USD.
    So they figure we can pay more forgetting or ignoring our government puts a tax on everything we buy.
    At the very least my guess is I’ll be forking out at least $20 a month for a subscription.

    • Rus

      Why would we pay more when we get the PPVs almost $20 cheaper than the US

      • BIG M

        Because that’s the price foxtel has set for all PPV’s eg boxing and MMA.
        Yanks get them dearer because that’s the price US pay tv company sets for theirs.
        WWE Network is direct to the customer no middle man get it.

        • AB

          I’m hoping it won’t be much more than the US subscription rate. Even so, I’m looking at getting NBA League Pass once this season is over, along with the WWE Network when it’s available here, then getting rid of Foxtel. Stand to save over $500 a year, with more content.

  • josh

    Wont the crowd cheer ric flair? I mean unless he did something to Bryan I don’t see much working to boo flair.

  • _JIM_

    Of course Magnus isn’t further along, and people never thought he was a deserving champ. That’s kind of hard to accomplish when you are called a “paper champion” on TV by just about everyone on the roster. That never helps to get anybody over, but I don’t think that was the only reason he didn’t get over as champ. I just don’t think he is a credible World Champion. Not yet at least.

    Somebody needs to slap some sense into Dixie if she honestly thinks she started the “Yes movement”…lol. That lady has lost it. TNA needs to be their own company, and stop biting off of everything WWE does. They just couldn’t wait to give the title to a hard working, undersized, extremely deserving guy with a beard. There is just way too much coincidence there for them to do something like that so soon to Bryan’s win. Its like they thought that they would catch some of that steam or something.

    • David F.

      TNA is a joke right now I am hoping Double J’s new promotion works out so at least guys have another option to go to besides WWE

    • Guest

      Well she didnt say she created the Yes Movement….she said she created the beard being cool with EY…so WWE and Bryan should be sending her royalty checks because she created that look to be cool. But she was just playing her heel character, and taking a big jab at WWE. Idk what for though.

  • Jay El Bee

    As somebody else already brought up last week I believe it was other than Lesnar, who probably would have made it on his own, who else that needed it has benefited by being paired up with Heyman in the last 15 years. It seems like the fans care more about the guy behind the talent than the actual talent themselves, which doesn’t end up helping anyone.

  • Razmos

    Trips is under a performers contract until 2016 so his time in the ring is entirely up to how long they keep this storyline going, plus he will jump back in between the ropes for Summerslam and Mania like he has done previous years.

  • Good News Barrett!

    I personally think it would have been more beneficial for someone like Cesaro to end the streak. That would have immediately taken him to top level status. No one knows how long lesnar will be around so if he is gone in 1-2 years the streak ending will be pointmess

    • troll

      You seriously said that? Someone who hasnt tasted wwe/whc success yet to end the streak??

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people won’t care that Brock Lesnar has ended the streak, people will just care about the streak ending and Brock Lesnars name will just happen to be on the end of it.