HHH Over Vince, Rawactive Polls Fixed?, Ryback Over, Illogical AJ/Cena Scandal

You all reported on Monday Vince McMahon wasn't at this week's WWE Raw and Triple H likely filled in for him. Was it just me or was this week's show better?

This week's show had a different feel to it. I don't know if it was a coincidence or if Hunter had an "on night" calling the shots but this week's Raw was a stronger effort than we have seen in recent weeks. The show was wrestling-heavy and had a good flow throughout. Unfortunately we're going to be subjected to CM Punk vs. Ryback again with the same quandary in that Punk has to remain strong for The Rock without completely burying Ryback.

It felt like the results of this week's Rawactive poll were fixed. These results point to that. What are your thoughts?

I was surprised Kane was "voted in" as the opponent to face CM Punk, especially because Daniel Bryan vs. Punk is the epitome of awesomeness but clearly there were other plans. Given the fact it's Twitter hashtags and there isn't a clear systematic form of voting, I wouldn't put it past WWE to rig the poll. In the past when WWE has done voting the vote counts have been legitimate but the company usually skews the results where the outcomes are obvious.

Is Ryback finally over to the point in which Vince McMahon had hoped for?

Despite horrendous booking for two pay-per-view main events, Ryback appears to be more over as a WWE babyface than ever. I can't explain it other than the exposure has served him well and the company has benefitted from his tremendous look. Other than that we haven't seen much in terms of in-ring or mic abilities.

I know it’s a storyline but the John Cena and AJ Lee scandal makes no sense... When Vickie Guerrero was General Manager of Smackdown wasn't she shoving her tongue down Edge’s throat and even when she was GM of Raw she was doing the same with Dolph Ziggler? Has WWE just forgotten about that? Wouldn't Vickie be in trouble too? To me it makes no sense…

WWE has a convenient way of forgetting the past to make storylines fit into what they want to do. I'm sure someone brought it up to Vince McMahon and his reaction was probably something along the lines of "no one remembers that." Vince counts on his audience to have a short memory so they can do what they want to do. The entire Cena/AJ "scandal" started as a rib on Cena for his real-life affairs that were close to being brought up in his divorce proceedings.

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  • John

    I don't see the argument for the past two pay-per-views being booked badly. Sure you can argue about the way Ryback lost those matches, but since when did wins & loses ever mean anything in professional wrestling? Ryback does not need to win every match to stay relevant and i think the crowd reactions in recent weeks prove that the booking at HIAC/Survivor Series didn't have any effect on his push.

    I get the feeling that you believe Ryback should've went over CM Punk? Too me the thought of Ryback as WWE Champion makes me want to watch TNA!

    • Monty

      Well I don't agree with that. Even the the results are fixed wins and loses do matter. With rayback they had a chance to have him as he unstoppable force but they screwed it up. Just like how they have screwed up big show as a character. I mean wrestlers like rayback and big show shuld cause chaos and there should be a fear factor with them

      But that's what you get with of rating kids friendly show. If Goldberg didn't have that streak would people still look at him the same way?

      Also Richard I believe punk vs Bryan program deserved a longer run because you go back to that match and fans were so into the match and chanting buy than all of the sudden Bryan was out of it

    • William

      I agree, but the Ryback chants seem so uniform from week to week that doesn't it seem that they're piped in, or at least tweaked for air? It makes anyone with a tiny bit of awareness leery of the direction of his character, or of his over-ness? When does the fake push take off? Kids may chant, and there will be others, but there isn't the overwhelming crowd thump that a SCSA, Rock, Cena intro where they pull back and do a arena cam shot where the "electricity" is clearly present. Ryback is barely serviceable. Batista would blow the roof off at this point (Not a fan of his either, but he could draw) You would see the arena get off of its feet. Face or Heel. People pop for an over character. It just happens in a crowd. Being there, you feel it or you don't. They stand up. They cheer or they boo. Ryback gets a smattering of "pops" despite the "chants" on TV. What's the merch for Ryback? Okay, T-shirts, but what else? "Feed Me More" Muppet mouths?

  • ou812

    Looks like the IWC can’t come to grips with the fact that the WWE universe preferred Kane over D Bry

    • Richard Gray

      I'm actually able to confirm it was fixed. Working on more that I'll post later.

      • ou812

        “NO!…. NO!…….NO!……NO!..”

      • You know Richard, in a booking sense, having Bryan vs. Punk would have made more sense because of the aftermath of the match. It's more logical to have Kane run down to help Bryan than Bryan run down to help Kane. It's the WWE's infamous inconsistent writing I tell ya. Now if the polls weren't rigged, it would be okay if they did that, they would really have no other options. However, they were rigged, so it just makes them look like idiots.

      • partyjereme

        Someone posted on Twitter that according to TweetReach #WWEKane was up by 4 votes right after they announced the match on Raw, so while the percentages might of been fixed it seems like Kane legitimately won the vote. Although they may have just used the percentages from the poll on the WWE's website since Kane won that poll also.

  • David

    Yeah Vincent might be ‘ribbing’ Cena over his divorce stuff, but Vickie’s past storylines aren’t the only problem with this angle. No-one (either on TV or on wnw) seems to have mentioned the fact that affair implies one or both party is involved with someone else. In storyline neither Cena or AJ were ‘in a relationship’ so there can’t be any ‘affair’. It’s just such poor staging from creative and really irritates me

  • Nick B

    Yes, Vickie had relations with edge….. 4 years ago! But I guess it’s impossible for the “board of directors” to change their minds and decide that that isn’t allowed anymore right?

  • Kid

    Exactly I don’t get how the booking was “horrendous” for hiac/ss. I don’t think it would’ve made sense for ryback to go over and be champion wen he hasnt wrestle anybody that matters. I think the bookings have worked to their advantage giving punk more heat, ryback becoming more of a babyface and being able to bring up “the shield” to the main roster. This “horrendous” booking reminds me of wrestlemania this year wen Daniel Bryan lost in 18 seconds. Raw the next night was going crazy in every match yelling YES YES YES!!!

  • Prince TMJB

    Did John Cena really have affairs in real life?

  • Stoney

    I wish WWE would stop treating the fans like they're idiots

  • jdl

    Horrendous booking? They booked Ryback in a manner that made it clear that Punk and Cena were both incapable of beating him on their own. If requiring interference to even get one over on him is horrendous booking, then I don't want to see what good booking is, as that would mean we would have Ryback holding the WWE title.

  • Kyle Gordon

    When I went on the wwe website last night you could 'vote' there as well. I voted for Daniel Bryan and i was then showed a graphic of the current scores and it was the exact same as what wwe claim the actual result was on raw. Kane 59% and Daniel Bryan 41%. It's a complete fix.

  • Andrew

    Wrestling is fake

  • Justin


    I love your reporting and the work that you do, but….

    "Daniel Bryan vs. Punk is the epitome of awesomeness"

    I honestly think you are overvaluing the work they did and you seem to be too biased in favor of Daniel Bryan. I've had time to see his work since coming to the WWE and while it's good, it's not great as many people would suggest. To me he's a mid carder and that's about it.

    • Louis

      Watch his wrestling in Ring Of Honor under his real name. He was better there than in the WWE. His matches with Nigel McGuinness were legendary and he won The Wrestling Observer Newsletter's 2007 Match Of The Year in ROH Vs. Takeshi Morishima. His wrestling chemistry with CM Punk is off the charts because they originated from the indy wrestling scene and I agree when Richard says it… Bryan Danielson is the best in-ring worker in the WWE right now. Bryan Danielson was WAY better than Daniel Bryan.

  • Andrew

    The booking of Ryback hasn't been terrible, but if Vince really wants to push him to the moon. It's simple.
    Keep the world title on Big Show until Wrestlemania, Ryback enters the Royal Rumble match, Ryback wins the Royal Rumble, Ryback challenges Show at Wrestlemania, Ryback defeats Show & becomes world heavyweight champion! Your welcome.

    • Donny

      I was thinking the same thing, but I really hope not I dislike ryback so much

    • Paul

      I agree, Ryback should move to Smackdown to shake up what’s be becoming a very stale world title picture. Only problem is who takes his place on raw as a title challenger? The wwe title picture really needs new talent, don’t get me wrong I’m all for CM Punk holding the title for as long as possible but he needs new challengers I’m so sick of the same repeated punk vs Cena crap over and over again and that’s what they always come back too. I say move Randy Orton to Raw and have him fued with Punk for a while and also push The Miz into the title picture, now he’s a baby face it work be a great programme with him and punk and would definately put him over as a fan favourite.

  • sdd619

    WWE took a gamble with Ryback, now the way i see it. The winning streak was only making him a copy of Goldberg. The other thing is Ryback is still being booked to look dominate & that is all they need. I think now Ryback is a future in the company. People are believing in Ryback as he keeps being screwed out of the title.WWE has only made him hot & is a refreshing star that is not John Cena which of whom we have been force to watch & are bored of.

  • peter

    Ryback is not Superman,when he gets beat down by 3 men he stays down unlike Cena or Orton who always seem to battle back and survive. I can not wait until Ryback is champion so all you moaners can sod off to TNA and please please take 'have not a clue' Richard with you.

  • Craig Harrison

    Sometimes I think you have a dislike for the Ryback character. Yes he is stiff in the ring but I think his moves look believable, I don’t think Punk, Cena or even Ziggler would work with him if he was dangerous. His mic skills are fine with me he doesn’t need to talk much anyway.

    I think when they mean affair re aj and Cena they really mean scandal because she was gm they said affair a couple of times so now they won’t change it and run with it.