HHH's New Power, Bellator/Impact, Time In NXT, WWE Pecking Order, Time For The Streak To RIP

Does Vince McMahon get personally involved in signing all of the talent to WWE contracts?

Vince McMahon has the final say on everything in WWE but lately Triple H has assumed some of the responsibilities. Chris Jericho recently revealed he talked completely with Hunter when negotiating his surprise return to WWE. While Vince is giving Triple H more and more responsibilities and power, I look for him to remain involved in some capacity for the rest of his life.

What's with all of the Bellator mentions on Impact Wrestling?

Spike TV executives issued a directive for Impact Wrestling to help promote Bellator in hopes of carrying the pro wrestling audience. The Bellator deal is important for Spike TV as they try and fill the void left by UFC going to FOX. One of the ways TNA is hoping to cross-over the audiences is with King Mo. The idea is to have him compete for both Bellator and Impact Wrestling. Given his loss last week [on Bellator], I wondered if he has still has the ability to draw. You can read that article at this link.

Leo Kruger has spent nearly three years in developmental without a call-up. Why so long?

It's not unusual for workers to spend several years in WWE's developmental system before getting called up. One name that comes to mind is Sheamus. He signed his developmental contract with WWE in 2006 and didn't debut on the main roster until 2009. The point of WWE developmental is to get talented workers under contract and then train and season them for future roles.

John Cena is #1, CM Punk is #2. Who is #3 and #4 right now?

If you're looking for the WWE pecking order right now, you've got to start with The Rock, however, if you are looking at just full-time talent it starts with John Cena. Cena is the "face of the company" followed by CM Punk. Randy Orton used to have the #2 or "1b" spot but is currently further down the card. Other full-time main eventers include Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Ryback and Big Show. It's an ever changing landscape that is currently blown up with the roster additions of the aforementioned Rock as well as Brock Lesnar, Triple H and the expected Undertaker.

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. Who do you want going over?

We've talked about CM Punk vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 a lot this week. This is the direction WWE is looking to go and I heard Undertaker was against any outcome that ended "the streak." I've been strong and consistent over the years Undertaker has earned the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. My point was there isn't anyone capable of ending "the streak" on the roster that would benefit from it. That is until now. CM Punk is the only candidate in which would benefit greatly by ending "the streak" and would be the one contracted talent with the potential to take the #1 spot from John Cena. Following a historic WWE title reign, Punk has racked up too many losses and another to Undertaker could be detrimental to his future in the company. Undertaker is 20-0 at Wrestlemania and one can take one look at him from last Saturday and see the end of his in-ring days are upon us. He's accomplished all there is to accomplish and putting over a guy proven to be a major draw could be a very significant accomplishment on his way into retirement. Many of you will disagree with me, I'm already well aware. However, putting Punk under gives no long-term payoff what so ever.

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  • Sam Grittner

    I always laugh when Richard uses the term “seasoning” like if they were chicken or other meats ready to be cooked. Lol.

    • Haha that’s how they’re perceived. Season them up before throwing them on the grill!

      • KingKongBrody

        Lol I get hungry for steak every time you say that

        • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

          LOL Richard your funny cos i was thinking the same, Chicken!!!

          • The Cowboy

            Feed me more!

  • GuyLandau

    Leo Kruger and Roman Reigns are NOT the same person.

  • Kerri

    If I could make a small edit to a question that was asked (don’t mean to offend Richard), but Leo Kruger and Roman Reigns are two completely different guys. Kruger is still down in developmental and is on NXT, while we see Reigns on RAW almost every week.

  • jyd

    Punk over Undertaker should happen. With Punk’s losses of late, not to mention the fact I can’t remember the last time he won clean at a PPV, he is due for a big, clean, win.

    • Not to mention there is no need for an Undertaker win. Build him for next year? The end is here, the torch is ready and Punk is ready to take it!

      • Xavier

        How is a losing to Punk gonna damage him going forward? Your basically saying that a couple losses offsets a 434 day title reign were Punk went over just about everybody in the company. Don’t understand the logic in your thinking there?

        • Ben

          It’s The Streak. It’s been gigantic for years now. Look at some of the victims on that list… heck, part of it was HBK’s retirement. I’m not saying The Streak is bigger than a 434-day title reign, but it is a huge, huge deal, and the one who ends it would be getting a scorching-hot torch.

      • Don

        But doesn’t undertaker losing kinda make him look really weak as Punk just lost to both Rock and Cena? Doesn’t that say that Cena and Rock is better than taker?

      • Chris

        If they don’t put a stipulation to it like a street fight, or something without DQ, maybe have the match go on until Punk gets himself DQ’d somehow, maybe locking in the Anaconda Vice and not letting go while Undertaker grabs the ropes, what have you, IF they wanted to push for a rematch next year or something, using the same story as they have with HBK and HHH, where they lost and became obsessed with going after it again, except for the fact that this one would have a legit complaint going forward of how they should have won the match. I think he deserves to go out whenever he chooses, with the streak in tact, but if you were going to put someone over, Punk is the only one I could support as well.

    • James M

      Taker is never, and I mean NEVER losing at WM. It’s really that simple. There’s nothing else to say about it.

      • Taker has been choosing people for years to end the streak but everybodys got too much respect kurt angles was the last he asked

  • Eloy Tijerina

    Richard- I agree %100!! In my opinion- would have been an even bigger draw and moment for Punk if he could’ve walked in WWE Champion and end the streak. Would have cemented his legacy as greatest champion ever!!

    • LeftyTosser

      LOL, that may very well be the funniest thing I have ever heard. Punk, the greatest at anything?

  • Tyler t

    Undertaker going under punk would be a great move for punks current respect storyline. Because then he could say that he has now earned respect of everyone by doing something nobody has done before. Add that to his historic title reign. Perfect fr the current storyline

    • Dave L

      I disagree, Whats the upside for taker? He loses to punk and bows out gracefully, then waits till next year to be in the hall of fame? No way. He leaves with it in tact, and when the next Stonecold, Rock or Punk comes along maybe then he passes the torch.

      • And when exactly is THAT going to happen, in your opinion? As much as I’ve never wanted to agree with Richard, upon seeing the pics of Taker these days, it’s hard to argue that his best days are behind him. I repeat…BEHIND HIM! He’s achieved a milestone that I seriously doubt anyone will EVER match by going 20-0 at Wrestlemania. If he loses now to Punk, THAT would truly be a passing of the torch, not some bullshit “passing” as TPTB want us to see in Rock/Cena II.


    I don’t think Vince wants to end the streak this year. He is probably saving it for John Cena next year. And if true about Taker not wanting to end this year, maybe he plans to work WM 30 and that be his last match.

    • Mojo

      Yeah that’s my question too: IF Punk goes over Taker, does that close the show? Seems about 10x more important and historic than anything Rock vs. Cena II can do.

    • Snap

      If the streak has to end (which it really shouldn’t), I’d much rather it be Punk who ends it than Cena. Furthermore, when it comes to a legend such as Taker against someone who gets mixed reactions at best in Cena, there’s no way Cena would NOT be perceived as the heel in that scenario and Cena appears to be resistant to being a heel.

      Finally, how does Cena benefit? He’s already accomplished almost everything he can and ending the streak would only serve to make him even more hated than he already is. Simply put, Cena doesn’t need it and there is no possible benefit to it.

  • The Ignored Monster

    I hope this wouldn’t be Taker’s last match, because I plan to go to Wresltemania next year. Id like to see Taker one more time, because I’ve only had the awe inspiring oppertunity to see his entrance one time. Which happened to be WM 25 when he tore the house down with Shawn Michaels.

    • Mahhat

      my one and only time as well. ill be trying to go next year in NOLA, and yes i must see Undertaker live one more time. Taker cant lose. I dont think CM Punks losing will hurt him due everyone expecting it. as punk said its a “forgone conclusion” just make it an amazing match like at 25. i think we all knew Taker would win, but it was awesome just seeing Shawn get so close and altogether just making an instant classic

  • Armandpina

    I think wwe should bite the bullet. Be prepared to pay for a riot.what if cena won in Chicago or one night stand? Having punk win will throw everyone off. It will show that anything can happen in this business

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    Which match would/will close WM? Punk v. Taker or Rock v. Cena?

    • Kris Mystery

      I’d hazard to guess Rock vs. Cena

      • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

        Even if Punk is by some chance booked to go over?

        • Kris Mystery

          As much as i think that would be a good idea i don’t think it will happen.

    • Pat

      Del rio vs swagger obviously jkjkjk

    • Snap

      Given that Rock vs. Cena closed WrestleMania last year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it take the back seat to a Punk vs. Taker, simply because Taker’s match HAS closed WrestleMania even without a title on the line.

  • Dave L

    Does win’s and Losses really matter ne More? One day talent could be jobbing and the next day winning the Championship belt. The only wins that matter are when someones undefeated, and that even has a limited shelf life.

    • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

      Lol. Cesaro jobbed a bunch, won the US title, jobbed some more.

      • And yet he still had one of the highest winning percentages in the WWE last year.

        • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

          Really? That’s awesome. Lol. (I like Cesaro, I hope he goes far.)

    • Exactly, the only people that think wins and losses matter are the IWC.

  • Ickey

    I don’t think the streak should end…because there’s no way WWE can make a dvd on a 20-1 wrestlemania matches… The streak itself is a leyend. If Punk cant losse again then he shoulnt face Taker

  • Andy

    having Undertaker lose on the undercard would be a disaster. Fair enough if it was for a title or something along those lines. I can’t help but think WWE would lose THOUSANDS of WM viewers if the streak were to be over. It gives a lot of the older audience nothing to hang onto these days.

  • Andres

    Although it would benefit a great wrestler like Cm Punk, you undermine the significance of the streak, the significance of the an undefeated icon like Undertaker to all wrestling fans. You defeat the undefeated, this means you’re better than him, and better than anybody else who tried before. Punk is awesome but going over Undertaker destroys that idea and iconic figure forever. So much for legacy


    I understand the streak is an awesome thing but got to do what’s best for business, punk is the future and that would be great for him and business

    • Punk isn’t the future he’s the present.

  • Forever 21. No way should Taker lose to CM Punk who for most of his title reign was a weasel picking up invalid wins left and right. While I admit Punk is a great wrestler, him winning won’t gain him respect. The respect storyline has run it’s course and now it’s just complete whining. The 1 loss to the Undertaker ruins his reputation and “The Streak”.

  • Moe

    I’d rather have someone like Punk go over Taker instead of possibly Cena next year, BUT whoever wins this match should be good anyhow. I would favor a double knockout, that way no one loses?

  • Brian in Toledo

    I and my “wrestling friends” discuss this topic a lot, and looking back at Wrestling history, there has never been a Face/Face battle of the icons that has succeeded in big long term box office. Hogan/Warrior is a perfect example. Hogan’s fans didn’t put support behind Warrior after his win, because he was still a babyface, and very much the focus on WWF programming. Reminds me of Punk’s treatment last year. Cena fans had no reason to switch allegiance. If a face beats the Undertaker it will hurt them. Most WWE fans want the streak to continue, and they will resent that person. However, Punk is in the perfect position now because it would just give him more heat anyway.

  • Jimmy

    Here’s the thing. Yes, Punk has lost some main event bouts lately. But if he goes out and tears the house down with Taker (very possible considering Punk’s ring work and Taker’s past 4 WrestleMania efforts) and loses, that’s going to hurt him? How? Didn’t Punk lose clean to Orton at a recent Mania? Did that hurt him over the last year? He could lose at Mania, then beat Rock or Lesnar at SummerSlam and have another long title reign. Will anyone mention that he lost to Taker during the new reign? Absolutely not. Meanwhile, if Taker loses, he basically has to retire. If he came back for one last match against a Lesnar or Cena next year at Mania, would it sell as well without the streak on the line? Probably not. Older fans wouldn’t care as much. My humble opinion, don’t end the streak.

  • Marking_Smarkly

    I think the biggest thing here is how high-valued is Punk VS Taker? Definately not as high-valued as STING vs TAKER.

    This is a huge gamble on a STORYLINE error.

    Undertaker should not have to “pay” for bad booking, like Jericho did a few weeks ago on Raw.

    Either Taker wins against Punk, and Cena loses to Rock; and Punk/Cena switch heel-face roles; or Punk doesn’t face Taker at all.

    Personally; it’d make more sense to me if Ziggler cashed in for the W.H.T. and defended it successfully against Taker than Punk vs Taker; but that’s just my 2 cents.

    • Rich

      Ziggler should never be in the same ring with the Undertaker he DOES NOT DESERVE IT.

  • Punk winning could make him become a greater heel

  • Mark

    So what richard and all Cm Punk fans are saying is…. Let’s build another super wrestler who can only lose 2 matches? Sending punk down the same road as cena. He is a heel people, heels tend to lose after they drop the title. It’s up to punk now to keep interest on himself, if he can’t do it then what does that say about him? He basically cheated his way to several victories up to the royal rumble and vince has his eye on the shield so it would be strange to have punk suddenly able to win his matches against big stars without them. It’s the bad perks of being a heel. We know he can wrestle but the character he is playing cannot allow him to go over clean often and you know as well as i do the streak can’t end with a dirty finish. That won’t be really putting someone over.

  • Ray

    I think Undertaker has come to a situation where either he needs to take the loss or stop having the matches.

  • DanC

    If cm punk were to go over clean, he would become the biggest heel, nearly of all time. No doubt in my mind. Undertaker is old and should have retired a few years ago. The only time we see him now is once a year come WM time. He’s not helping anyone but his and Vince’s pockets and losing to cm punk would be a massive help to the company as a whole.

  • _JIM_

    I totally agree with Richard that if the streak is going to end that this would be the perfect time to do it, and that Punk would be the best person to benefit from being the person to do it. He’s earned it and at this point in his career it would actually benefit him greatly. Unlike Taker’s past few opponents HBK and HHH. They were both at the end of their career’s, and at the point where a loss wouldn’t hurt them in anyway. Just like The Undertaker is right now. If Rock is willing to drop the WWE Championship to Cena in a passing of the torch type of situation at his age. Then Taker should be willing to put his pride aside and do the right thing for the business by taking a loss to Punk. He could pass the torch by letting Punk end the streak just like Rocky is by dropping the title to Cena. I can remember Undertaker being one of the most vocal people that complained and said Bret Hart didn’t do the right thing for the business when he refused to drop the title to HBK in Montreal. Well now it’s his turn to do the right thing. Let’s see if he actually will do it now that it’s his turn.

  • soulfool

    Ohhhhh….For Fu$&’s sake Man , CM Punk is gayer than gay , The Undertaker is finished as a wrestler as He is way to beaten down and battered to be as great as He once was…not taking anything from the man , for He is one of the truly Best in The World !!!

  • soulfool

    WWE really needs to stop trying to plug CM Pissy-Pants w/ all their fake build-up and shallow facade they try and make him into !!!

  • soulfool

    PG = Pretention Granduous

  • soulfool

    Then , You have Jerk Lesner !!!

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    There’s no way CM Punk beats The Undertaker. Not so much because of the streak but they won’t let Punk take The number 1 spot over John Cena, the WWE’s golden boy.

  • I keep on saying to my friends, the only way i can see taker losing at mania is if they pull a Julius ceaser on him, have everybody that he was beaten (thats still alive) at WM come out and hit him with thier finisher and then when the matchis over the druids carry him into the darkness

  • saleh

    my suggestion is that they do 2 out of 3 falls where punk pins taker one time but losses the match and be the only man ever to have pinned taker at wm

  • B-Swagg

    I really doubt that Punk who already just lost to The Rock & Cena will go over the Undertaker, it would make Taker look weak. and IMO i think Sheamus is the #3 guy followed by either ADR, Show or Orton.