High Resolution Photo Of The New WWE Title With WWE Side Plates

The brahma bull side plates are removable from the new WWE Championship title belt.  Below is a new high resolution shot of the title with WWE side plates:

[information]WWE Championship Title Belt[/information]

  • kvb

    Its not bad lol kinda like better then spinner lol. How much do the belts cost that wrestlers use? Is it more then the ones they seel to the public or are the authentic replicas the same price as the wwe tv worn belts?

  • just like united states champ….lol

    • RJR

      I was trying to figure out what bothered me about it and I think you just nailed it. The shape is way too similar to the WWE US Title.

  • Lbp365

    Look like a championship belt but also stand out diff I like it

  • Laura

    Still looks like completely and utter crap. Thanks, WWE, for pissing me off yet again!

    • Razmos

      Oooooooooooh hush your mouth

    • Just saying

      girls don’t know anything about wrestling!! They’re idea of an awesome match is “Melina vs Alisha Fox”

  • Dangerous Lee

    I’m surprised no one has said this yet, but……it looks better than the WNW belt!! LOL

  • Chris

    What this says to me is simple, the WHC is still the best, and best looking, title in WWE.

  • Saad

    Seriously, it could not get any crappier than this, couldn’t they make it classy??

  • Hardy

    Looks cheap and tacky to me :/

  • Jimmy

    This one looks abit better than the one Rock debuted on Raw

  • Chris

    It actually looks like a modified version of a Pride FC title. Still not sold on it, personally they should have used the OVW design and tweaked it a bit, since theirs is pretty much the old winged eagle but updated.

  • therocksays

    I like it

  • therocksays

    i’m buying the replica, I think its bad ass!