Highlights Of Kofi vs. Cesaro, Stephanie McMahon's Diet & Workout Routine Revealed

Highlights of Kofi Kingston vs. Antonio Cesaro

Kofi Kingston's defense of the WWE United States Championship against Antonio Cesaro on this week's episode of WWE Main Event is being raved about. You can watch highlights of the match at this link or embedded in the video below:

Stephanie McMahon's Diet & Workout Routine

RXMuscle.com has published their feature on Stephanie McMahon and her fitness. The article is very interesting, detailing her diet and workouts. The article makes note of Joe DeFranco training her twice a week at her house.

“I’ve done all kinds of training in my life. I started working out when I was 12 years old learning from my dad and brother. I’ve done the typical bodybuilding split with Chest/Shoulders/Triceps on day 1, Back and Biceps on Day 2, and Legs on Day 3. But I was just doing too much and found myself overtraining. I’ve been working with Joe for about 18 months. He comes out to the house and puts me through a fast paced functional workout. He likes to have me train in positions with different kinds of weight loads that keep me off balance, forcing me to really use my core.” McMahon said.

Click here to read the feature in its entirety.

  • BlazeKing

    “The Game v2” Stephanie McMahon

    Seriously, is she thinking about a comeback? i get giddy just thinking about it!

  • Antonio Cesaro is the best wrestler in the WWE. His matches are exciting, unpredictable, and there’s always a new spot that we’ve never seen before. I really want to see a WWE Championship feud between him and Cena.

  • Lebron James

    Antonio Cesaro is the perfect wrestler. He’s got the look, he’s got the in ring talent, he can talk, and most importantly he’s paid his dues! I don’t understand why Vince is humbling him, but shit like that is getting old. Why bury someone who can make you millions if used right? It doesn’t make sense. I can’t wait until Cesaro is used properly. He can easily carry the company if one day given the chance.