Hogan Bigger Star Than The Rock, Devitt's Training, NXT Airing Early, Bull Dempsey

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- Hulk Hogan did an interview with FoxSports.com, where he continued the rhetoric that if he had one more match that he would want it to be against John Cena. When asked if he was a bigger star than The Rock, Hogan said in wrestling, yes but in Hollywood, The Rock is the bigger star. Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

- Fergal Devitt talks about his first few weeks training at the WWE Performance Center in a new video blog. You can watch it at this link or embedded below:

- This week's episode of WWE NXT will air at 4 PM EDT on Thursday before its normal 9 PM EDT timeslot on the WWE Network. This week's episode features the naming of a new General Manager. We have complete taping results at this link.

- Speaking of NXT, dot com looks at the brand's "Wrecking Ball" in Bull Dempsey at this link.

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  • Jason

    Hogan… bigger star than the rock… EGO!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WHOOPED THAT ASS AT WRESTLEMANIA AND DONT YOU FORGET IT HOE-GAN!!!

  • David Jr.

    Hogan a bigger star than Rock in wrestling but not Hollywood? Well I would say yes, I can’t see how anyone would argue that.

    • Xavier

      You’d be surprised.

      • Bob’s Diner

        as seen by the comments here…

  • jdl

    Hogan is not a bigger star than the Rock in wrestling. He was at one point, however Hogan has whittled away his value by wrestling for too long, working for the wrong people, associating with the wrong people and generally just behaving as a self interested, self congratulation clown for the past ten years. If the Rock and Hogan had a pop competition tomorrow, Hogan would lose every single time.

    • Moose

      Regarding going too long. Whether due to injury or not, Austin went out the best IMO. He comes back VERY sparingly and always gets a great reception.

  • IncoherentRambling

    The Rock is overwhelmingly more popular then Hogan, but people tend to forget that he was only on top for a few years. Hogan was on top for a decade.

    • Bob’s Diner

      When you really look at it, he was only on top for about a year

      • Dave Barton

        Yep, the year that Austin was injured because Rikishi “did it for the people”…

  • karlo

    There was a time yes. But since returning in 2011 the rock has become the most recognizable face in the wwe. You can’t not be a bigger star if your exposed to a world wide audience. Hogan needs to remember there are other countries that you can be famous in then just America. The rock is one of the most known guys/faces in the entire planet. And the fact that he is still loosely connected with the wwe. And his work in recent times. The rock is the mega star now. Hogan was but his time has come and gone

  • Eric Renier

    Mojo doesn’t too hyped in the background, (when watching Prince Devitt’s video). Hogan is definitely a bigger name than Rock. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s it was Hogan and everyone else. Even when Savage was champion Hogan was still top of the card. However Rock was not even the biggest name of his era. It was Stone Cold then the Rock.