Hogan Says Austin's Comments About Being A Bigger Legend "In His Own Mind"

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Yahoo! Sports has a Q&A online with Hulk Hogan. In it, he discussed the tribute paid him on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, a dream match against John Cena and some comments made by Steve Austin. We'll highlight the remarks about Raw and about wrestling Cena before getting to Austin:

How close was he to tears on Monday Night Raw:

That was brutal, dude. They do things at WWE sometimes because I’m what they call a “veteran.” Vince [McMahon] trusts me and he doesn’t let me in on all the secrets like at WrestleMania XXX when I’m out in the ring and here comes The Rock and Stone Cold [Steve Austin]. It could have been an explosive situation. I didn’t know what these two were up to, but Vince thought that was really, really funny. It’s kind of like when I went out on Monday for my birthday and they gave me a little sheet that said you’re going to go to the ring and “Mean” Gene [Okerlund] is going to play a package.

I didn’t think about what they were going to do but the package was so compelling. It just really rocked me because it showed all these WrestleMania moments. These high points in my career like my son, Nick, and my daughter, Brooke, when I was getting inducted in the Hall of Fame. Thank goodness I had my yellow sunglasses on, bro, because they had me really off balance with that deal. I wasn’t expecting that package to be so compelling.

Desire for match against John Cena:

Well, things have straightened out really well for me after nine back surgeries. Doctor would say in four months you will feel OK or six months you will feel OK … well that’s not true. After these back surgeries, it takes your body awhile to regroup, especially when you’re 60 years young. It’s not like you’re 21. So, the back is cool. If I had to wrestle anyone right now on the current roster, it would be John Cena. That would be a dream match for me.

Finally, Austin reportedly said recently that he believes he was a bigger legend than Hulk Hogan. Here's what the Hulkster had to say about that:

I think that’s in his own mind. My career was twice as long as his. I’ve been a main eventer since 1978 when we sold out Shea Stadium. I just totally disagree with him. I know he had a good run when he was in the Attitude Era. I don’t know how long the Attitude Era was — four years, eight years — I don’t know how long it was. That’s where we totally disagree. Maybe he and I should lock up and figure this thing out. That would be a nice match.

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: I'm not saying Hulk Hogan is wrong. I believe no matter how you look at it, Hulk Hogan is the biggest legend this business has ever seen. However, it's just how Hogan comes out here that rubs me the wrong way. I remember when I questioned Hogan's intentions [in Ask WNW] with TNA and he berated [and blocked] me on social media. Hogan is the Michael Jordan of pro wrestling but he could also take the narcism down a notch.

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  • Xavier

    Hogan didn’t come off cocky or narasstic at all when asked about Austin in this specific instance IMO. Hogan was dead on. His career went twice as long, his run at the top lasted from the time he was in the AWA in the early 80s all the way up until 2000. That’s 20 years right there. He sparked the two biggest booms in the history of pro wrestling, one as a face and the other as a heel. Austin’s run at the top lasted from 97 through 01 and he missed huge chunks of that with injuries.

    Can you repost what Hogan said about you on social media?

    • The Shockmaster

      Austin was the biggest draw when wrestling was at it hottest, so for me he’s the bigger star.
      As an all rounder, he eclipses Hogan. Whilst Hogans charisma was electric, he was an average worker at best. Austin ticked all the boxes, his mic work was top notch, he was super over, and he could flat out work, way more than just a brawler.
      Fair point about Hogan spearheading the two biggest boom periods in wrestling, but the culmination of the peak of the attitude era was Austin/Rock at Mania 17 (what a PPV that was), and for me that’s why Austin is the bigger name. More people paid to see and watch Austin than Hogan. Plus, Austin didn’t tarnish his name by bowing out at the top (although his neck injury did play a massive part in that), Austin has been able to go for the last few years and still hasn’t been tempted back, he’s got nothing left to prove. Hogans ego wouldn’t let him bow out at the top, he still wants to wrestle even though that would be disastrous, he still craves to be the centre of attention also, and every appearance and daft outbursts in interviews further tarnishes his legacy in my opinion.

      • Xavier

        Austin wasn’t close to Hogan bro. Hrs a distant 2nd. Wrestling was at its hottest in the 80s. Every wrestling and non wrestling fan knows Hogan. Saturday Night Main events were bringing in ratings of over a 10 on a regular basis. Hogan/Sting at Starcade did over 1.7 million buys. Highest in history. Hogan’s 20 years on top laps Austin’s 3 1/2 years on top easily. And no, more people paid to see Hogan then Austin. Hogan is the most recognizable name in wrestling. And don’t get me started on egos, Austin’s ego was worse then Hogan’s. He walked out of the WWE twice because he didn’t wanna put someone over.,I can’t count the countless times he came back as a special guest referee only to stun a wrestler afterwards completely taking the spotlight away from the wrestlers in the match.

        • bigdickrick

          can we just all agree that they are both huge legends?

        • Jay El Bee

          While I agree with most of what you said I don’t know where you got that Starrcade number from. Everything I’ve seen says that PPV brought in about 750 thousand buys, not 1.7 million. Maybe you’re thinking of the buyrate which which most sites say was a 1.9.

    • Batman

      Yep. Bang on. Richard, you clearly are biased in your opinion of Hogan, and you outright give us reason as to why [he blocked you, omgzzz]. But nothing Hogan said there was showing any ‘narcism’. He was spot on in his assessment. I don’t even LIKE Hogan, and I can see that Austin is the one with the narcissism and ego, thinking he’s bigger than Hogan.

      You don’t say that though, do you? That Austin could take it down a notch.

      Quality unbiased journalism here again.

  • Michael

    Shea stadium was far from sold out. Watching on the network. (You can watch it too for only $9.99 a month) you can see it not even half way filled. During his time Austin has sold out the Astrodome, Safeco Field, and other arenas. With that being said, Hogans career was twice as long. The big problem with that was Hulkster fails to say he had creative control over a major of his career. WCW he preformed less than stellar matches. Remember finger poke of doom? Austin was more physical. Hogan did put the business on the map but Austin gave fans the excitement. More realistic side. Idk I wasnt really a hulkamanic. I respect what he has done but ill always be an Austin Fan.

  • John

    The Hogan or Austin debate really depends on who you’re asking. Anyone who lived through the “Hogan Era” will always believe that he is untouchable, where as anyone who started watching wrestling during the “Attitude Era” will probably believe that Stone Cold is the biggest star WWE ever had. Personally I don’t think anyone who is old enough to remember both “eras” would say anyone is bigger than Hogan was. I don’t think wrestling would be where it is today if it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan.

    • tone

      Yep I agree. I’m not a Hogan fan but I did grow watching him. Hogan is by FAR the biggest name in wrestling. Biggest Face run, Biggest Heel turn/run. It’s not even close.

  • Jason

    What Makes Steve Austin a bigger legend Than Hogan, is that Steve Austin knows when to pass the torch and stay retired without “reclaiming the old glory days”. A Legend is someone to be remembered for who he was and the legendary career they leave behind. All Hogan is doing it wanting to keep the spotlight on him and reclaiming his glory days knowing he is WAY passed his prime. and because of this Austin is a way bigger legend than Hogan will ever be.

  • rise8604

    Hogan is the biggest wrestling legend. No debate in the slightest. I say that even though I started watching wrestling BECAUSE of Steve Austin. Hogan started the only two ENTERTAINMENT wrestling booms of all time. One as a heel and one as a face. Also over a decade apart from the beginning of its first one. That IS staying power and star power more than anything. Still, credit is due for Steve Austin being able to save a company from extinction in a tough competitive time. All respect for that.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    You can’t compare to legends from two different era’s like this, both had reached amazing levels that many won’t even reach.

  • Demian Rosenfeld

    wow, i think austin, who is usually spot on (see the voice vs stone cold-awesome interview!)…… is off base on that…….he was def the man in wwe during that period of 5-7 years but HOGAN was instrumental in building the platform that permitted austin to be a megastar………..SCA was great to watch for a few years- but if i recall, he did get a little stale around 2000-2001……..the fan reaction slowed down as well……… to me there is no comparison- SCA was huge during the best years of the company- but is run at the top isnt much longer then bill goldbergs- i cant see how anyone can make the argument that SCA is a bigger legend then HH- I will close by reminding everyone what happened when hogasn fought the rock as a suoerheel and came out as maybe the companies biggest face…..id bet if he fought SCA in the same capacity-as a bad guy, that the fans would have turned on SCA-

  • Anon

    It really is no discussion, without Hogan there wouldn’t have been a wrestling boom and probably no SCSA. It’s like with Babe Ruth, like it or not WWE is the house that Hogan (and Vince) built…

  • Charles

    Is Barry Bonds a bigger legend than Babe Ruth?
    Uhhhh… no.
    Hulk Hogan is extremely far from the greatest wrestler of all times but to
    ignore the fact that he single handedly brought pro wrestling into main stream
    pop culture and spent decades as the centerpiece of whatever wrestling organization
    he was in is just ridiculous.
    It is very much debatable that Austin was even the biggest legend of his own era
    with Triple H, Undertaker, HBK and The Rock carrying the company at
    various times.
    There will never be another Hulk Hogan like the guy or not every person that’s ever
    cashed a paycheck from professional wrestling should be grateful for all he has done
    for the business.