Holiday Photos Of Vince & Linda McMahon, Randy Orton

Wrestling News World reader Jorge Romero Tweeted us the following 4th of July images:

Vince McMahon & Linda McMahon with fan:

Randy Orton with friends and family:

  • Simon Veitch

    Just one of those photos that reminds you of just how tall Orton is compared to a lot of people

    • Harlie Boucher

      That’s what I was thinking. He really was standing out in that room.

  • Dave Barton

    If Randy’s going to wear an OBEY shirt, it should at least be the one with Andre on it…

  • Zack

    Vince looks OLD. I know this is redundant because he IS old, but it’s just sobering to see him looking that way.

  • It’s nice to see them in a non-wrestling setting occasionally.