Hornswoggle Makes Amends With The Rock After Posting Negative Remarks About Him On Twitter

Hornswoggle has spoken with The Rock and apologized after Hornswoggle posted a tweet following The Rock's concert on Raw. The tweet, which has been removed, read:

Glad @TheRock needs to sing karaoke to get his $hit in. @JohnCena will always be a true professional, doesn’t need scripted lines, bullet points, or #stupidsrxualinuendos like @TheRock

Hornswoggle posted the following today, along with a photo of writing on his wrist:

The Rock responded with the following tweet:

  • Da KiDD

    Yo wtf is wrong with all these cats hating on The Rock for real. What is The Rock?…some fly by night, pushover jobber? No! This is a man that helped push this business over the top, bring notoriety to it, and the most people can complain about is "bulletpoints" and "scripted lines". Hello! All u motherf*ckers backstage have bulletpoints for your promos to some extent. Aint no bulletpoints for charisma, and ability to win over crowds, i'll tell u that much. Rock has those and more.

    • XKonn247

      Yay! Antonine Dodson reads wnw! FO’ REAL

      • Da KiDD

        Chill homie

  • richy

    thats awesome i don't want to see the peoples elbow on hornswaggle any more than i don't want to see the people's lucky charms get attacked by the leprechaun.

    • Joe O.

      By far the funniest thing I’ve read on here in a while from the comments. The last bit had me rolling.

  • Michael


  • Hazmatt23

    WrestleMania XXIX Main Event. Rock vs Hornswoggle

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  • Paul w

    Totaly agree with da kidd, dont get why they are all bitchin if it was not for the rock stone cold dx wwe would not be what it is today, the others should take note and learn from the great one

  • Locus

    I agree!! Rock is and will allways be the greatest!! He changed the business for ever!! Hey played a major role in WWF winning the Monday night wars!! But too all the haters go on youtube and watch The Rocks Promo Called Armageddon opponents. Best promo ever!!! Richard you honestly post that up with a video!!

  • Dangerous Lee

    The Rock is lucky they talked it out. Hornswoggle would’ve destroyed him.

  • Paul

    Why is hornswoggle still in the wwe? Was it ever funny?

  • Somebody

    The Rock always comes to steal the spotlight but no matter what in the end he always leaves after he comes back to talk crap about John Cena the man that hasn’t left the WWE because he does his job better than the Rock but I am part of Team Bring It and also part of Cenation but it is gonna be a great match at
    Wrestlemania 28

    • Adam

      You are an idiot for thinking the Rock steals the spotlight. And he is way better than Cena.

  • robert

    never liked either one, and diff between rock,dx,austin they all stayed till they couldn't do it anymore rock stayed till he ot what he wanted from wwe and nows back to get his fans back from all the disneys movies or promote his next movie or twitter account or promo armbands. cena hell who knows would he have his spot if all the big guys stayed or where able to. thank goodness daniel bryan cm punk and hhh got matches so i have something i care about. horns was flippin him off above the pictiure

  • Jim

    Whoever said Rock made Stone Cold, DX, and the WWE needs their head examined. I’m pretty sure Austin was huge before The Rock even debuted, and so was Michaels. They didn’t need the Rock to become huge stars. If anything it was that The Rock needed guys like Austin to out him over.

    • Chowder

      Evidently someone failed reading comprehension. I can see that Paul W fails at punctuation, but you singled out The Rock, why? He OBVIOUSLY meant that all of them built the foundation. Who in their right mind would even say that, and even worse who would even assume someone meant that? Stay free.

  • LeKobe BryJames

    These dudes in the WWE today have no respect for a legend, Rocky put the WWE on the map, carried the company, and gave them mainstream attention. He left because he had accomplished it all! Why are they hating on him? If he wants to comeback and main event a wrestlemania, he can! because he deserves it and has earned it!