House Vote Secures One Of WWE's Biggest Sponsorship Deals (For Now)

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To update an earlier item, WWE's sponsorship with the National Guard can continue. The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday night to continue military sports sponsorship. On a vote of 216-202, the House rejected an amendment by Reps. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., and Betty McCollum, D-Minn., that would have trimmed $72.3 million for sports sponsorships from a $608 billion defense bill for fiscal 2013.

Click here for an article written by The Associated Press.

  • PFElton

    I thought WWE was just entertainment, like any other TV show?

    At least that's what they say when it's convenient.

  • mistersmith

    I believe they say they are SPORTS Entertainment. Let's not change it just so we can make snarky comments.

    • PFElton

      WWE has said very clearly that it is just an Entertainment TV show like anything else on Primetime. They are NOT Pro Wrestling, they say.

  • Tom

    It's crazy to think that after years of Pro Wrestling being on TV, they still don't know how to actively classify Pro Wrestling into any genre for these situations…