How Brock Lesnar Got Cut On Raw, Video & Photos

Brock Lesnar was cut in the opening segment of this week's WWE Raw when the back of his head hit underneath the turnbuckle where there is a spring and screw hook. Lesnar was thrown into the ring post by Triple H where he covered it with his hands for the bump, however, his head got caught on the exposed hook.

You can watch where it took place at 3:29 in the below video:

We've included a photo of what turned out to be two lacerations that required 18 staples to close:

  • That was a scary cut, bled like crazy and you could tell it shook him up and shook HHH up a little. Fortunately doesn’t appear to be serious damage

  • im sorry why is this even being reported. lets face it if people couldnt see the red stuff on his head and the poll, they need to have an eye sight check. of course he got cut. and to be frank, i was surprised they even showed the red or the fact there were no medics at the side as i thought they stopped showing that stuff. or was last night the start of the end of PG and goign back to reality in a sense.

  • Cfmsu93

    In my opinion the color actually made this segment great. It further put over their rivalry better then if there wasn’t any blood.

  • Ant

    Brock Lesnar looked like he got fat.

    • Elliott

      why does everyone judge everyone on how they look? so sad

      • Winnipeg

        Just Google it

  • sir-rusty82

    Wow I thought they went old school and then with the piledriver Punk gave Cena I thought they banned the piledriver, 18 staples OUCH!!!!!

    • Ibra

      Last night match between cena and punk pull out all the stops and for that reason cena did a sit down powerbomb plus a frankensteiner right punk totally help him sell the moves but have to give cena props for that. The piledrivers just show how much respect the wwe has in punk and trust

      • lucas

        the pile driver is banned and mcmahom flipped over them using the piledriver, they do not show respect or trust in any way

  • Andy

    “The uploader has not made this available in your country”…. =/

  • D-Bag

    The blood looked great. I actually thought he bladed at first.