How Chris Jericho Was Victimized By WWE Active Voting

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The run sheet for this week's WWE Raw featured Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho and Randy Orton vs. CM Punk, with the assumption that Orton would win the WWE Active voting. When Jericho won the fan voting, which was legitimate, the script was flipped and it actually resulted in Jericho going under to Punk when he was scripted to go over Barrett.

We'll have more about the internal reaction later but one thing that was a notable blunder was the WWE Active voting. The WWE App overloaded and wouldn't allow people to vote so they promoted voting on dot com.

  • PainOfDemise

    Once again, WWE doesn’t know their audience. I didn’t have a doubt in my mind that Jerhico wouldn’t of won that poll. At least they actually didn’t screw over the voting results this time.

  • Winnipeg

    I was hoping for Orton because of the real life backstage beef between Orton and punk 🙁 if it wasn’t for that I would of picked Jericho  

    • Evon Reese

      So that explains why Randy has fallen down the ladder. There’s beef between him and cry baby Punk. Now the truth comes out.

  • Alex P

    Seriously?! Why would the WWE think its own audience would pick Orton over Jericho…especially being that Jericho just returned! Silly decision….not to mention did you see the voting results? Jericho won by an overwhelming majority.

    • Cheddar

      Hey, its the same company that promoted a year long “Once in a Lifetime” match….only to have that same match the next year.

      • Alex P

        Well said….well said

  • It was obvious Jericho would win the vote as he’s just returned and hugely ‘over’. In contrast, even Randy Orton fans are beginning to slowly realise that he’s a waste of space and oxygen. Rey Mysterio is another one who’s stock has plummeted of late. They’ve both had fairly recent repeat wellness violations. There are lots of hard-working up-and-coming stars fighting for upper midcard and main event slots who are more deserving – whether it be Cesaro, Rollins, Ambrose, Barrett, Sandow or somebody else you prefer. It’s hard to argue that Orton or Mysterio should hold on to their spots.

    • Cheddar

      Agreed. I used to really like Randy Orton, from about 2004 until early 2009ish. Since then, it seems like he’s mailing it in every time. He doesn’t even cut promos anymore.

      • With Rey getting injured all the time & being off tv so much really hurts him, they should keep him with Sin Cara for a while longer. Maybe challenge Team Hell No at Wrestlemania.

  • Kleck

    Why not Punk/Jericho and Barrett/Orton? Both have previous fueds with the other. The Barrett/Orton fued was incomplete from Orton’s last wellness violation. We knew Punk and Jericho would put on a show as they did Monday. I also think Barrett and Orton stack up well with each other.

  • Cody Zeller

    I voted for Orton

  • Benjamin

    I don’t see where the assumption Randy Orton would win comes from. Jericho was always going to win, always.

  • The dot com voting didn’t even work either, the submit button at least. Just goes to show they need to stick to tweets. Besides, Jericho Punk was an amazing match and I don’t care who won it because it was THAT good of a match.

  • Rosie

    Really? Stale old 2-strike Orton could top Jericho in a fan vote? Perhaps in like 2007.

  • Jimmy

    I remember a time when Rey Mysterio would have won this poll. But now he’s not even considered a second place factor.

  • Why would you have Orton v Punk, when you have Jericho who just returned to WWE & is a babyface & more over with the fans then Orton ever will?

  • I do like Orton. I would like to see him on the up again, but I knew he wasn’t going to beat a returning Jericho