How I Think Cena Off TLC Went Down Backstage, Daniel Bryan's Title Reign, FCW Wrestlers, Sheamus vs. Swagger

Did WWE hold John Cena off WWE TLC to see what the buyrate would be without him?

That's an interesting thought and could be a possibility; however, I don't see expectations being that high for the WWE TLC buyrate. WWE is in the process of revamping their pay-per-view model so there isn't a whole lot of attention being placed on pay-per-view buys right now. I can't help but see a legitimate parallel in Cena getting behind Zack Ryder, lobbying for him to get pushed (in real life and in storyline), only to get "thrown off" the card for him to get a shot. Doesn't that somewhat reflect Vince McMahon's ego/attitude? I could just see McMahon saying, "Fine. I'll push him but he's taking your spot." Maybe not, but it's something that shouldn't be overlooked.

I am happy that Daniel Bryan won the title but do you think it was a way for WWE to get him to cash it in before Wrestlemania XXVIII because they're not confident in him headlining the show yet?

Mark Henry's injury played into the booking of the World Heavyweight Championship; however, I am very suspect of WWE's confidence to book Daniel Bryan as World Heavyweight Champion. One of my biggest fears is Bryan dropping the title at tomorrow night's Smackdown taping. WWE has not pushed Bryan like the next "breakout" star so I am weary of this current title reign. I am happy to see Bryan get the opportunity but I haven't seen anything that gives me confidence in WWE's booking of his character.

Are Florida Championship Wrestling wrestlers allowed to work indy shows?

No, workers that are in Florida Championship Wrestling are under WWE developmental contracts which make their services exclusive to WWE's official developmental territory. While a developmental worker isn't making a lot of money, working for FCW is the best opportunity one can get and is better than bouncing around from various indy shots.

Why would WWE make Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger at TLC with no storyline and no build?

WWE added the match as filler. WWE TLC was a B-level show they needed to add some extras to fill out the allocated pay-per-view time. I am not a fan of matches added on the fly during pay-per-views but, I'd rather get a match than the pay-per-view ending early or a pointless talking segment.

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  • Mike

    Could Henrys injury be the reason for Kane attacking Cena instead of feuding with Henry? And I hope Bryan keeps the belt and has a decent run. It’d be a shame to see him drop the strap so soon.

  • bestintheworld

    Cena’s been on every ppv this yr except TLC. Im glad he has a break! Kinda sick of him being on every main event too.

    • Alex

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Remember when he was "fired" by Nexus and still getting more tv time than everyone else?

  • Eloy

    Isn’t it a viable possibility that WWE held Cena off a TLC card to protect him for the looming Wrestlemania match. As we get closer, I see less risks for Cena

    • Alex

      He could've had a match that wasn't a gimmick match. Not that I'm saying I wanted to see him there cause I didn't.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I have to agree with you Richard, I'm happy Daniel Bryan won the World title but I'm thinking he is just going to be more of a Temperary champion. which will suck if he drops the title so soon. the only good thing to come out of that is if he after he lost the title he Snaps turns heel.

    If he turns heel I see him him attacking the new champion, just like Henry did to Big Show and then Attack Cole who is sure to gloat about it.

    I don't want to see Big Show turn heel and feud with Daniel Bryan at least not now.

    • Think about what you just said…

      Turn heel and attack Cole?

      • An0n

        instant babyface

      • ebenimzo

        it makes sense to me since he doesn't like Cole to begin with. Just because you are a heel doesn't mean you would absolutely get along with other heels.

        • Alex

          In wrestling that's exactly what it means when you turn heel. It means you get along with every other heel. Look at Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, and Karen Jarrett. Look at Eddie Guerrero & JBL. JBL attacked Eddie's mother and gave her a heart attack and yet when Eddie turned heel just a few short months later him and JBL was buddies. He was almost an unofficial member of JBL's cabinet. The only time that I remember two wrestlers hating each, then they both become heels and still hate each other was Edge & Kurt Angle.

    • Owen

      If Bryan attacks Cole, he'll get the loudest pop in years.

    • EvilKevyn

      But if he drops the title very soon after winning it, didn't they do that with Christian already?

  • cannon15

    I wonder if cena was left off the card as a way to make sure he stays healthy for wrestlemania next year? Cause if cena gets seriously hurt the mania main event is down the toilet.

  • Ruck

    I get that Henry’s injury played a role in him losing the title. But why not let Big Show hold on to the WHC for a while? Then instead of having Bryan Cash in, we could have seen Big Show feud another top heel. I am almost certain that Bryan will lose title sooner rather than later which is a damn shame!

  • luke

    I can see randall taking the title off bryan at royal rumble seen as its in his hometown and its a shame about henry getting injured

    • Brandon

      I agree that will happen, but like Richard I see it happening tomorrow while Bryan fills the role of Christian and complains whines and turns heel. Rinse, wash, repeat. Maybe a Barrett vs Orton vs Bryan match at WM.

    • Nite

      think about how 99% of the time wrestlers loose in their hometown, its kind of an unspoken rule in WWE

  • Ignas

    i'm also afraid Bryan will lose title on this week's SmackDown. to Big Show or Orton

  • George

    I wonder if Cena was left out, because of the rough month he's says he's been having.

  • j.c.

    i for one, am not happy about bryan winning the title. i just don't like him. that being said, i think he would've gotten over if they would have let henry win and then have bryan cash in. having show win to just turn around and lose to bryan seemed pointless. not to mention, as i said, it would've been a huge elevation of bryan to go over henry. agree?

  • Adz

    Re Sheamus Jack Swagger filler, it's not the first time a December PPV has added a match that wasn't originally on the card.

  • Sani

    Bryan didn’t get the push he needed before getting that title. But he can get it now.
    And whatever else maybe , Bryan is an awesome athlete. So more than anything else, we can surely expect him to give us a greater match. And people like Henry and Show can’t really main event a show like Wrestlemania. They’ll just ruin the match.
    I’d love Barrett VS Bryan, but Orton( who is a serious contender for the Rumble) Vs Bryan is more likely.