How Long Jeff Hardy Is Under Contract With TNA Wrestling; Possible WWE Return?

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Jeff Hardy's contract with TNA Wrestling is coming up in February 2013. There continues to be a lot of speculation regarding his future but TNA will reportedly open negotiations for a new deal prior to the contract coming up.

As has been the trend of late, TNA has cut the rate of guaranteed money to talent re-signing contracts.

For those speculating a possible return to WWE for Hardy, there are several factors in play. One, WWE would have to be interested and the ongoing litigation brought against by TNA would have to be over. Hardy would also return with two Wellness Policy strikes and would be subject to stringent testing procedures.

  • MHJ

    It would be seriously unlikely for WWE to take on Jeff Hardy, or for Jeff Hardy to go back in the first place.

    TNA gave him the second chance after he came in off his face at one of the PPVs…

  • ted

    jeff hardy will stay in tna because he can do as many drugs as he wants and tna has no wellness policy.

    wwe does not need jeff hardy. he and angle and hogan and sting have been in tnsa for years and tna ratings are stuck at a 1.0 on thursdays with no other pro wrestling competition in the same timeslot.

  • Ken

    I doubt Jeff will ever make it back in the WWE. Time after time they gave him another chance and time after time he screwed up. He's too unreliable. Vince would be stupid to hire Jeff back into the company again, and that's before we factor in the current PG vibe.
    He'd probably prefer resigning to TNA under the lower guarantee anyway. He prefers his crazy druggy life to anything remotely resembling responsibility or forward planning.

    • havoc525

      He carried the title, multiple times, in the PG era. If he can get CM Punk behind him, he’ll be back.

      • Ken

        I know he did, and he screwed up each time, like I said. Having let him go they won't have him back any time soon, I think.
        Jeff just isn't PG friendly, nor is he Linda-campaign friendly.

        A far cry from the days of X-pac telling his opponents that they were grass and he was gonna smoke them, what?

        • The Rebel

          Don’t hate on Jeff, he’s gotten better in the last year sence he screwed up and had to go to rehab in 2011

  • Brandon

    I like Jeff, but I don't see the WWE taking the risk of promoting a main event talent with his history. I know there are comparisons to Randy, but Orton is already under contract, where Jeff is not.

  • The Breaker

    The WWE doesn't really need Jeff. TNA does.

  • _JIM_

    from what I've seen of Hardy lately he seems to have turned the corner on his addiction and seems to have gotten himself sober. Which isn't always the easiest thing to do. Especially for a guy who has to live with a lot of pain on a daily basis by this point. I commend him for cleaning up and getting his life back on track, but I still don't see WWE having any interest in him. Those 2 strikes he has on his record with the wellness policy is a huge hang-up. One more and he would be gone for good. At his age I just don't think WWE would want to risk it, but if he was 10 years younger you better believe that WWE would be all over trying to resign him. 2 strikes or not. He's super over with the fans still so I guess anything is possible. Especially if the ratings aren't fixed by the time his contract is up. By then Vince will be in full on panic mode if the ratings haven't improved and would be willing to try anything I bet.

  • outkazt09

    this guy is a joke.

  • Lloyd clarke

    Theres plenty of others still working in WWE with 2 strikes(others more than 2 😉 ) so why not??

  • jdl

    He won't go back to the WWE, I doubt he's hurting for cash, he's unreliable and he's a known drug user. He'll stay with TNA, possibly at a reduced schedule, where if he wants to do so, he can show up completely stoned and still hold onto his spot. He's not going to return to a company that will fire him immediately if he so much as even slips once.

  • Josh

    Jeff is on his second Wellness Policy strike, It takes three to be released. Randy Orton is on his second Wellness Policy strike as well and Randy is still being pushed. WWE is in die hard need of a big rating, Which if Jeff returns would be a good hit. But I don't believe Jeff will return full time maybe like what Y2J did. Who knows never day never.

  • Joey

    Doesn't he have 3 strikes? I could've sworn I read something about him getting his 3rd a month before his match with Punk at Summerslam, and management just kinda turned their heads, figuring he was on his way out the door anyway. Does anyone else remember this? Could be me just being naive and believing everything I read.

  • Andrew

    Unlikly he'd return to WWE, if he did, it wouldnt be mfor more than a year, he's stated when his contract ends with TNA he's going to slow down. Not retire or anything, but not wrestle as much, TNA gives him that freedom, and lets him have control of his appearance more in TNA than WWE. Lighter schedule, more family time, and now that he has a daughter roughly around one year old, he doesn't want to work as much. Like I said, IF he went to WWE again, it would be for a year, to have more money, then he'd go back to TNA. He even said that he doesnt "need" money, he has enough to live on, and to take care of his wife and daugther, and they come before wrestling.

  • Robert olley

    Wwe doesn’t need jeff but he’s still extremly popular in wwe with the fans but wwe can’t give him any more chances with some garantee like if he went to rehab first which tna should have made him do after the victory road incident but instead they rewarded him so jeff thinks he’s untouchable.