How Many Chair Shots Has Mick Foley Taken?

Today is Christmas so there are not a lot of news updates, however, this video was sent to us by Wrestling News World reader Max Moskal:

WWE has now banned unprotected chair shots to the head. Workers that violate this policy are subject to fines.

  • Dustyn

    How festive! I wonder how many chair shots he really has taken in his career.

  • Dave Barton

    Its a wonder it wasn't Foley who went berserk & killed his family instead of Benoit…Chris never took this many direct hits to the skull.

    • Don

      That's a good thing as Mic is a great guy, I'm sure Chris was also a great guy.. Everyone takes things different than others, some people wouldn't be able to take a couple shots without going coo coo. The skull is different on every human ranging in different thickness. This would make a big difference of how many shots a person can take and how damaging it would be to the persons brain.

    • Nick

      Foley didn't take steroids.

      • Dave Barton

        So you subscribe to the idea that it was roid rage & not brain damage with Benoit?

        I’m not gonna debate whether the roids had anything to do with it, but the brain damage was proven. I’m saying that with so many direct chair shots to the head, its a wonder Foley’s brain is still functional. If told a roid-user or a wrestler who took chair shots night after night were to murder his family & kill himself over the course of a weekend, I’d have gone with the potentially brain-damaged wrestler. That’s my opinion, you’re entitled to yours as well.

    • jdl

      True, but Foley's finisher didn't involve climbing a good five or so feet and then jumping a good three more feet into the air to headbutt people. Whether or not he struck them with his head, he still shook his brain.

  • Noah

    I lost count at 40

    • david

      58 chair shots to the skull

  • vivalajady

    well all i have to say is mick is one tough guy

  • Mike L

    I lost count after fifty. And I’m not kidding.

  • XKonn247

    I feel horrible saying this, but damn that was funny.

  • sforester

    Notice that was just part 1. I'm willing to guess that Foley's taken over 250 chairshots to the head. LOL

  • scorpio21

    I counted 61

  • Oldfanmike

    That don’t count his days in wccw wcw or others before wwe

  • marc

    i counted 61 in that video but im cure over his career u need to mulitply that number atleast 40 or 50 u got to remember he also wrestled in japan, ecw and wcw too name a few

  • MonstaHeel 450

    So the WWE becomes the NFL… giving away fines like candy to kids for the possible smallest thing. What's next, the "Brady Rule" where ya got to be careful how to handle John Cena? Only the beginning, folks.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    …. not that i condone excessive chairs shots to the head, but what happens after the first or second offense?

    Dont forget the chairshots Foley has taken even before WWF/E. WCW and ECW (especially that place. You'll lose count on one month alone.)

  • Moose666

    …and he is STILL an intelligent man and author. People can argue training and "it's fake" all they want, that can't feel good. The people hitting him with chairs aren't accountants, they are large strong people performing for the crowd. Thank you Mick!

  • Mike

    I got tired of counting at about 36ish. He’s one tough SOB

  • Sheikh330

    I counted 62! 🙂

  • redertainment

    How does Mick Foley not have the kind of Parkinson's type dementia that Muhammad Ali has?

  • iamjohnnymcb

    so where is orton`s punishment for making cody bleed

  • Jim

    I remember a match Mick had as Mankind, I believe, against The Rock back in the “Attitude Era”. Where Rock handcuffed Mick’s hands behind his back and commenced to hitting him in the head a good 15+ times in a row. I heard an interview where Mick said he was really mad at Rock for that because he wasn’t supposed to hit him anywhere near that many times and that he really couldn’t remember exactly how many shots there were. It was totally brutal…

    • Paul

      It was at the royal rumble 1999 I think it was like 11 chair shots in one match, foley had a dent in his head after it was brutal. Watch beyond the mat it has alot of detail about that match tpwards the end.

  • Steve

    It appears that the Rock gave him the most chair shots

  • Jim

    Whoops! Guess I should’ve watched the video before I commented. Should’ve known that would be ln there considering it was the single most brutal thing I’ve ever seen in a WWE ring. That includes Mick’s dive off the Cell in Pittsburgh, and I was in attendance for that. Mick is one tough dude that REALLY loved what he did for a living.

  • Steve

    I counted 61

  • HPK

    Awesome !!! Classick intense Mick Foley @ his Hardcore Best !!!

  • 61 times omg!!!!!!!

  • Scooter

    In this nice little video I counted 61 shots! About 6 or 7 of them just from The rock in their infamous “I quit” match at the Royal Rumble! Poor Mick! At least he’s a legend!

  • Ronnie

    61 chair shots

  • Don

    Total of 61 in the Video

  • Mike F.

    61 chairshots, insane

  • Levi

    I counted 61

  • Mishal

    I lost count after the first he ever took.

  • Chopper

    Foley is as hard as a coffin nail!

  • MPXTheChoice

    Does the People's Elbow with the chair on Mick's face count? I mean that both in the sense of this video and in terms of the policy.

  • Tomas

    The very best chairshot i've seen in WWE was delivered by Triple H to Goldberg on RAW in 2003-ish.

    • Paul

      Think jbl on eddie guerro was one of the best.

  • fytrfbg


  • Brandon

    61 shots! How is this guy not a vegetable right now.

  • John

    TO think that covered only part of Foley's wwe career not even the indy's, wcw, Japan, etc….

  • @RatedMKD

    Well that made for some pretty uncomfortable viewing, if I'm being honest… I doubt I would've managed to watch it all the way through if I hadn't been a little distracted by counting.

  • nymyzys

    I have so much respect for Mick Foley, and this just amplifies it. He is truly one of the toughest men alive.

  • ease9310

    I got tired at counting at 39!

  • foley

    When it comes hardcore there’s no other man for the job…foley is a legend when it comes to pain because of his love for hardcore ppl don’t even try to count u’ll never kno until u ask the man who took e’m all foley the hardcore god