How Much Did WWE Pay Ohio Valley Wrestling?; Brodus Clay Gets New Debut Date

- Ohio Valley Wrestling owner Danny Davis recently said he has spent $600,000 to keep the promotion going since WWE canceled their contract in 2008. WWE paid OVW $1,000,000 per year as their official developmental territory.

- As was seen on last night’s WWE Raw Supershow, the new debut date for Brodus Clay is next Monday. It’s believed that Clay has been held back as punishment for spoiling plans for him to write John Morrison off television at the end of November.

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  • JakShowtime

    So could they just say that he's the reason for the cryptic videos…?

  • Dave L

    Maybe its just me but 1 million a year isn't enough to run a promotion, granted close to 8 million over the span WWE was with them but still.

    • Chris

      1 million a year isn’t enough to run a promotion? Really?

      Because ” Ohio Valley Wrestling owner Danny Davis recently said he has spent $600,000 to keep the promotion going since WWE canceled their contract in 2008″ suggests that $200,000 a year is enough.

  • Harry

    Bout TIME laryngitis Now we'll brodus' debut next week

  • Kevin

    Hey, Vinnie Mac can be an SOB when it comes to his storylines. Just ask HHH. When he, Shawn, Kevin, and Scott broke kayfabe and hugged in the middle of the ring, HHH was the only one left for Vince to punish (Shawn took time off and Kevin and Scott were going to WCW). He wrestled midcard for months, losing to guys who aren't even wrestling anymore. But he took it like a man, learned from it, and now he's the #2 man in the company, since Shane has completely turned his back on the WWE. Let's hope Brodus has learned his lesson, and becomes a better man and wrestler for it. He reminds me a lot of King Kong Bundy; I hope he can be as big an impact player as that. We need someone who can take on the big guys (The Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry) and actually make us believe they have a chance to win against these giants. Seeing Daniel Bryan as the Champion going up against guys 2 to 3 times his size just isn't believable.

    • vmagic

      Of course HHH wrestled midcards, he was still very much a midcard himself back then!

    • Ace

      I was looking for a giant thumbs up sign next to your comment but didn't find one. Either way I totally agree with you

  • vmagic

    $600,000 a year! Does he think he's running ROH or TNA? It's a freakin' indy, it should cost like $60,000 a year not $600,000!

    • simbasamba

      dude, TNA would cost more than 6 million with Hogan and Bischoff (among others) and their overly huge salaries. 600,000 seems legit, keeping in mind this figure extends to 2008, so its actually 200,000 a year

  • Christen

    don't think anyone cares about Brodus Clay anymore

  • Captain Booger

    I'd rather do every gross-out stunt ever done on Fear Factor, than watch a fat ugly dirtball like Brodus Clay.