How Much Of "Total Divas" Is Scripted, Should Daniel Bryan Be Made Over?

How Much of "Total Divas" is Scripted?

While this will probably shock no one, "Total Divas" does feature scripted segments for the sake of entertainment, however, the segment where Cameron's boyfriend Vincent got upset at Brodus Clay after Wrestlemania 29 dress rehearsals was a shoot.

Should Steph McMahon Give Daniel Bryan a Makeover?

Do you think Stephanie McMahon should give Daniel Bryan a corporate makeover? Vote in this poll on dot com.

  • Kleck

    A partially scripted show about behind the scenes of an entirely scripted show makes for good entertainment.

  • David

    I voted in the pole and 99% of the people voted No he shouldn’t change his look, and almost 450,000 people have voted.

  • Lebron

    Daniel Bryan needs to go back to having a short trim in his hair, and a shorter beard. Just like in his WHC days. He’ll look a million times more tougher.