How Much Vince & Linda McMahon Made In 2010 Revealed

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According to Linda McMahon's 2010 federal income tax return, which was released on Friday, she and Vince made a total of $30.6 million that year. $4.7 million was paid out in federal income taxes.

The McMahon's have not released their 2011 tax return as it has not been completed. Click here for coverage by The Associated Press.

  • dusty588

    Thats all! Seriously, that would be nice!

  • jdl

    That is about $10,000,000 in taxes less than what they should be paying.

  • Norman

    You think they should have to give half their money away in taxes? I'm broke as hell, but that's just crazy!

  • Freebleeder

    He busted his ass and built a multimillion dollar company. It’s his money

  • Freebleeder

    He busted his butt and built a multimillion dollar company. It’s his money

  • Jeff

    10 million more? And why would that be

  • Bogusstang

    He could provide health insurance and better pay to jobbers and it wouldnt affect him at all. He has been generous w providing rehab and funeral expenses to former wrestlers who r down and out

  • Joseph

    I think that Jeff handy is the leader and matt handy is in aces and eights