How Often You Can Expect To See Brock Lesnar On WWE TV; Duration Of His Contract Revealed

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Brock Lesnar's WWE contract is for a duration of one year that will run through next year's Wrestlemania 29 pay-per-view. Under the agreement, it's believed Lesnar will make a minimum of two appearances each month with more on the build to Wrestlemania.

Lesnar is not returning full-time and while WWE will obviously be able to negotiate more appearances, he has made it clear he wants to work as few as possible.

I have more much on Lesnar in WWE in a Backstage News update located at this link.

  • thatguy

    It's understandable he is doing this just for a paycheck. Though i hope he gets as much crap as people gave the rock saying he did it for money when yea the rock did it for a lot more than just money. What other reason would brock need to show up again

    • Scottyo614

      The way Lesnar lives and what he's made he probably doesn't need the money

    • outkazt09

      Troll harder son.

    • Blazeking

      …Or he's not in full wrestling shape right now and needs more time to prepare his body for the transition.

  • JasonGaza

    Which is why wwe is in need of Batista. A full time worker. DC hopefully he arrives

  • aGirl

    Well that's still better than as if he'd appear just a month before WM. I'm soooo looking forward to his feud with Cena 😀

  • Patrick_Peralta

    10 to 1 Vince tries to change that through out the year…but if he pushes to hard Lesner may just walk away.. he has so much money from UFC he desn't need WWE. they need him more.

    • Matt Scott

      He's signed the contract. If Lesnar walks away he will be in breach of said contract and WWE will just file a lawsuit.

    • Stan

      That’s what I’ve been saying to ppl! They think Lesnar is broke or something! Lesnar made MILLIONS in the UFC! In just one fight against Randy Couture he made over a
      Million dollars! Pisses me off how they say he couldn’t hack it in MMA so he returned to wrestling. Listen ppl, before that fatal illness that he suffered, Brock was kicking ass! He won the UFC title in his third fight! He beat a guy in Shane Carwin who everybody thought was gonna demolish Brock! Then he suffered his illness and when he came back from that he lost two fights and that’s because that illness changed him and ended his MMA career! If Brock had not suffered that illness you better bet your ass he would still be in the UFC!

      • Chris

        Serious illness…yes, 'fatal'….no. Seemed to be alive and kicking last night fella!

        • Stan

          Well fella, when I said fatal I meant towards his UFC career!

      • Tiago

        "If Brock had not suffered that illness you better bet your ass he would still be in the UFC!" For sure you're not a MMA especialist but you're totally wrong about that. However i'm not gonna elaborate why because this isn't mma site

        • Chopper

          I am not a big ufc fan but am a brock fan and i saw his last fight in ufc and he took some beating until one massive kick to his stomach and he crumble he must have been in agony after getting an op. any way he will be great back in the wwe realy looking forward to see where they go with it.

      • Luda

        Brock couldn’t cut it in UFC that’s why he went back to the WWE lmao

  • sami

    I know before it was posted that lesnar was to face Cena at wrestlemania 29… I can see it being a pretty awesome match,… but with Cena just facing the Rock…. I think fans may like to see Lesnar vs Undertaker, or Lesnnar vs Punk…. or Lesnar vs Orton! These matches I would love to see! …. Great to see him back! just hope his okay as didnt he have a health problem for 2 years during UFC?

    • Ace

      Lesnar vs Punk or Orton would be awesome. Not a fan of him going against the undertaker because I have a feeling that almost everyone wants to see Undertaker retire with his undefeated streak. So what's the point of building up a Wrestlemania match that we all know the result to? On the other hand you have people like Orton, Cena and Punk, who in my opinion would be just as exciting to watch with the added factor of unpredictability.

  • Kleck

    1 more year of continuous barrage onto Cena. Bring it on! I guess the leaving WWE for more money and opportunity would ring kinda old now huh?

  • H.M.

    'Lesnar is not returning full-time and while WWE will obviously be able to negotiate more appearances, he has made it clear he wants to work as few as possible.'

    Gives me the impression that Lesnar is solely doing this for the paycheck, and it took some real tugging and negotiating to get him to even show up for whatever appearances he WILL be making. To me it feels as if this is a chore for Lesnar to brush off in a years time :'( Just an honest opinion from an observer. I could be wrong, who knows? I hope I am.

  • alex

    I hope he can work on something for SummerSlam or Survivor series with a guy like Triple H, or somebody like CM punk or Big Show.

  • bettysteve

    all l see is a replay of the words cena used towards the rock on his last promo. "anyone who wants to "make a name" picks on john cena", all l see is another year of bROCK vs CENA ……for ANOTHER year ….*sigh* and we KNOW who is going to win, just as we knew who was going to win in the last bROCK vs CENA fight, aint no way the bROCK going to come back to "the office" for a loss fight?!!

  • Mad Dawg

    Does anyone remember why Brock left the WWE? If my memory serves me correctly, he didn't like all the traveling, and wanted to spend more time at home w/ his family. Chances are, this is why he's made it clear that he wants to work as few as possible. He doesn't need the WWE; he enjoys it. The man came back to have some fun. He didn't approach the WWE; the WWE approached him.

  • Shawn

    Honestly there’s no poInt in being him back who’s he gunna feud with a broken down undertaker or cena. They should make him fight rock becuz rock lost the wwe title to him at SS 2002… Continue that feud just like the undertaker Kane feud at next years WM

  • Mike

    Lesnar just hates the travel, I don't think he would do it for the money he always wanted to come back, but in interviews he did emphasise how much he hated the travel

  • Philip Thompson

    I think 'Brock Vs Rock' has a nice ring to it and should be a headline match at next years Wrestlemania, if they can't get SCSA Vs CMP.

    I don't like Brock Lesnar (the person) and I do like John Cena (the person) and I feel sorry for Cena being made to look so weak on Raw after already being made to look weak by losing to a guest at Wrestlemania.

    If Lesnar is appearing twice a month does that mean he will be wrestling some of those dates rather than cutting terrible promos for a year? When it comes to cutting promos he isn't exactly The Rock – who is, arguably, the greatest promo cutter there is.

  • bruno

    i hope cena doesnt lose 3 manias in a row