How Randy Orton Will Be Booked Going Forward, Plenty Of Main Eventers In WWE?, 1000th Raw, TNA Stars In WWE

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Despite Randy Orton being suspended, will WWE push him upon returning due to lack of depth on the roster?

As I reported here on, Randy Orton is on the booking sheets in main event triple-threat matches against Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship when he is scheduled to return. While this is subject to change, it made it clear that Vince McMahon is planning to put Orton back in the main event upon his return to the company. The way I look at it is if Orton is working, he has to be in the main event given his hefty contract.

I've read where Vince is concerned about not having enough main event guys, however, I disagree. Christian, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger should all be in the heavyweight title picture. I can't understand how Christian and Miz and Swagger went from world champs to midcarders. Why doesn't Vince McMahon use these guys and a few others that have been there in the main events more instead of trying to bring back former talent?

All of the workers you mentioned are workers that have had opportunities in the main event but are still not looked at as top draws in WWE. I also want to clear up The Miz is currently away filming "The Marine: Homefront." There are specific reasons for why each of those you named haven't remained in the main event scene and I can't give you the "catch-all" explanation I'm afraid you are looking for. Specifically, I could make a strong argument for Christian being a top guy in WWE but Vince McMahon has always had a certain lack of confidence in him. As for WWE looking to someone such as Brock Lesnar or Batista (who still doesn't have a new deal), it's the company bringing in names they know draw big rather than trying to create a big draw with names they feel have already been given the opportunity.

What are your thoughts on the importance of the 1000th episode of Raw?

It's a huge accomplishment that is a significant milestone regardless of any negative stereotypes associated with the pro wrestling business. Television is cutthroat and given that WWE has been able to broadcast a show for 1000 episodes is monumental and something that no one else has done. For the sake of this website I'm hoping the show goes for another thousand, however, I have serious questions about the decision to go to three-hours.

I know Alex Shelly already is going to attempt a run with the WWE. But do you think this could be a reoccurring theme? I've always wanted to see what would happen if AJ Styles made the jump to WWE. Do you think TNA would release him from his contract anytime soon if he wants too much money?

Given the litigation TNA has filed against WWE, Alex Shelley's possible jump to WWE has been halted for the time being. As for a "reoccurring theme," this has already been happening. Workers have made the move from WWE to TNA or TNA to WWE and some have had success while others haven't. We get the question about how AJ Styles would fare in WWE all the time and I remind everyone that regardless of success outside of WWE, workers have to prove they can have success in WWE. Some, such as Daniel Bryan, are able to do it while others, such as Chris Harris, are not. It also comes down to the right opportunity and good booking but I will maintain that talented workers are able to overcome hurdles while others will fizzle out before making it.

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  • craig

    Based off ratings for Raw when he is there and the ppv buyrate, so far, i would have to think the money be paid to Lesnar it has not been a good deal for WWE SO FAR.

    • Alex Barie

      The PPV Brock Lesnar headlined, Extreme Rules, did significantly better than the others surrounding it. He hasn’t been part of those PPVs at all.

      • craig

        The event received 251,000 PPV buys up from last year's event of 209,000. They used up how many appearances to get that buyrate? Also, raw ratings have not been higher when he has been on.

        • Alex Barie

          I never said anything about the Raw rating. I know its terrible. That is why I only mentioned the buyrate.

  • Voice of Wrestling

    Like R-truth has had success and consequences creed hasn't and he should of had as well

  • Dave Barton

    1.000th episode…Ric Flair. Just a guess, but the pieces seem to fit. He’s out of TNA, wants to come back to WWE, and he’d fit as a past Raw legend.

    • Amsterdam

      and if memory serves me correctly he was the first general manager of the raw brand sooooooo that fits with the "bringing back old GMs" thing they're doing now…would be pretty cool

    • Dave the Jobber

      VKM doesn't want anything to do with Ric Flair's tired old ass. He is a middle aged primadonna who feels he can still be relevant. One of the best of all time but his time has past. Ric needs to ride off into the sunset and not take the spotlight away from up and coming talent.

      • steve2

        Middle aged???????!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luke

    randy orton is like floyd mayweather in that his attitude and behaviour stinks but he is one of wwe's money men and will continue to be a draw, a lot like floyd mayweather and at the moment wwe needs all the superstars they can get

  • Kevin

    I'm with you on the 3-hour doubt, Richard. I'm wondering, with the advent of the "Raw Supershow", and now the announcement of a 3-hour Raw, if WWE is considering doing away with Smackdown altogether and just going to one 3-hour program instead of two 2-hour programs. It would save them money.

  • Jericlone

    I hate TNA and would love to see AJ Styles on a larger stage, but realistically he wouldn’t thrive in WWE. He’d have to overcome Vince’s attitude towards TNA stars and Vince’s outlook on guys of AJ’d size. He’d never make it.

    • Anand

      I may agree with the first part on vince's attitude towards TNA Stars but will not on the outlook on guys of his size

      If you look at CM Punk, Daniel Bryan & Dolph ziggler all three men are of average height and build with bryan being much smaller than punk and ziggler. But still they have been able to rise to the occassion and be top stars in the company. Punk has been champ for over 200 days, bryan has been the no.1 contender for both the WHC and the WWE title in the past 6 months and ziggler too has been in the title run on and off.

      Though WWE pushes big wrestlers like batista or brock lesnar more easily, they push talented average sized wrestlers too…

      One of WWE's all time greats (i would say the greatest) Shawn Micheals was a small man in terms of size but was amazing in terms of talent & in-ring ability and he made it to the top and stayed there for many years.

    • Azaghast

      Remember, this was what people used to say about Daniel Bryan, but he made it! Look at where he currently stands mate! You just can's be sure about anything in the WWE

    • Tony P.

      AJ Styles was in WWE once before and he gave it his all but they didnt like his size. Look at him now.

  • simbasamba

    Braden Walker was undefeated and assembled a Hall of Fame career, I would certainly put him in the category of those who had success switching companies.

  • Wes

    Randy will only learn if wwe grows some balls and makes him job to clay and such. He hadn’t learned anything, 60 day vacation and a main event push when he gets back and lets face it probly the strap as well

  • Evon Reesr

    WWE needs Randy Orton. Punk and Bryan are not the big draw he is. When Jericho was involved with Punk it was great but on his own he doesn't carry as well as Randy Orton.i think next they are going to pair Punk with Cena to try and help him maybe stand on his own. Cena has already tried to get Punk over and did for him what The Rock would not do for Cena due to his ego.

  • Lenny

    “I’m Braden Walker…and I’m gonna knock your brains in!” The greatest all around performer this business has ever seen! An icon in the sport of pro wrestling and sports entertainment! Braden Walker the greatest of all time!

  • Justin

    Uh, Raw isn't the only TV show to have reached 1000 episodes.