How Ring Of Honor Is Handling The Departure Of The Briscoe Brothers

Following up on Jay and Mark Briscoe in Wednesday's Ask WNW, here is how Ring of Honor is handling their departures in storyline:

Last weekend in Baltimore was a physically brutal one for both World Champion Jay Briscoe and his “Best in the World 2013” challenger Mark Briscoe. The brothers tore into one another in one of the more physical championship battles and it ultimately required Jay to utilize multiple Jay Drillers in order to put his brother down for the three count. Unfortunately, as a result of those maneuvers and the general punishment suffered in the bout, Mark Briscoe was forced out of his spot in the Steel Cage Warfare bout that went down during the following day's “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV Tapings.

As for Jay, the day of those tapings he defended his title once again, this time against S.C.U.M's Matt Hardy and although he was victorious in the bout, following the match the champion was viciously assaulted with a steel chair by S.C.U.M and left laying.

Unfortunately, has since learned that, as a result of the injuries sustained during “Best in the World” weekend, both Jay and Mark will be out of action indefinitely. Mark suffered severe head trauma as a result of the bout with his brother while Jay apparently has a fractured shoulder and torn rotator cuff coming from the assault at the hands of S.C.U.M. At this point it is unknown how long Jay and Mark will be out of action but we will stay on top of the story to provide you with details, as they are made available to us. also contacted Match Maker Nigel McGuinness for an update on how this would affect the championship held by Jay Briscoe and he informed us that there will be an announcement made soon regarding the status of the ROH World Title. Nigel did inform us that he intended to announce this week that Michael Elgin would receive his championship opportunity on August 3rd in Toronto but now that is in question. has heard rumors that with Elgin scheduled to be the next man in line for a shot, he may be awarded the World Title due to forfeit.

All of the events that led to this will be seen on “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV broadcasts over the course of the next several weeks or you will be able to see it all unfold very shortly courtesy of the Early Bird TV options here on

Stay tuned for more details on the status of the World Title as they are made available...

  • Patrick

    Elgin deserves a title shot but don’t give it to him by forfit. put him in a match to earn it don’t just hand it to him because the former champ left.

    • BlazeKing

      Then that would (storyline) confirm that Jay is never coming back. They want to leave an option on the table so the only thing to do is have Elgin be the “Interim” Champion for now and defend the title against the former #3 guy in the rankings. If any options fall through, Elgin will have already defended the championship. They could make him the full-time champ then.

      WWE made Bo Dallas an Interim tag team champion after Oliver Grey was injured. They could have just had the team forfeit the belts and held another tournament but they utilized the “Interim” roles. Promoters never really want to vacate a belt because it’s kind of like a black eye to it’s prestige. The best way to handle it is to transition the role transparently to a person of the same value.

  • dunlap84

    I love ROH and reading this kills me these guys are the biggest names in the promotion, hope they can rebound from such a great loss of talent.