How TNA Is Stopping Alex Shelley & Ric Flair To WWE, Mark Henry's Health, Recent "Avalanche" In WWE, Wade Barrett's Return

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What is the status on Alex Shelley? Any news about him signing with WWE?

A judge has prevented WWE from hiring any worker that has been under TNA contract in the past sixty days through an injunction. This will prevent the company from signing either Alex Shelley or Ric Flair until it is lifted. TNA issued a statement on the ongoing litigation that you can read at this link.

What has happened to Mark Henry?

Mark Henry underwent shoulder surgery on May 15, 2012. He has provided a few updates in which he said he's the "healthiest he's been in 5 years" and told haters to "go to hell." For all things Mark Henry, check out his news tab here on

What is your opinion on the recent "avalanche" of WWE? Several suspensions, injuries and poor booking.

There has been a lot of "tough luck" for WWE in the past couple of months that has caused the company to scramble for backup plans, which can at least be viewed as a factor in the poor booking. Injuries are part of the business and while we've seen some weird circumstances surrounding suspensions, it's more the nature of the beast than anything else. My biggest reaction to the current "avalanche" is WWE is probably glad this is happening now and not during a more important time when competition is stiffer or Wrestlemania season is closer.

Do you have any updates on the return of Wade Barrett?

Wade Barrett has been quiet regarding the status of his dislocated elbow that required surgery. The initial report is he wouldn't be back until closer to SummerSlam but given the aforementioned "avalanche," some are wondering if he'll be rushed back. At this point it's anyone's guess but it would not be wise to rush him back too soon. Barrett has been doing some acting as he had a small role in the new Colin Farrell film that WWE Studios is co-financing.

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  • Daniel Lim'ass

    WWE needs talents like Barrett more than ever now with suspensions and injuries on their big names like Jericho, Orton and now Del Rio. If Barrett does come back before the big names return then it is a golden opportunity for him to be a main eventer. Not really a big fan of Barrett but I think he's really can go far.

  • Lenny

    Right now is the best time to introduce some new faces to the main event scene and I was glad to see them taking a chance on Dolph Ziggler although since Christian was in that
    Match I saw no reason why he couldn’t have been the one to challenge Sheamus. He’s a reliable veteran but let’s see what Ziggles can do.

    • Marc

      YES! YES! YES!

  • craig

    if TNA doesnt win the case Alex Shelley might have a chance to get damages from TNA

    • Dangerous Lee

      That wouldn’t be a very smart business decision on his part

  • monty

    wwe has a star in the making with Ziggler so give him a chance to win the whc and see if he can become a top level star

    ziggler has everything you want from a wrestler looks,good on mic,very good wrestler but room to improve but he has that IT that so few guys have so here is hoping he wins this sunday. great thing but ziggly man is he can be a great heal or face IMO

  • buddah5050

    TNA is still in existence?? I thought they went under awhile ago!! I’ll have to check it out sometime to see if it still sucks or not.

    • jeffhardy123

      I think it's pretty good.At least it's better in the ''in-ring'' department.

  • Guest

    If WWE creative and the higher ups don,t use this chance to elevate Dolph Ziggler then they are plain dumb. I have watched Dolph evolve into a hybrid of Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair. I am not going to say that he will become that ICONIC, but his personality and work are proof hes the most purely taltented worker in the WWE.

    • DanBo7o7

      I personally think hes a hybrid of Mr. Perfect and Billy Gunn

  • Ricky Valdez

    Wade Barrett=boring. It’s kind of wierd if the wwe is suppose to be giving Ziggler a push why is he allways looking to shaemus or a top talent on raw or smackdown