How To Become A WWE Creative Writer, Mysterio A Babyface, Mark Henry's Return, Sting In WWE

Is there any specific route to take if I want to apply to WWE as a creative writer?

I actually cannot remember a time where WWE was not looking to hire a new Creative Writer. The job listing is posted at this link. The following requirements are expected to get hired:

  • BA/BS in Film, TV, Drama, Media Studies, Communications or equivalent
  • Minimum of three to five years writing and production experience in network television
  • Professional TV staff experience in drama and comedy a plus
  • Writing and directing reality television a plus
  • Experience in all aspects of live TV production a plus
  • Highly creative (a prolific idea generator)
  • Plugged into pop culture and trends
  • Able to work closely and effectively with talent, writers, and producers throughout the creative process
  • Strong understanding of WWE's audience (demographic and psychographic) a plus
  • Must live in New York City/Stamford, CT area or be willing to relocate there
  • Knowledge of WWE shows, talent, and storylines
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment
  • Flexible travel schedule (extensive travel required)

Rey Mysterio's character is completely stale even for a babyface. I would love to see Mysterio turn heel. What are your thoughts?

Rey Mysterio's character has almost been as untouchable as that of John Cena because the fact he is a character that can be marketed towards children. Mysterio masks sell very well to the company's younger audience and that is one of the reasons for teaming him with Sin Cara. The team of Mysterio and Cara gives them two kid-friendly masked characters to market towards children.

Can you give any reason for Mark Henry being absent this long. I know he suffered an injury a while back, but hasn't he recuperated fully by now? Also, do you know of any plans they might have for him upon his return? (heel or face)

Mark Henry underwent shoulder surgery last summer and has been recuperating from it. I don't know the specifics but Henry has said he is the healthiest he has been in years yet has cautioned in his recovery he wasn't "out of the woods yet." Mark has done WWE promotional work during his time off and even spent time in London at the Olympics. Recently, Henry was in the news for serving as a pallbearer at the funeral of Michael Clarke Duncan. I haven't heard new plans for his return, however, his contract is coming up and WWE was looking to re-sign him. So far, the two sides haven't reached a new agreement. We have more on Henry's contract negotiations at this link.

With Sting's latest comments about wanting "one cool thing" with The Undertaker, what will it take for Vince McMahon to realize that this match could possibly be the BIGGEST draw in company history until that point and get a possible small contract done? I personally think Sting could possible draw more in a 6-month span than Lesnar will do for the 1-year span and they gave Lesnar a huge payday!

This isn't on WWE or Vince McMahon, they've tried to sign Sting, including getting very close a couple years ago for Wrestlemania XXVII, however, it was Sting that chose to remain loyal to TNA and Dixie Carter. Given the success of Wrestlemania XXVIII with The Rock and SummerSlam with Brock Lesnar, Vince is very high up on part-time talent but the window is closing on a WWE dream match for Sting. With that being said, Sting is under TNA contract and even if he chose to explore his options, there is currently a hiring freeze of TNA talent to WWE because of ongoing litigation.

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  • Rayner Chee-bai

    I am very experienced in all aspects of live TV production, very up-to-date in pop-culture and trends and got a very flexible time schedule. I will get a job in WWE someday, sooner or later.

    • Enforcer


      • Nick

        That first question was Something that I wondered 3 years ago when I started writing screenplays. No, I have not sold any if my screenplays (which are only 2) but I do have a neck for writing. I qualify for most of what wwe wants but they want a piece of paper that said I went to college and that’s so bogus! They got college boys there right now who can’t write their way out of a paper bag! Their storylines are crap and there is no thought at all put into their angles. Wwe should give a chance to diehard wrestling fans like myself to take a crack at it and I guarantee they will be amazed! I bet most of these writers are all doing it for the money! They don’t give a crap about pro-wrestling! It’s a shame really because just like others I’m sure, I have some wicked cool ideas for storylines and feuds.

        Just wanna add something that nobody is talking about…TNA threw a huge curve ball last night by revealing that DVON that’s right, DVON was with Aces and 8’s. now I’m just not clear if he’s the ring leader or maybe one of the main dudes, but I must say, that was a refreshing surprise that I didn’t see coming. What I saw coming however was Bully Ray turning on Sting and revealing that it was him all along that was the leader of A’s & 8’s. to me tha would have been a boring way to really step Bully up in the main event scene but I would have been satisfied with it given the track record of TNA to reveal big storyline twists. The question now is, what the heck are they gonna do with Bully who was considered the best heel not only in TNA but also in wrestling today? Him as a face with the name Bully is not gonna work that great unless they make him a tweener. Either way now this aces and 8’s deal has to be the most interesting damn thing they have ever done because DVON as the leader is just weird. One last thing, I think I know who those two big dudes who faced Bully and Sting were. The husky one was most def Luke Gallows and the taller skinnier one looked and sounded a lot like Matt Morgan.

    • Rubber Neck

      Good luck Ray !!

  • smithmiester

    As much as I love sting in tna, I’d love more to see sting vs undertaker

    • Jason

      It really doesn't make sense as Richard has always said on here that Sting doesn't come to WWE because he wants a limited schedule, which Vince doesn't do.

      That is not true at all since Brock has a huge contract with almost no dates, and this can be seen with The Rock and Undertaker now.

      NWO vs Original DX? Sting vs Undertaker? Austin vs Punk? All of these things could happen but they don't because why?

  • Bigdaddychuck

    I like how the iwc says sting has never wrestled for wwe when in fact he did…

    • bejealous

      When did sting wrestle for wwe? I honestly don’t know

      • Bigdaddychuck

        The final nitro wwe already bought wcw and owned the show.. So yes sting has wrestled for wwe…

        • Matt Scott

          Have you not watched that documentary? It was still WCW. WCW writers, WCW producers, everything was WCW. The roster was kept in the dark as to what was going on. They just knew some of the contracts had been bought out.

        • JJ

          Technically no he hasn’t, WWE only bought WCW the brand, then they went threw and bought the superstars contracts after the final nitro and sting’s match with flair was on before Shane made the announcement so he never appeared on WWE Tv.

          • Bigdaddychuck

            Vince McMahon opened the show.. Watch the DVD wwe ppl ran the show.. It was his only wwe match..

          • partyjereme

            I don't know why you are getting so many thumbs down when you are correct. The WWE and Vince McMahon owned WCW when the final Nitro took place and Sting wrestled on the final Nitro.

          • Kevin

            You don't understand business contracts, do you? There is always a timeframe in a business contract. I'm willing to bet that the final Nitro to air was still a Ted Turner-owned WCW program. The contract that Vince signed to buy WCW probably took effect at midnight that Monday night, so that final Nitro was still a Ted Turner WCW program.

        • HazMatt23

          He still received his check for that show from Time Warner, as that’s who his contract was with. It was also WCW Monday Nitro. He’s never wrestled in a WWE ring under the guidance of WWE creative to further a WWE storyline.

          • Kevin

            Precisely. Sting has never – EEEEVVVVEEEERRRR – wrestled for WWE.

        • smithmiester

          So if what your saying is true, then your still wrong. Back then wwe never existed it was wwf. So there..

          • AceV


          • Kevin

            Another very valid point. But it doesn't matter. WWF, WWE, same thing. Let's put it like this: Sting never wrestled for a McMahon-owned company.

        • Kevin

          I will state it again: I'm pretty sure that WWE didn't own WCW until midnight that Monday night, so that final WCW Nitro was still under Ted Turner.

  • ted

    sting is NEVER going to bre in wwe. he is too old. wwe fans today really don't know who he is anymore.

    wcw closed in 2001. it was eleven years ago. taker would beat sting in any match because there is no way that mcmahon would put a middle aged wcw dinosaur over his own wwe creation, undertaker.

    after sting rejected wwe in his "prime", why should mcmahon do him a favor and let him appear on the big stage of wrestlemania. i would let sting rot with hAS been hogan in the impact zone sound stage.

    • Voice_Of_ Wrestling

      Shut up you Jabroni, your talking out your a$$

    • LeftyTosser

      First off, VKM would not be doing Sting a favor, it would be the other way around. VKM has thrown a ton of money at Sting over the past 5-7 years trying to land him. Sting, to date, has turned him down because of the trust issue. He just doesn't trust VKM to not bury the character like he has done with so many others from WCW or TNA. Second, Sting still performs at a higher level at 54 than many of the "superstars" currently receiving checks from the WWE. In any arena in the world, when the music hits for Sting it is just like Austin, the Rock and Taker. The place would erupt.

    • Code

      Dude have you been living under a rock or something???

  • Ricky

    I remember Rey was Heel in WCW after he lost his mask. If I recall the heel turn was terrible and Rey just portrayed a random hispanic thug along with the rest of The filthy Animals. Rey being face might be stale but it works, the fans aren't against him like they are Cena.

    • Darius

      Yea i agree he is prolly not gonna b able to pull off the thug gimmick but how cool would it be for him to turn psychotic and just snap. I think when he is mad, his offense is a lot more creative and vicious, lik his matches in 05 wit Chavo in the street fight

      • XpressRide

        I agree he is vicious when he is mad. 619 to Lita, anyone? Or his feud with Jamie Noble and Nidia? He almost pulled Nidia by the hair through the ropes during a match when she attacked him from behind, from the apron. He also made a diving splash on her outside of the ring in another match. Hmmm… old times 🙂

  • Voice_Of_ Wrestling

    Sting vs Undertaker would go down as one of the best matches in with WWE history with sting at his Peak and Undertaker still being able to pull of 5 star matches

    • Wolfgang

      Sting is as much in his peak, like Ric Flair is nowadays.Also, how would you book that match? Sting in his first match defeating the Undertaker? Or bring Sting in to loose the *Dream Match*?
      When the had HHH-Undertaker at Wrestlemania, they called it- the end on an era, I would let Mark retire.

      • Voice_Of_ Wrestling

        But its isnt the end of a era as R-truth is from there and mark henry is still around, it was just a gimmick which wwe could easily make us think we forgot they said that and call this a dream match just too make a lot of money, sting would be happy to lose to the undertaker at wrestlemainia if the match goes back and forth and is a quality match and sting is paid enough, its just business at the end of the day

  • Chris Koudouris

    Think of the trenchcoat merch that Vince could market with Sting v. Taker!!!

  • tommy

    it wouldnt be as much of a match, as it would a “show” prematch, 20 min entrances each, with Sting lowering from the rafters and whipping Taker, with a possible interference from Flair but UT would stay on top, maybe having his own help from Trips and or HBK. Taker FTW tho..

  • craig

    "two kid-friendly masked characters " . why do you need to hide behind a mask? wearing a mask really screams i have something to hide ?

    have a nice day

    • Jamie

      If you watched any TV growing up you would have realized that alot of "heroes" where masks. Hope that clears things up, also yes, Mysterio and Sin Cara have to hide there faces, tradition.

  • Jman72485

    I also remember Rey as a heel in WCW. He was decent enough but was never a full blown heel. More like a tweener. I personally don’t mind him being face. He more entertaining in the ring that Cena. I just wish he would ground work a little and do a few submissions here or there. He used to do so when he was younger. I remember seeing him wrestle in TJ and him using submisions. Hes actually work as a heel while masked in Mexico. I saw a video of him and his uncle tagging with el Santo then turning on him and taking his mask. Cuased a riot too….

  • ericdraven86

    I’ve been wanting to see Sting and Taker have an angle for 16 years. While I do think that ship has sailed, if any two stars could build tremendous interest in a match WITHOUT ever wrestling until that match, it is Sting and Taker.

  • ImAwesome420

    The lawsuit basically kills any hope of Sting in the WWE becuase he’ll be too old to work by the times it is over

  • neweramaze

    Good luck getting a job with WWE, I have applied to be a writers assistance twice and even with a persona reference from Brian James and with him telling me he would put a good word in for me I sill have not heard anything and doubt I will. I have well over 13 years experience in professional wrestling and I know the WWE product very well so I would be perfect for their teem yet Im sure the will hire some college kid that doesn't know anything about wrestling let alone WWE but has a bachelors degree. Good luck as I said before.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Technically sting could signed with wwe because everyone knows he only signs a one year deal every year.. It’s not top secret and Vince is all about the money.. Sting would easily outdraw every other tna employee who got let go from their deal or whose deal had expired and most if them have resigned anyway with tna.

  • H.M.

    Damn TNA and their stupid lawsuit.

  • Stoney

    A Rey Mysterio heel turn just wouldn't work, WCW tried it and it failed miserably

  • matt

    TNA's lawsuit is just their way of trying to get Vince to acknowledge their existence

  • Ricky

    FYI….Sting recently stated in an interview, and I am old enough to remember, that he wrestled Taker in the NWA-WCW days. Taker was known by Mean Mark Callous…..Know your roll….and your history

    • Kevin

      You should know your role and your history. If Sting wrestled Mean Mark Callous, then he DID NOT wrestle The Undertaker. Did he wrestle Mark Callaway? Yes, but Mark Callaway was Mean Mark Callous, not The Undertaker. That was a completely different character and didn't carry the mystique of The Undertaker character. That's like saying that because Bret Hart wrestled Dr. Isaac Yankem, he wrestled Kane. There's no comparison. Each character has its own unique style, even when played by the same wrestler.

  • karlos

    If sting was still such a big draw tna would be doing a lot better. Getting sting would be a step backwards for the WWE after bringing back the rock. The only person they could match the rock with is stone cold Steve Austin. Sting had his chance and decided to remain with tna. Bottom line is the WWE has never needed sting. And to think that sting would be able to draw as much as the rock or stone cold is a joke

    • Jamie

      No they don't need Sting, but it would be a nice addition, and would be quite entertaining.

    • Kevin

      Actually, if WWE could sign Sting v. Undertaker for a one-night-only PPV, it would probably blow away all other PPV buys in the history of the company. I think it would be the perfect match to end each man's wrestling career. Book them for a Wrestlemania, even though we know The Undertaker will win the match, as he WILL go down as the only wrestler to NEVER lose a Wrestlemania match. But the actual match itself will outshine every match in Wrestlemania history. If there's one wrestling character that is even CLOSE to being on par with The Undertaker, it's Sting in his Crow persona.

  • PhilT81

    Is Sting is such a massive draw then why do WWE PPVs have 100x as many buys as TNA PPVs? Same goes for Hogan, Flair, Hardy etc.