Backstage News On How Triple H Pulled Off The Impossible By Getting Bruno Sammartino To Accept WWE's Hall Of Fame Induction, When A Deal Was Finalized, What Vince McMahon Did That Hunter Used As Motivation

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We're told there was a conference call on Saturday night that included Bruno Sammartino, Triple H, Bruno's attorney and WWE's attornies to finalize a deal to get him into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. All parties went into the call under the impression if the deal wasn't finished that night, the deal was off as WWE was simply running out of time to adequately promote Bruno's induction.

Nothing was easy, not even the call on Saturday, as Bruno originally had plans he was reluctant to cancel. WWE made it clear they needed to get on the phone and hammer out the minor details of the deal that had been holding things up. Bruno ended up agreeing, much to the relief of Triple H.

Obviously the call ended up being successful but things really came down to the wire. Hunter was confident he could get the deal done and had a lot of extra motivation when Vince McMahon originally thought a deal would be impossible and didn't think Hunter could pull it off. We're told Vince was very impressed that Triple H got the deal done and even a little jealous he was able to do it without much involvement on his end.

Once the deal was finalized, Bruno and Hunter kayfabed everyone on how the conference call went as WWE didn't want the story out until Monday. They allowed for ESPN's John Robinson to interview Bruno and Triple H about the deal to increase the mainstream exposure.

  • Nick

    I think the future could be very bright under HHH.

  • jackkedx10

    Did anyone life change because of this?

    • Win

      Who comes to a wrestling column for life-changing news? You have bizarre expectations kiddo!

  • Bigbad25

    I agree nick

  • Nostaljack

    And with that (along with Backlund’s induction), the “Hall Of Fame” is no longer a joke.

    • Pluto

      The WWE HOF was never a joke. They’ve tried for years too get them into the HOF. It’s not like they ignored them or didn’t want too induct them.

      • Nostaljack

        It had little legitimacy until now. Bruno and Bob are the reasons there’s wrestling to discuss. Foley took it to the extreme without Bruno and Bob, he has no platform. Anyone who doesn’t see that simply isn’t aware of what Bruno and Bob did for the business.

        • Pluto

          I’m fully aware of what those guys have done for the business. Been a wrestling fan since 79 so I witnessed most of Bob’s run. But I think you missed my point. I don’ t think it’s fair too say that the WWE wasn’t legit before them. It’s not McMahon’s fault that Bruno & Bob refused too join. They tried for years to get them in. And even if Bruno & Bob declined to join the WWE HOF is still legit. Hogan, HBK, Dusty Rhodes, Flair, Jimmy Snuka, Rocky Johnson, Bobo Brazil, The Von Erichs, Andre The Giant, Billy Graham, Buddy Rogers etc etc. How is that not legit??

          • Nostaljack

            Because those inductions are then undercut by the Drew Careys and the Mike Tysons of the world. They’re also undercut by who’s been left out. Even Richard has said it’s always been about who Vince wants in and nothing more. There are still more that should be in for sure. However, with Bob and Bruno’s induction, they’re now on the right track. These inductions are truly huge.

          • Pluto

            Drew & Tyson’s inductions didn’t undercut anything. You can’t induct everybody at once. And I agree, these inductions are HUGE but neither was those inductions were as HUGE as Hogan or Flair getting in.

  • Michael

    I didn’t care one way or the other if Bruno was in the hof or not, however I’m impressed that the game did what the great Vince could never do. I wish that hunter could pull off two more impossibles. Getting macho man randy savage inducted and getting Martha Hart to allow Owen to take his rightful place in the hof. I personally think that the hart foundation, dx, nwo, and demolition should be inducted in the hof.

    • Pluto

      Throw in th Ultimate Warrior & Jake The Snake Roberts into that as well.

      • Nostaljack

        The Ultimate Warrior? What did he do for the business other than take large amounts of money from it? He made no lasting impact whatsoever. If I’m missing something, please share. I honestly don’t get this one at all. Jake Roberts makes *total* sense. He’s the one of the best talkers ever.

        • Pluto

          How the hell did Warrior take money from the buisness. McMahon made a fortune off of him. Warrior at one point in the late 80s/early 90s wa even more OVER then Hogan. Which was the reason why McMahon booked him over Hoga at Mania. Now it didn’t last of course, very very very few wrestlers could fil Hogan’s shoes. But it doesn’t take away from the impact he made while he was in the E. outside of Hogan who on that roster was more OVER then Warrior from 87 to 92. People too this day still remember who Warrior is.

          • Steve

            He was over, but still a steroid junkie who done nothing for the business or the fans! Read bret harts book that will explain more about warrior!

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, a dumb question for you but since this is not the first time in the past week this has happened, I thought it was time to ask. What did Vince do that Paul used as motivation? Reading the headline and then the story, there is something missing.

    • jackkedx10

      I think its because Bruno just doesnt trust Vince at all, and since Paul isnt vince bruno went a long with it… thats my take on it

    • John

      Triple H was motivated because he felt Vince didn’t think he could get the deal done.. Read the post again & you’ll find it in their.

      • LeftyTosser

        Again, the question. What did VKM do that was used as motivation to get Bruno to agree?

        • Nostaljack

          Tell Hunter that he couldn’t get it done. It’s in the article.

  • michael

    Next is Owen hart and randy savage.

  • These 4 easily deserve the honor. Glad theyre all going in.