Unbelievable Details On How Vince McMahon Is Testing John Cena With New Angle Involving AJ Lee; How It Hits Very Close To Home & Involves Real-Life Backstage Drama

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As previously reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium back in September, there was major tension between John Cena and Vince McMahon over John taking time off. Given the recent spat, and the angle on this week's WWE Raw, a couple of our sources have uncovered more information.

We reluctantly noted here on Richard's Backstage Blog in July that Kelly Kelly was given time off from WWE to avoid having her name come up in Cena's divorce. The two allegedly had an affair while John was still married, so the company protected her by keeping her off the road and allowing her to take outside bookings. When Cena's divorce was settled and after he and Vince had the aforementioned "war of words" over time off, Kelly ended up released.

Vince then decided to push Ryback and formulated the angle that was seen on this week's Raw where AJ Lee was "fired" as the Raw General Manager because she was "fraternizing" with Cena. I'm told this is a direct rib at Cena for the fallout over the problems with Vince and Vince wants to see if John will still be his model employee and go with any angle no matter how close it hits to home.

  • Pluto

    Childish on McMahon's part. WWE is crushing TNA but if for whatever reason Cena get's feed up with McMahon's childish antics him leaving the WWE for TNA would single handitly turn the wrestling upside down (not likely too happen) but McMahon can't afford too act like this towards his #1 guy with no other legit top face too fall back on. Look at the ratings the last month or so with Cena not wrestling, does McMahon really wanna go thru out for a year on end?

  • Ryan

    I'm not Cena's biggest fan by any means, but that really reeks of that High School jock mentality you talk about so much, Richard.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Typical Vince to act childish.. gezzz if even Cena is not allowed to take time off hurt or not. with out Vince throwing a hissy fit then the rest of the locker room has no chance at all. I am a Cena fan but even he needs and deserves some time off once in a while..

    Vince needs to stop acting like a immature brat.

  • Stoney

    If Cena does take off, it will force Vince to grow some balls and push someone else

  • Stoney

    So much for Vince not liking kiss ups and yes men.

  • Robi

    CM Punk 1A? Cena 1B? It sounds like CM Punk is the only wrestler McMahon is high on these days & it should explain why Punk has so much stroke. Punk is dependable, he has a mind for the business & when faced with the same injury as Cena remained on TV. Plus he made wrestling relevant again last year.

    I know every one say Cena is the poster child for the WWE, but his act so old and boring. If ANYTHING comes out of the emergence of Ryback is that hopefully we see John Cena turn heel. WWE is in desperate need of CHANGE.

    • Pluto

      Not a chance. Punk couldnt carry Cena's jockstrap. Punk's immaturity will always be the reason and Cena's Professionalism will always be why Cena stays ahead of Punk

    • Byron

      Punk is dependable? He goes in the stands and hits fans and tells fans too kill themselves and he start twitter war with other celebrities and he's all of a sudden dependable? LOL I hope you were just joking

      • Evon Reese

        Punk can't even carry Raws ratings let alone replace Cena

  • Ranfery25

    Wow wow This website LOOKS SIIIIIICCKKKK!!! Amazing job! You guys! This was totally worth the Wait and constant crashes of the site these few hours lol!

  • SDD619

    Wow that is low.

  • _JIM_

    If Cena were to get fed up and jump to TNA it would be totally reminiscent of when Hogan jumped to WCW. That move totally turned the tide along with Hall and Nash, but with Cena’s popularity he could do it alone IMO. When he gets there turn him heel and make him the leader of some faction. Lol. Never going to happen but it’s fun to think about what if. Cena has to have a lengthy contract with WWE. If he doesn’t Vince is risking history repeating itself.

  • PhilT81

    McMahon needs to grow up. Cena might start looking for different career opportunities where he doesn’t have to have his body beaten up and spend so much time on the road and hanging around airports. He can afford to never have to work again and there are other things he could do – acting being the most obvious one. Lots of wrestlers have gone on to act and he would be at the top of the heap at nearly the level of The Rock and SCSA. He would also be pretty good at presenting TV shows – I can see him in kids TV.

    • izblack

      Agreed. Cena is a pretty solid actor. TNA is also there and they would give him a blank check too fill out if he ever wanted too make that jump. And if the IWC really thinks Punk could fill Cena’s shoes…well all I gotta say is good luck with that despite what some may think Punk is not a #1 guy, he’s behavior outside the ring more then proves that.

      • snap

        I’m sorry, but I cannot agree that Cena is a “solid actor” and that’s not just me not being a fan of Cena in general. My parents don’t watch wrestling and don’t have any bias regarding Cena, yet after watching one of his movies, they said he wasn’t a very good actor.

        It has come to the point where I turn RAW off whenever Cena shows up because, for one, his act is old and stale and desperately needs refreshing (which does NOT automatically mean a heel turn, by the way) while the way he delivers his promos just does not make you “believe” what he says,

        People can complain about CM Punk all they want, but when Punk is on the mike you can believe he is angry and hates the fans, while Cena just has the over the top delivery which nobody uses in real life that makes a total mockery of the product.

        If this “angle” is true, while it is a typical Vince type of thing, people need to stop making Cena out to be some kind of saint who doesn’t deserve it. Remember, Vince has put HIMSELF in similar angles and has made himself look like the biggest jackass imaginable on WWE TV. What was it Cena likes to say? “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect”? Well, he certainly hustled his wife, and didn’t show her any loyalty OR respect. HOW is he a good role model for kids?

        For the record, no, I’m not going to claim Punk is perfect. I just find him more entertaining in the ring than Cena. We’re allowed to have as well as vocalize differing tastes, aren’t we?

      • Evonreese

        You are so right. There’s no telling what that guy will do or say next

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Is this going to lead to a McMahon vs Cena match at wrestlemania?

  • Jack

    This feels like a situation where the IWC may be getting worked. Do we really think Vince would intentionally p*ss off his cash cow? My hypothesis is this is just an example of Vince using a real life situation to help develop a compelling storyline.

    I think this is less of a "rib at Cena" and more of an attempt to create a little much needed buzz and intrigue.