How & Why Mick Foley Got Snubbed, WM29 Setup, My Thoughts On Cena, Stories Too Personal

When Mick Foley was originally announced for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame wasn't he slated to be the "face of the class" or did this change with Bruno Sammartino? I don't understand why they would scrap his speech from the television special on the USA Network.

WWE pursued Bruno Sammartino before anyone else for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class, however, even Vince McMahon didn't think a deal would be able to get done so they started looking for another headliner. With Mick Foley being from New York and well deserving of a Hall of Fame nod, he was decided upon as an inductee and the offer was extended. Now here's where things get tricky. While Bruno was still up in the air, Triple H was willing to be inducted as a member of DeGeneration X (before going in as a singles wrestler) to help add to the value of the class. Hunter has always been critical of Foley and his drawing power. There was even an incident backstage several months ago where Vince McMahon rebuked Triple H in front of other staff members when Hunter spoke negatively of him. Vince told Hunter (and everyone in the meeting) they needed to make Foley look as legitimate as possible if they were going to push him as the face of this year's Hall of Fame class. Triple H turned up the heat for Bruno and ended up "pulling off the impossible" by getting him to agree. Not only that but he landed Arnold Schwarzenegger to induct him. This was what WWE wanted all along so they have gone full-steam ahead with the class built around Bruno. Had he not agreed, some have speculated DeGeneration X would have co-headlined with Foley.

What is your opinion of Donald Trump getting a feature spot on the Hall of Fame broadcast over Foley and Bob Backlund? To me it seems like a major snub to two men who have helped so much to building WWE throughout their careers.

The WWE Hall of Fame is a tremendous honor and most everyone that's inducted understands that. However, the WWE Hall of Fame is a commercialized event that is used to promote Wrestlemania and WWE in general. Showcasing the induction of Donald Trump on the USA Network over someone like Mick Foley or Bob Backlund is to appeal to the mainstream and grab some headlines. I absolutely think it's a snub to the guys that are marred by sweat and blood from years of quality in-ring work. But we can't forget this is a Hall of Fame that is also a commercialized promotional event. Triple H has never been high up on Mick Foley but as a huge Foley fan, I'm glad to see him get inducted. It's an injustice his speech isn't being featured on TV and I hope he tears the house down with a speech for the ages.

Do you know how the Wrestlemania 29 ring and stage setup will look like?

We posted an early photo of the Wrestlemania 29 setup inside MetLife Stadium here on

In your opinion why do you think there is so much hate for John Cena? Is it the fact that he's the face of the company, he's 'boring' or that the kids and women love him so much the men have to hate him?

The lack of gimmick progression has resulted in many fans, especially diehard IWCers, checking out on John Cena. It's also resulted in unfair criticism - such as he can't wrestle and only possesses five moves. Cena is WWE's top guy and is clearly still a major draw for the company. The problem is his gimmick is stale and many are bored. I've lobbied for years for a heel turn but have since all but given up. I now see valid arguments against turning him heel (such as his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation) but in my humble opinion he needs a gimmick tweak. WWE is reluctant to do it because he is still a major draw so I see why they operate under "if it's not broke don't fix it." My fear is if the company waits too long - and the boring chants from Raw are a sign of that - they're going to end up with a lot of apathetic fans.

I've been reading your coverage of Reid Flair's unfortunate passing and couldn't help but notice that in the comments section people were either saying that this (Reid's death) is too personal and shouldn't be posted or on the other hand some people like it because it gives an inside look at a wrestler's personal life. My question is due to the divide between readers on the subject of what to and not to include have you considered starting another website devoted just to news on the wrestlers personal lives?

I walk a fine line everyday in regards to what to post and what not to post. The coverage of Reid Flair's passing has been especially difficult due to the fact he was three years younger than me and I know people that had close personal ties to him and the Flair family. As a father I can't imagine how Ric Flair feels and I try to remain very conscious of that when posting material, especially when titling it. We're not going to start another "personal gossip" website as WNW is the number one place you can come for backstage news and information. We do have other properties that offer different perspectives. gives us an opportunity to be a little less serious while providing links to other great sources of information, provides deeper analysis from fans rather than insider news and is the TNA equivalent that even has its own audio show (Point of Impact by Alex Barie). We plan on launching one more property after Wrestlemania 29 you'll be hearing more about soon. Remember you can access all our websites with the 100% free Dirt Sheet iPhone, Android and iPad App!

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  • Babie Sabrina

    Long live Richard Gray and WNW the first place to stop for wrestling News an a heart to boot

  • Robby

    As much as I don’t like to point out this fact, the Mick snub will be great from a merchandising standpoint. When, not if, he kills it with his speech, people will be even more likely to go out an buy the only way to see the full ceremony and that’s by buying the DVD. The Mick Foley speech alone will be a massive selling point.

  • Cory

    I love how Richard goes from answering a serious question to just another shameless plug for his new websites.

    • Big Poppa Pump

      Wow!! There’s always gotta be a hater! If you don’t like Richard’s business sense, then don’t come here! Go hate on someone else’s website ..

      • Cory

        I come here because I like the information he provides. It’s annoying seeing him plug his websites in so many articles. Those sites are all over Wresting News World. Why does he have to plug them in so many articles? Especially this one? You can tell he chose that question just to plug his 5 new projects.

        • I didn’t have to choose a question to plug anything. The question was about another site so I talked about the other sites.

          • Tyson

            In fairness it does happen alot and especially in the ask wnw section. You know your stuff Richard and are a sage regarding wrestling but we only get 4 wrestling based questions every few days its sad to see one or two of them wasted and then another one saying subscribe to get an answer to this question.

          • Tyson

            I would like to add I do know about business but you are preaching to the converted and taking away from our enjoyment of the site.

            Also those new images on the mobile site really slow down loading times. It makes it really hard to have a glance at the site and your ramble to much in your videos with no real point and I am not the biggest fan of your hair in your profile picture. Sort it out man.

          • There are 5 questions in this installment. The last question was an honest question with an honest answer. The reader asked about another site so I showed them the other site(s).

          • Tyson

            No he asked about how you handled Reid flairs death and the sensitive nature of covering it. It’s not a wrestling question it’s a question regarding why you don’t expand your business wings. It’s not relevant to wrestling and it is not wrestling news which I come here for.

            I am even annoyed you have used Reid flairs death to springboard an ad for your other sites. But if Vince can do it why can’t you.

          • “My question is due to the divide between readers on the subject of what to and not to include have you considered starting another website devoted just to news on the wrestlers personal lives?”

          • Tyson

            Some great omitting there Richard but lets look at the question as a whole ( and before I go on I would just Like to add you kept the irrelevant Reid part in the question it’s only now your saying that’s not relevant)

            I’ve been reading your coverage of Reid Flair’s unfortunate passing and couldn’t help but notice that in the comments section people were either saying that this (Reid’s death) is too personal and shouldn’t be posted or on the other hand some people like it because it gives an inside look at a wrestler’s personal life.

            So to break this down we can clearly see he has mentioned the death which does seem irrelevant but it is there and it is as I have pointed out a question about your website and not wrestling. Your answer instantly brings up how you felt writing about Reid’s death and how people you know have been affected then quickly uses this as a platform to discuss your other websites. I am sorry man but I think this was a bit of shameless pluging and you have used Reid’s death to sell what’s yours.

          • What images on the mobile site? When I view the site on the my phone, it works fine. Maybe you need a better phone, change providers, or both. That’s not Richards fault.

          • Tyson

            The images that load with a magnifying glass before it and all the ads. Which you prob don’t realise because your exposed to over 1000 ads a day.

            I use an iPhone 5 Which is built by apple. These make very good modern phones and I use Vodafone 4g Internet or 60 Mbps Internet in my home.

            What about the parting in his hair though. I am sure he can sort that. Anyway none of this has anything to do with wrestling and I am sure you can see as clearly as I can what a waste of time this message was to read. Anyway If its not clear I am using this message to point out that wasting your time reading things that are not relevant to the topic ( that being wrestling) is irritating.

          • I stopped reading after you said you have an iphone. That’s your problem right there. So therefore its not Richard’s fault you do not have a phone that does not support an ad blocker on the mobile device. Get an android next time.

        • Chalon

          And what;s the issue with it? I don’t get it. people love to whine for stupid reasons damn.

          • Tyson

            The issue is its a wrestling news site but Richard uses it as a platform to discuss what a great job he does and pat himself on the back while also using the death of a person to plug his wrestling gossip sites.

          • Who gives a shit

            Stop reading then. Go to another site. Stop trolling. Simple.

          • Tyson

            @whogivesashit. I give a shit that I have taken time out of my day to the ask wnw section only to find it filled with Richard pitching me his other products or some onsite admin. I don’t want to go to another wrestling site because Richard actually does offer a very very good product but I would not buy an issue of time magazine just for the articles where the writers tell me how hard it is to write for time or that they reinvented the blender. Call it trolling if you want but a quick glance back through recent ask wnw sections will show this does happen a hell of alot

            @ Carlos nun ez
            I am very sorry your nieve enough to believe that but like all technical devices it is simply a case of ram vs processing power which the iPhone has more then enough of and can run every other app just fine. I am sad that you think you have some superiority because you own and android phone or haha a windows phone which in fact makes zero difference what so ever as it is an in app problem. I am pleased that this tiny pictures have enriched your life so much that you find them essential though. Perhaps Richard will start a picture site for you and a gossip site for that guy then we can get back to the real business of wrestling.

          • Am more sorry you have an iphone. I don’t feel I have some form of superiority. I have a Droid X and its specs are inferiors to yours, but for some reason I get no ads or slow downs when I visit the site on my phone. You would think that an iphone app would be more stable than the android counterpart as people like to think. And when it comes to these “tiny pictures” as you call them, I do not see them, so that part of your rambling is fail. I just find it hilarious you being obsessed over some dudes hair on the internet. REALLY???? REALLY????………………………REALLY????

          • Tyson

            I was using the hair to show how dealing with pointless off topic stuff is pointless. I can tell from the quality of your phone though your family are probably very poor and you had little chance of a good education in life. That ok though. If you want I can use smaller words. ( now I am being a troll since apparently no one can have an out of the box opinion but you keep claiming your phone superiority means you don’t have to read this far I have no doubt I am the only one who knows what I said xx)

          • Sounds like you want to know me. If you must know kid, I graduated from DeVry with a bachelors degree. I am currently a network engineer. Earn about $86,000 a year, not counting bonuses. I drive a 2011 Audi S6 (not stock). Am engaged to to a pharmacist, she makes about $93,000 a year. I have a Droid X running CM10 (Google that). I still have it because my contract just ended a couple a months ago and I have being waiting to get the S4 next month. Sounds like your butt hurt but that’s OK. I got a form you can fill out of your incident here’s the link,

            You just got buried kid, move along now.

          • Tyson

            Do you like to dominate children. Is that your thing.
            But seriously no I haven’t been buried. In fact you have only served to actualise my point further. Maybe you could use your materials to pay an intelligent giraffe to decipher what is right in front of your eyes.
            The point is simple it’s not always trolling to vocalise an opinion and none of this nonsense is relevant to wrestling and Richards is overusing advertising and the death of a wrestler to sell articles. . Your claims aren’t even verifiable. You could write anything. The only reason i think you may be telling the truth is because you chose such a rubbish college. It’s virtually a grammar school. It’s sad to think you said “you want to know me” and then just farted on about the materials you have in life. Is that really how you want to be remembered as a guy who had things. As for you as a man all I have learned from that speech is that you went to a grammar college retained some information to fart out in an exam and your boss is paying you to much and you have a phone.

    • You don’t understand how a business works, go take some classes and you will see why he does that.

      • Mattx

        “You don’t know how the business works”. It infuriates me when people say that. It’s just idiotic.

        • Tyson

          Oh he would know. He is clearly very successful. We can tell by the phone he used. It’s an android. Nothing else will do. But luckily he does not know how particle accelerators work so we can breath a small sigh of relief.

        • He can’t just advertise his new projects just one way (putting a link on the on the main page) he has to talk about it too. He gets new visitors everyday and they may not know about them.

          • Tyson

            So cataupaulting of the death of Reid flair was the way to go. That’s great business there.

    • Mark J.

      Cena Haters will be swarming Met Life Stadium this Sunday. New Yorkers (although WM is certainly a global crowd) will try their best to sway the storyline (ala WM 18 w/ Hogan/Rock in Toronto), especially in the main event. I doubt that those same Cena Haters would suddenly cheer at a Cena heel turn. So, really, what’s the point? Vince might as well continue the plan to give Cena the victory and keep him a face. Unless they have a great idea for a heel turn, it doesn’t make sense. Just because it offers something fresh does NOT mean that it will help business. So, for anyone expecting a Cena heel turn, you’re likely to be disappointed. I would look more for Cena to win, offer a hand shake and then get a Rock Bottom … or for Cena to win, and then have him help up The Rock and give him another AA (to “dominate”). If WWE goes with a heel turn, they would be more likely to deliberately evolve it, rather than just do it out of nowhere (because everyone will simply say that it’s too predictable). The heel hints at the debate were just attempts to swerve fans. Regardless, maybe everyone should set their biases aside and just evaluate what happens as things unfold. Sometimes we judge these angles too quickly.

      • Snap

        The flaw in the argument there is the part about the haters won’t suddenly cheer a heel Cena. Cheers for a heel Cena would just be the same as boos for a face Cena. I don’t think most people are demanding the extreme of a “heel turn” but definitely something different than what Cena is now. Even Hulk Hogan realized that his thing got old after so many years and reinvented himself.

        Whether they go to the extreme of turning Cena heel, or just changing the stale and moldy character. I should only need to point at Undertaker to demonstrate how someone has reinvented himself, often dramatically, and it didn’t hurt them.

        • Chalon

          I can actually see people booing Cena out of the building at WM, but then him turning heel and getting a huge ovation. I can totally see that happening.

        • Jimmy

          If Cena turns heel, they have to make it the most best and dirtiest heel turn of all time. They need to do something bug with it.

  • John

    Donald Trump did a lot for WrestleMania in the early years.. He deserves his spot at the top of the hall of fame class.

    • Terra Ryzing

      Not over Mick Foley.

  • Can’t wait to see the look on Triple H’s face in the crowd during Foley’s speech on the DVD. Nothing better than those awkward tension filled moments. Foley said today he’s going to make the WWE look stupid for not including his speech on the USA Network broadcast.

  • After John Cena’s boring promo, I am finally excited And looking forward to his twice in a lifetime match against Dwayne. Honestly I don’t care for neither one but if The predictions and rumors are true, that John Cena is gonna turn heel and align with John Laringitus then this Wrestlemania will truly be one to remember.

    • Don’t hold your breath. I would love a heel turn, if done right, it could be the second best heel turn of all time. We will have to wait and see. I will believe it when I see it.

      • sir-rusty82

        Wouldn’t Wrestle Mania 29 be the perfect stage for the long awaited heel turn of John Cena & a real possibility for Cena to defeat the Rock is to turn heel

  • Chalon

    Everything is about money instead of respect for the legacies of thiose legends like it should be!

  • The Ignored Monster

    Mick foley just posted something On His facebook that confirms that the WWE has listened to the fans and his speech will be televised!!

  • Stoney

    Cena needs a character update. I’m not sure about making him a bad guy because he will still get mixed reactions and there isn’t really a face that he could have a great feud with. When hogan turned heel he was feuding with Sting, Goldberg, ddp and lex luger. Cena has already had feuds with orton, sheamus, miz and del rio.

    • Jimmy

      You dont think Cena/Sheamus, Cena/Orton or Cena/Ryback would be good feuds?

  • Mick foley may not be the best wrestler. But at least his matches are entertaining. His character is also entertaining unl

    • Unlike triple h I hope Brock hurts triple h for real at wrestle mania

  • Garrus Vakarian

    I don’t know about anyone else, but this new background makes reading a bit difficult for me, not to mention it also hurts my eyes. No negative thoughts, just a concern regarding the background.