How Will Randy Orton Be Booked After Returning To WWE From Suspension?

It looks like there are at least preliminary plans for Randy Orton to return to the main event after returning from his latest 60-day suspension from WWE. Orton is advertised in a triple-threat match against Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship on Smackdown live events in August.

While plans such as this are done far in advance to advertise shows, it's still interesting to see Orton in main event plans given recent backstage heat over his suspension.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Erik Swan for sending this in.

  • Kleck

    Would they advertise him at all if they had any inclination to fire him?

  • Jesse

    Wow so much for there wellness policy

    • mr shwo

      he only has 2 failures nd nothing about booking in the policy so where are you going with this?

      • kbunyon

        Actually, if you go back and read what Richard wrote when this all came down, Orton has a lot more than two Wellness strikes.


        • Debbi jones

          Once he has served his time and if he is still selling tickets he should be given a chance just like everyone else. Strike 3 he’s out, strike 2, he is still at bat.

          • Howard Stern

            Jeff Hardy

        • borton

          if you read it properly. it was said, that was when wellness policy wasn't establish.

          • Moose666

            Yeah I recall it saying several other "failings" occurred before the official Wellness Policy was put in place. However, given that he has had the previous issues and was essentially given a "clean slate" with the enactment of the Wellness Policy and still has incurred two strike, it's potentially a foretelling of the future. Sure, people make mistakes and they usually make more mistakes or more severe one at a younger age, but he is older and has no excuse for the last strike other than he obviously doesn't care. I wish the best for him and hope he straightens his issues out.


    Finally WWe is Gonna b EPIC again… Legend Killer comes Back
    Hell yea

    • XKonn247

      Yea I for one can’t wait to see his own variation on the five moves on doom. -_-

  • bruno

    Come back and punt lesnar and hhh for no reason

  • Moe

    As long as he's not "super" Orton once again, I can care less.

  • Evon Reese

    Thank God they didn't fire him. If it wasn't for AJ the whole Punk Bryan and Kane saga is boring

  • Reado

    Ortan v punk has main event wrote all over it! Make it happen


      Its gonna b Orton vs Sheamus

      but nice try