How WWE Handled The Jerry Lawler Situation, TNA Cutting Hogan & Bischoff?, WWE Network Update, Booking Of Undercard Talent

How do you feel WWE handled the situation with Jerry Lawler? I heard Vince McMahon wasn't by his side, is that true?

I am just returning from vacation but from everything I have heard WWE handled the Jerry Lawler situation the best they could have. Obviously there will be those that will argue they should have stopped the show but no one complains when a football game isn't stopped after a serious injury. The EMTs acted quickly and ultimately saved his life. As for Vince McMahon not being by Jerry's side, that is false. Triple H and Vince rotated from gorilla to checking in on Lawler until he was taken to the hospital. Hunter was said to be a little more compassionate than McMahon but he checked in on him periodically.

With TNA continuously cutting roster expenses, do you see people like Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Rob Van Dam getting cut and replaced with workers that aren't as expensive?

While I'm not sure about Rob Van Dam, both Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have taken pay cuts since their original TNA contracts signed in 2010. A lot has been said/written about Hogan and Bischoff but as long as Dixie Carter is in power, they are probably safe. There was a monumental power struggle between Jeff Jarrett/Vince Russo and Hogan/Bischoff and we all know who won that battle. TNA is cutting costs, restructuring many contracts coming up at lower rates.

What's the latest on the WWE Network in terms of which satellite and cable providers are going to carry it?

WWE is still struggling to gain clearances and everyone is getting frustrated, especially investors that see money being spent with no plan for a return on investment. I have a detailed article that I've been working on that I will be running today (Thursday) here on

Is it true that younger or undercard talent are told to hold back and not "steal the show" during their matches in preparation for a show's main event?

No this isn't true and no one is going to hold back to help the anticipation to the main event. It's up to the writers and producers to book a show where the undercard isn't going to take the focus off the main event, however, this business is all about individual performance. While the outcomes are contrived, how a worker is booked has a direct correlation with how much money they earn. Everyone wants a top spot and the undercard workers have to work hard to get over and get noticed.

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  • Ellen

    Welcome back, hope you had a great vacation. I've been having Ask WNW withdrawal!

  • Mikey d

    Welcome back. I have been lost without ASK WNW.

  • Bill

    No more vacations for you Richard we missed you too much

  • Lenny

    Why am i not surprised to hear that Vince didn't show much compassion…Vince McMahon really isnt human. Michael Cole on the other hand showed great compassion and i have a new found respect for him!

    • XKonn247

      Don’t be such a dick. You have no idea what McMahon is and isn’t like. It was a very difficult situation and of McMahon had been emotionally charged imagine how the wrestlers would have been.

      • Bishop

        Well after reading so many interviews for past employees, all with the same or similar story, it’s not really hard to start stitching it all together.

        He’s a business man first for a multi-million dollar company. He travels all the time. He’s a busy man as well who probably hasn’t had a good nights sleep in 45 years. Put that all together and you have a man who doesn’t have the time to be the “cool” boss that everybody hopes to one day work for in any company.

    • dostrice

      wow you are very anti-wwe lenny.

      • Lenny

        Im not anti wwe dude, I was simply being realistic. Richard Gray chose not to post my comment in response to xkonnn247 but hopefully he will post this one if he really believes in free speech. Like Bishop said, Vince McMahon is a business man! WWE is his life and I think his life comes before anything and anyone else! He’s ruthless which is why he has been able to be in business for such a long time. Sure he probably cared about what happened to Lawler but I am willing to bet he cared more about finishing the show because there was still a whole ‘nother hour of Raw to go and had he stopped the show, he would lose money. Michael Cole deserves a lot of prop for doing and handling things the way he did! When King collapsed I saw how Michael Cole was kinda calling the match but not the way he usually does it. He said on an interview how his instincts as a journalist took over and he was able to hit the mute switch in order to call for help. But then he would
        Say something during the tag team match and I have to believe that Vince
        Was probably in his ears saying “call the match! Call the match!”

        Ps. Please Richard don’t deny me my 1st amendment Right! I love coming to this site and giving my honest opinions.

        • NXTKING

          you can have your opinion lenny doesnt make it right.

          people where there for a show ok that much i agree with but the rest of the stuff you said i just plain dont agree with

          firslty it was a team decision to stop the commentary so for all that bull about vkm saying call the match call the match no he didnt he was just as shocked as we where watching it.

          so dont give me all that that vkm was being a business man and all that.

          RANT IVER

        • NXTKING

          another thing dont give me the stuff about first ammendment rights we all have the right to free speech but if it infringes the websites rules of useage then of course they are not goint to air your comment

  • Hillbilly Jim

    I found myself asking questions to myself and answering them…..I thought I was going crazy, then I saw a ask wnw today, and just realized I miss Richard!!! Welcome back!!

  • Richard is to WNW what Del Rio is to WWE. You don't even realise he has been gone until he returns… Only kidding Richard missed your insight to the world of WWE as always. I'm just hoping for a Heel return from you thats all 😉

    • Ellen

      if only ADR was gone no one would miss him, probably wouldn't even realize he was gone. i'm just sayin'.

  • Richard Gray

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. It's good to be back and I'm very happy to hear Jerry Lawler is doing well.

  • Elliott

    I dont know what everyone else thinks, but if something would of happened and Jerry Lawler would of have passed away Wwe wouldnt of have been the same, he makes Raw everyweek with his commentary, and I am glad to see he is ok.

  • Eric

    Welcome back Richard

  • Evon Reese

    How do you get a question answered? I've asked twice about an update on who was nervous about drug testing backstage during the week of SummerSlam and still no answer. Did you ever find out names of the ones that were nervous?

    • Lenny

      That’s the kind of news only available on the premium section dude, they ain’t just gonna give it up for free. Lol

  • Kevin

    I think the WWE handled the Jerry Lawler collapse perfectly. The doctor was there immediately, they ushered him out quickly and efficiently, and they stabilized him before transporting him to the hospital. Oh, yeah, and THEY SAVED HIS LIFE! The fact that the show kept going is just business; it actually kept the audience rather calm. Had Jerry fallen from the ceiling, ala Owen Hart, then we'd be talking a different story. I understand that at that PPV, Vince actually did offer to stop the show, giving the performers the option. They all agreed that Owen would want the show to continue. I'm sure if Lawler had actually died (say, of an aneurism) right there at ringside, the show would have been stopped, and proper respect would have been paid. Believe me, with a live show airing every week, the USA Network has a standby program at the ready just in case Raw has to end early for some reason. I don't believe even Vince is so cold-blooded as to continue his show if someone dies suddenly right in the middle of it.

    • Ken

      I can only speak for myself here, but if I was a WWE Superstar and I died suddenly, I'd want the show to go on. Obviously realistically I'd be dead and not able to want anything, but hypothetically speaking I'd want the show to go on, and I wouldn't consider Vince cold blooded at all if he made the decision to continue.

      Speaking from an emotional sort of perspective there's an entire arena full of fans who've paid to come and see a show and be entertained, and for virtually all the talent in the WWE their life is about entertaining the fans.
      It's more than just a job, it's a passion, and I can't imagine that there's a single talent there who'd expect the whole show to stop dead, excuse the pun, just because they did. The show, as it's said, must go on. That's the view I'd take if I was a WWE talent.

      Speaking from a purely practical outlook there's an arena full of fans who've paid to come and see a show and be entertained.
      Stopping the show dead involves the fans not getting what they've paid for, which means refunds issued and tickets needing to be honoured again at a future date and all sorts of legal malarky, and believe me in this day and age there are plenty of fans who'd love the opportunity to make a quick dollar or two off the back of dead talent.
      Were I WWE talent, if I died suddenly, I'd not want my death to be the cause of so much hassle, neither for the fans nor for the front office.

      That's my take, and I'd have that outlook no matter how I died, whether it was quietly at ringside, whether it was backstage in an accident, or an accident like Owen's, or any other situation you'd imagine. Proper respect to me would be not letting my death affect or interrupt or intrude upon more than is necessary. In life I'd not want to be so much of a hassle, so why would I want it in death?

      But like I say, that's just me speaking for myself, from the view of being talent. As a fan I'd totally understand and accept any decision to stop a show in this sort of situation, and I'd never expect the show to continue.

  • Kevin M

    Incidents happen in a business everyday. As for Vince not showing compassion I can’t comment on that as I was not there. But a business is still a business and it must be ran regardless of any situation.

  • bettysteve

    just a thought.. if "old man jerry" hadn't have had his "match", or, worse still, he hadn't been at the ring that night surrounded by medical personel, what's the response time for an ambulance to home visit in the USA?
    Jerry, you are going to buy a lottery ticket, yeah?! with luck like that, your a shoe-in.

    oh, and when did the phrase "the show must go on" not apply to wrestling?

  • Mantaur

    Wha? ^

    • Chris H

      Made perfect sense, read it again.