How WWE Ruined Brock Lesnar, Missing Divas, Jericho Passing The Torch, Evan Bourne Update

Don't you think the premise that Brock Lesnar is the conqueror, with nothing left to prove in the WWE, would have been WAY more effective if Lesnar had beaten John Cena?

WWE is basically in damage-control mode by portraying Brock Lensar as the dominant conqueror that "accomplished everything" in a very short period of time. The problem is Lesnar is 1-1 since returning and is hardly a dominant force by beating Triple H who is 0-2 for the year. The company expects logic to be thrown out the window with fans ignoring match outcomes and basing it on Lesnar's "destructive tendencies." The fact of the matter is WWE made a monumental mistake by putting Cena over Lesnar at Extreme Rules and are paying for it with every Lesnar match going forward. I have more on the original plans for Lesnar vs. Triple H at SummerSlam this link.

Where was Kelly Kelly in the Divas Battle Royal on this week's WWE Raw? They showed her on the graphic for the match but she wasn't in it.

Both Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix were shown in the graphic for the number one contender battle royal but neither were in the match or backstage at the show. I cannot confirm where either Diva was as of this writing.

What is your opinion of Chris Jericho "passing the torch" to Dolph Ziggler on WWE Raw rather than SummerSlam?

While Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler on WWE Raw may have had more eyes on it than their bout at SummerSlam, I still find Jericho over Ziggler on the pay-per-view as an inexcusable outcome. From making the outcome to their Raw bout obvious to Ziggler getting no payoff from the company's second biggest show of the year, I said the only way I was for Ziggler going under at the pay-per-view was only if he "cashed in."

What is Evan Bourne's status?

Evan Bourne continues to recover from a career-threatening foot injury he suffered in a car accident in March. Bourne checked in with a new update on Monday that you can read at this link.

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  • B Haan

    Jericho is a future Hall of Fame candidate and I was thrilled to see him win at Summer Slam. In the past Jericho has went under for Cena and others @ Summer Slam on his way out before and in my opinion he needed to get a big win to maintain his stature…..Ziggler is awesome and will be one of the greatest but in my eyes he still isn't ready or nearly as accomplished as Jericho. Ziggler going under at Summer Slam didn't hurt anything, I can't even count how many times he as lost thus far since winning the MITB brief case.

    • Kevin

      I think it would have been a better idea to have Jericho win the match on Raw, thereby getting the MITB contract. Then, before he can cash it in, he is "mysteriously" attacked and "severely injured", thereby not able to cash in his contract. He is out indefinitely, freeing him up to do his tour. In the meantime, Ziggler demands to have the contract returned to him, since he was the last to hold it before Jericho. AJ "decides" to have another MITB ladder match instead, "randomly" picking names, one of which would be Ziggler, who ends up winning the contract again. We all get a much better ending to Jericho's current run, with a twist nobody sees coming, as we all knew when the real match was set that Jericho was going to lose.

  • Dan

    I'm sorry Richard but you're wrong on the Ziggle Y2J. Logical booking – Y2J wins his last PPV match before leaving but then Ziggler gets revenge.

    • Richard Gray

      Respectfully disagree. It sends a message of lacking in confidence in your future. Time for Ziggler to win now.

      • Carvalho16

        What would have been the point in Ziggler going over Y2J at SS when Jericho hadn't won at a PPV all year? Y2J has been booked fairly weak all year, so a win for Ziggles at the PPV wouldn't have done that much for him really. The rematch on Raw was logical as Jericho was coming into it strong, and the main followers of the WWE, not just the one off PPV buyers (who would have wanted to see Jericho win anyway) got to see Ziggler go over Jericho clean with no controversy. Not 5 star booking but definitely reasonable.

      • Miles

        Totally wanted y2j to win, dz still feels like mid card to me. Talented but drawing power?

  • Thumpa

    It was so stupid that Jericho/Ziggler happened like this, why would Ziggler agree to a match where he could lose his MITB just so Y2J would leave? And I agree with you Richard, Ziggler didn’t gain anything from Summerslam, why not just have him DESTROY Y2J on Sunday instead? Surely that is ‘passing the torch’? All wrong…

    • James M>>>

      First of all, I don’t think Ziggler had a choice, as the match and stipulation was determined by AJ. But to answer the question, I’m sure he would want to be the one to say he ended Jericho’s contract, why wouldn’t he, he’s the show off, what a better way to show off than that. Lastly, this is a classic damned either way situation in pleasing the fans. Had Jericho lost, some peeps would be crying, “why didn’t they let Jericho win his last ppv, wah wah wah.” can’t please all the peeps all the time.

      • Kevin

        Here's the thing: most wrestlers lose their last match, and it's on a PPV. Since they decided to let Jericho win his last PPV match, they should have done as I suggested above. Either that, or they should have done what Thumpa suggested: let Ziggler DESTROY Jericho on the PPV.

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Passing the tourch? How it was just a everyday match nothing special yea good match but nothing special

    • Richard Gray

      Jericho leaving, passing the torch to Ziggler who many see as a part of WWE's future. Gotta build new stars, it's part of the evolution of the business.

      • Hardy

        Yeah eve Jericho said this in an interview last week, no one is bigger than the business I believe his words were. Anyway jericho will be back and I don’t think it has really hurt ziggler.

      • Sjenttivensventa

        I understand the process I’m right there wanting dolph to be pushed. I just didn’t think it was anything monumental.

  • Frenchfry

    I dont really care what you consider an inexcusable outcome. I hate how you try to impress these negative images of WWE onto the readers here. I come here to hear actual news. Now -1 me all you want, mindless zombies. That is, assuming this is even approved.

    • Richard Gray

      If you want news, read news. This isn't news; it's Ask WNW brah

      • Lenny

        Yeah brah! You wanna bro-down? Let’s bro-down brah! Lol

        • Richard Gray

          The hate gets exhausting… I enjoy debate but when someone is just posting something to stir the pot they're brah.

          • Frenchfry

            I realize this yo, but Im jus sayin brah that its a little strange for you to think you know so much more than the creative team does. A bit high n' mighty I must say

  • n1ck

    you contradict yourself by saying ziggler didn’t get a “payoff” if more people watch raw (fact) more people saw him beat Jericho clean. Sorry but your not applying logic here. The win by Jericho at summerslam left him with some credibility when he inevitably returns and everyone wins.

    • Richard Gray

      Paradoxical situation? Perhaps but no way I'm going to condone Jericho over Ziggler with Jericho leaving. I know the IWC loves him, I personally love him, but you can't have an up and comer bump their head to a departing talent.

      • kevin

        I can’t stand ziggler. He’s boring over sells and I’m sorry he’s a botchfest. I have been watching wrestling for 34yrs seen them come and go. I have never seen someone as boring as him, I thought Chris would get a good match out of him but if last nights match was anything like summerslam glad I missed that show. Watch last nights match again and zigglers footing he falls all over himself, he sliped off the ropes a few times.

        • mr shwo

          ziggler is a botchfest? learn what these terms mean before using them, you made yourself look really bad there bud

          • kevin

            He sucks!!!!!!!! He almost killed sin cara (who sucks as much as him) wish WWE would get rid of the both.

      • I would agree if jericho was leaving for good. But I think its safe to say he will be back. That being the case, y2j needed one big win so his next return will have some legitimacy.

        • Jack Premier

          I agree. I don’t think this would classify as a “passing of the torch” because I think it’s a fair assumption that Jericho will be back to carry that torch again within the next year.

          The only thing that would have made sense would have been an injury angle where ziggler injured Jericho at SS, then attacked and worsened the injury at Raw. It would have given ziggler huge heat and written off Jericho for as long as necessary

        • havoc525

          This makes it 1-1 Y2J vs. Ziggles in “big matches,” leavinv a feud alive for Jericho’s return next year sometime.

      • Mike D

        I agree with you that is not right but we all know that the WWE only thinks in terms of money. While ziggler might be and up and coming he’s no garente of money while Jericho is. Jerichos merchandise will still sell even if he’s not there and his band will only help. Ziggler could get hurt or fail a wellness test or say something to hurt his advancement and the WWE knows this and are going with the safe bet.

      • Eloy Tijerina

        I agree Richard- I believe they should have used those stipulations at Summerslam though!! I honesty would have liked to have seen the WHC match open SS, then Ziggler cashing in. That would have resulted in his match with Y2J becoming a title match!! Also… Richard, was it me or did the last 15 seconds of SS look like the Triple H storyline on WWE 12?

  • dtoole

    I just don’t understand the WWE at times. They screwed up with Brock and now with the guy who is suppose to be the Money In The Bank Champion. After a horrible Summerslam I’m wondering what wrong moves they will make next. I mean the divas get next to no in ring action. They might as well be the new nitro girls.

    • KVB

      Ya I agree here to. The make the show 3 hr long and you don’t have divas? I wish they would bring back the attitude era and if people do not like the swearing and fighting and all that era had to offer then quit watching. This new brand of wrestling is weak and you need the rocks and Austin and edge and Christian and Dudley boys to make the show fun again. They charge so much for ppv and and have a 3 hr show you need to make it more interesting.

  • TheDave

    Shall I also comment that Richard is wrong so he writes back to me? Ha. Although I do agree with Richard as Ziggler has lost far too much considering many see him as the next big thing. Although considering its Jericho passing the torch and after reading his books, the move fits in with jerichos way of even if it’s a job he looked amazing. Ziggler may have lost but it was by far the best match. I understand jerichos need for a win aswell considering how little he has won since coming back. Wwe should have given him more previously so he could lose to Ziggler. Ziggler will replace jerichos position in the company and is the only up and comer who can. Keep up the good work richard

    • BigMike

      and HOW many matches did ol' American Dragon Lose before he got his push? and once he wona title they still dogged him Dolph will get his what Monday did was see DZ go over clean let Jericho go out like he wanted and gave DZ a possible gray area reaction from now on as in getting the pop of respect although he is a heel

  • Seeing how he's getting a $5 million pay for the whole year, limited dates, Brock Lesnar has no problem getting pinned by John "SUPER" Cena. As for fans, we saw huge momentum and interest with the "Unstoppable Brock Lesnar" that WWE was pushing, but they do this?! Hopefully Vince losses money over this stupid decision.

  • David F

    Richard do you see Y2J coming back for WM 29 or is it more likely he comes back for WM 30?

  • Dave

    I really don’t see why people think Dolph Ziggler should be a main event player?! Am I the only one who thinks that it is sad that Jericho had to lower himself to try and make Ziggler look good?? Also, how am I suppose to take Ziggler serious when WWE doesn’t consider as such?? Anybody remember Wrestlemania 27 where he was in a match that involved Snooki?! Please make some kind of argument for that… PLEASE!!!!

    • kevin

      I agree 100% with you.

  • Evon Reese

    Once again if John Cena had not been loosing trying to get Punk over and to The Rock that was suppose to be passing the torch but his ego wouldn't allow it then he would have lost to Brock. Do all the Cena haters on here really think Bryan, Ziggler or Punk could headline a Pay Per View without Cena? As bad as some want them to be able to they are nothing without Cena Rock Jericho and Lesnar there with them.

    • Big D

      That's the problem when you push a guy that will almost never lose at a PPV for over 7 years. You end up not having any room for anyone else to be that big guy. They mad the same problem back in the early-mid 90's with Hogan. That situation didn't rectify itself until '97 or '98. We're seeing the same thing now with Cena.

      • Evon Reese

        That's the problem when you push guys and they can't figure out how to make it after a certain point. That's what's going on now. They have to have the past to help them or they are nothing.

  • Nick

    i think y2j over ziggler at summerslam was the right move. Why have ziggler go over and make jericho look like ziggler was describing him, lost his touch. Now when jericho returns he can still return looking strong . while doing so they continued zigglers push by forcing jericho out of the wwe. i think the summerslam outcome was the right one and hardly inexcuseable. so i actually disagree with richard

  • Joe

    I don’t think the Cens over Brock was bad, I think it came at the wrong time. Brock should have beat HHH first, then some other workers then have the Cena match. I feel putting the Rock over was the bigger mistake because nothing came out of it.

  • bruno

    You dont expect a retired ufc fighter to come in and beat the face of another company

  • Stoney

    I like how Jericho has no problem putting over up and coming talent