Howard Finkel's Job In WWE, Daniel Bryan’s Chants, Bigger Guys In WWE, Creating Finishers

What is Howard Finkel's job in WWE?

Howard Finkel, WWE's longest tenured employee, is retired as a ring announcer and now an ambassador for the company. I assume he has some type of contract but it's not to work on a regular basis like Lilian Garcia and Justin Roberts. Finkel has been employed by WWE since 1977, he's now 62-years-old.

Is there any particular reason WWE had Daniel Bryan stop with the "Yes, Yes, Yes" chants? After all, it's the main reason he got over.

No, no, no! WWE tinkered with turning Daniel Bryan babyface but ultimately wanted him to remain heel. The logic behind "no, no, no" is simple. Chant the opposite of what the fans are chanting to get heat on him. Because Bryan plays his character so well, it worked to perfection. I disagree the "yes, yes, yes" chants were the main reason he got over, he got over because of how well he plays his character not any particular chant.

With Vince McMahon in love with bigger guys, how did someone like Shawn Michaels become "the guy."?

To assume there is not a bias towards more muscular "giants" as top guys in WWE would be incorrect but it ultimately comes down to who can get over. Shawn Michaels was able to captivate the WWE audience and get over in a way few have ever been able to do. While Vince wants his stars to "look like stars," the main reason someone is going to get elevated as a top guy has to do with whether or not they get over. In this business it's all about drawing and once given the opportunity, how far a worker takes it will determine the booking of their character.

How do the wrestlers come up with their finishing moves and what happens if another wrestler uses or has used that move in the past?

Workers come up with their own finisher and obviously if they are in WWE or TNA, the respective company has the right to modify anything they want to fit their character. Green workers, or rookies, are not supposed to use a popular worker’s finisher as a sign of respect. This can still be done but the proper way to do it is to get that particular worker’s blessing before just going out and using it. Failure to do so rubs people the wrong way and is certainly not how a newer worker would want to start out in the business. If someone showed up in developmental and just started using CM Punk’s GTS, I’m sure they would be told not to use it.

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  • Dave Barton

    Bret was told not to use the pile driver while Orndorff was still around.

  • Dave

    I suppose that’s why Punk had to stop using the Pepsi Plunge when he first came to the E as its quite close to the Pedigree.

    • jake

      Punk has said in interviews that he was never told he couldn't do the move. He decided to stop doing it because it was destroying his knees.

  • nefty131

    Just as punk does not use the “Pepsi plunge” because it is too similar to Hunters “Pedigree” finisher.

  • TheDave

    Orton asking DDP to use the diamond cutter.

    • Tripp

      Did orton ask ddp?

      • BigMike

        yes Orton asked DDP to use it although it is slightly different as each version really is different DDP was an actual facelock turned into a cutter while orton's is alot flashier of course the first version of any of this was Johnny ace and it was called the Ace Crusher. which he used in various ways; Ace used it like AUstin, DDP and Nigel McGuiness(( called the Tower of London))

        • XKonn247

          Probably the most boring comment eve.

  • Lenny

    Hahaha that third question got me laughing “Vince McMahon is in love with big guys” sounded kinda homosexual. Anyway Richard I agree as disagree with your answer. Yes, it does come right down to fan reaction whether a worker gets pushed or not. But how do you explain Zack Ryder? He gets a really good ovation, even today and yet hes not being used properly. I’m not a Ryder fan but the guy basically used his smarts to maintain his job when couple of years ago he was in the endanger species list. I respect Ryder for finding a way to get over but his push lasted as long as Kane’s only WWE title reign. The truth is many guys are held back on purpose because they see the huge potential the worker has and they don’t want it to the focus away from their top guys. CM Punk had to threaten to quit if he wasn’t given the spot he deserved, he was waaay over and they held him back for a long time! Guys like Rey Mysterio got lucky because they capitalized on something else like Eddie’s death, you think if Eddie was still alive today, Rey would
    Ever be a world champion? I don’t think so amigo! Look at the history of big guys who didn’t struggle to the top, Batista, Lesnar, Goldberg. Now look at the regular sized wrestlers who worked years as years to make it, Austin, Benoit, Eddie, Bret Hart, even Daniel Bryan. Bryan was lucky enough that 1. He made his fame in ROH where a lot of guys get their start, but also blessed with God given talent. You look at a guy like Tazz who in ECW made you shit your pants, when he came to WWE, try turned him into a joke. Tazz had the potential to be a major asset to WWE but Vince held him down on purpose.

  • Mike

    The fink is the only person to appear at every wrestlemania!

  • Ken

    And of course anything even remotely resembling a piledriver these days is banned outright, unless you're the Undertaker, and then only rarely. The WWE's paranoid fear of workers' injuries makes certain finishers prohibited, regardless of people wanting to use them or not.

    • Robert olley

      It’s about the worker aswell everybody knows the undertaker is so experience the chances of you getting hurt see minimal, same with Antonio cesarean been around that long without injuring people,same with Jericho and the code breaker but on the other hand somebody like khaki isn’t allowed to do moves with any risk because we all know why after the backdrop during his training.

  • Tripp

    Of course, unless it’s macgruber pt 2

  • Brian

    It’s funny how some people LOVE DB…I’ve been watching wrestling for 24 years. He is by far the MOST BORING “Main Event” star that I’ve watched in 24 years. He is flat out just NOT entertaining at all. Ziggler is 101 times more entertaining. They are missing the mark by pushing DB… If they would get their act together, they could make DZ the new HBK…Stop wasting your time on DB…really.

    • Patrick Peralta

      you obviously don't like good technical wrestling. CM Punk may call himself "The Best in the World" BUT Bryan truely earned that title. He was trained by one of the best Tecnical/Mat wrestlers in the bussiness Regal.

      Bryan is not boring at all, he is one of the best wrestlers in the buessiness and is a lot better then most of the WWE Roster. his style is just like Regal's and Bret Hart. I've been a fan of Bryan's his entire career.. I've watched wrestling for 29 yrs and I've seen many wrestlers over the years and he is indeed the Best around today.

      • Brian

        Ha. That’s funny. Tyson Kidd is ten times a better all around “technical wrestler” than DB could ever dream of being. DB has NO charisma. Major BORE factor. Hence why he was given 18 seconds at WM29 in match #1….18 seconds too much, but 18 seconds non the less. He’s with the likes of Santino & The Warlord from the past Rumbles 🙂

        • Brian is either smoking some quality crack, or he’s a well seasoned troll…

    • partyjereme

      I agree I watch him and I think this is what the IWC finds entertaining these days, no wonder people think wrestling is dying.

      • JRock104

        You guys are idiots. If you were actually a wrestling fan you would see that Daniel Bryan is awesome.

    • MonsterMike42

      Daniel Bryan the most Boring Main Eventer you've watched in 24 years? You ever heard of Sycho Sid?

      • Brian

        Sid maybe couldn’t wrestle, but he was entertaining. DB doesn’t have
        JC presence, he can’t act, he’s not a good heel, he’s not a good baby face. He just sucks. The WWE is in serious trouble if they are expecting great things from him. BIG trouble. Yes. He can wrestle. This isn’t “wrastling” anymore. It’s entertainment too. I just cringe when I see him because he is such a BORE. He is what you would call a JOBBER 10 years ago. They are just getting desperate to find talent these days. They showcase Punk/DB all the time as they are “neck & neck” over the past ten years. Difference with that is punk can wrestle AND entertain. I THINK the WWE gets it…that’s why punk has won for 200something days and why DB just went under clean to Sheamus on a smackdown taping. Thank god.

  • BigMike

    the first person I ever saw use the"sharpshooter" was actually Terry Taylor , who used it before Bret or Sting…."gentleman" Chris Adams was the "first" to use a superkick as a finisher which has been used by many since especially by HBK as Sweet Chin Music Johnny Ace was the first to use the Stone Cold STunner/Diamond Cutter/Tower Of London and it was called the Ace Crusher

    • Dave Barton

      First "sharpshooter" I saw was Buddy Rose, before any of them.

  • Bishop

    Did Punk ask KENTA?

    • CrankyVince


  • alex

    Orton didn’t ask DDP at all. There’s an interview where Orton has a dig at DDP and says he had nothing to do with it. Chuck out a podcast on iTunes called wrestlecast they’re pretty good and have the wrestlers out of character talking.

  • PhilT81

    Bryan is an excellent technical wrestler just like those trained in the Hart dungeon and those who’ve worked with people like William Regal and made the most of it. Regal has been very outspoken about his preferences for pushing those who are real students of the game and wish to soak up opportunity at any given opportunity rather than coming in green but thinking they know it all already – which may be why Luke didn’t win Tough Enough – although I think that Donny Osmond would have easily won that had he not been injured. Ziggler has clearly watched lots of wrestling as well because you see little things he does and you spot bits of Curt Hennig, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Jeff Jarrett etc and he has a proper move set rather than simply five moves he does the whole time – and that’s not me having a go at John Cena because it’s pretty obvious why he’s in the spot he’s in for so many levels. He’s a natural alpha male entertanor like The Rock, Steve Austin etc. He’s also a reliable veteran who plays company politics very well and is happy to put others over and isn’t fearful about his spot or when his next title run is coming. I’m one of the people who just sees very little appeal in Randy Orton. He irritates me on so many levels. Back to Daniel Bryan – just like Kurt Angle he started off showing the world how technically good he was (and developing an interest in doing some MMA training) he also showed that he could be highly entertaining too – and Bryans style of entertainment as a heel isn’t a million miles off of the way Kurt Angle plays a heel. As a side, I do see what Hunter sees and think Sheamus has the potential to genuinely be a top 4 guy as he has the same alpha male entertainer style too. I’m sure some workers have it but you never see it in the ring – it took John Layfield so many years to break out and show his true personality. Undertaker plays his character well but unlike lots of great gimmicks his is more old school than an amped up version of his own personality.

  • John

    Howard Finkel should still be announcing. The current ring announcers are terrible.