Huge Jerry Lawler Update: There Is No Brain Damage

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We heard some amazing news today in regards to Jerry Lawler. After receiving the CT Scan, the reports came back and Jerry did not receive any brain damage. Stacy Carter, aka Kat, tweeted this earlier on her official Twitter account:

News station WMC-TV, from Memphis, is also staying on top of the situation. They posted an article about Jerry also confirming that he did not receive any brain damage. The article can be found here.

  • dusty588

    Thats a huge relief!

  • Joey

    Way to stay strong King! Get well soon.

  • Patrick Peralta

    GReat news to hear.

  • The Breaker

    That's great! Praise God.

    • Canadian wrestling fan

      Praise god??? Are you serious??? Thank the amazing job of the wwe medical staff,the Montreal EMT’s, and doctors!!!

      • me

        Dude just shut up, PRAISE GOD!!!

      • Kleck

        Thank God Jerry has received no brain damage.

      • The arbiter

        This is not the place for a religious discussion, even though i agree with your sentiment.

        I'll second a thank you to the Medical teams who worked on Jerry though, job well done guys

        • USMC Batman

          Yes great job to the medical staff but also thank God too.

  • Jim

    TMZ is now reporting Jerry’s son Kevin is reporting Jerry is not able to speak yet but is communicating with very detailed notes and stories which probe more positively tht he is going to be ok long term! Thank the good Lord there were so many people to help him so quickly! If he would have been just about anywhere else we would not be having these good thoughts right now! Feel like he is part o my family after watching him for over 30 years!

    • Evon Reese

      Well said

    • outkazt09

      Here we go. This is not the time to argue between medical science and religion.

  • DoJo


  • Jester

    Great news!!! Very happy to hear it!!!!

  • Eric

    Glad to here dat gud news get well Jerry

  • garywinkc

    Now that we know all is going to be well I can ask, was Ox Baker anywhere near Jerry that night?

    • christopher525

      I was actually thinking it may have been Chris Michaels, and Bill Dundee.

  • joe

    he needs to take some time off from commentary, no point rushing back, WWE could use this to give Matt Striker a chance, always liked him

  • Marc P

    Great news!

  • Bryan