Huge Tag Team Match Announced For Smackdown

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It was announced on Main Event that there will be a Fatal Four Way Number One Contender's Match on this week's episode of Smackdown. The participants in the match are 3MB, The Real Americans, Ryback & Axel and Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns. Stay tuned to for all the coverage of Smackdown.

  • Ian P.

    Wow. This must be the moment we have been waiting for with 3MB!


  • Copeland

    So who did the Rhodes brothers piss off?

  • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

    Kane will cost the shield the match I bet.. And 3mb will win the match and go on to main event wrestlemania

  • I care about exactly one of these teams. I wish Cesaro, Reigns, and Rollins weren’t part of this circus. For that matter, 3MB has long since run its course and RybAxel needs to get thrown into a box shipping to NXT. When did this become “huge” exactly?

    • Matt

      4 tag teams makes it “huge” lol. Plus, it could have laid a solid landscape for what the heck is going on with the Tag belts at Mania.