Huge WWE Network Update With All The Details You've Wanted To Know - Two Dates For The Launch, Future Pay-Per-View Plans Including Shows That Will Remain On Pay-Per-View, First Pricing Details Revealed, Finally A Plan For Clearance & The Model Of The Service

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Many have asked about the WWE Network and I have obtained an exclusive update. I'm told that if the projected November 2012 launch happens at all, it will be a very "soft" launch in just a few select markets. January 2013 is becoming more and more likely for the launch but the company is also trying to see if they can technically launch the network in some form in November and expand in January.

Under this model, the plan would be for Royal Rumble 2013 to be live on the WWE Network. The big selling point for the network would be that Royal Rumble would be the first of "ten super cards" on the WWE Network next year with Wrestlemania and SummerSlam remaining on pay-per-view.

The company has gone back and forth on whether or not to leave the Rumble on pay-per-view but Vince McMahon's current decision is for it to be free on the network and used as a way to get the network as much penetration as possible.

The current plan for pricing is a launch price of $14.95 a month with a plan in place to get the price to $19.95 within the first 30 months of launch, most likely via 2-3 small price increases during that 30 month period. The company wants that $20 monthly price point, but realizes it's a bit high to launch at that price right off the bat.

As for clearance, WWE has pretty much "completely given up" on being a digital tier network. After spending all year trying to get clearances, they failed to get enough systems to agree to carry them to even clear 10% of the country, which was really a "complete disaster." Launching as a premium subscription service is their only option but because it's a complete change in direction from the original plan, not only are they still struggling to get clearances, they're also having to renegotiate the few clearances they were able to get in the first place.

All and all, that's where things stand. To recap, a possible "soft" launch in November 2012 followed by an expanded launch in January 2013. All pay-per-views moving to the network with the exception of Wrestlemania and SummerSlam with the channel being a premium channel that is paid for like that of HBO. As plans change, we will make sure to update.

  • Steffan Petersen

    I won't be able to get this, if I live in Denmark right?

    • Richard Gray

      I'm sure there will be an international plan but they obviously want the US to be first.

  • drew1997

    if you dont have the network than you can’t watch the pay per view? or you can order wwe network for one month and watch royal rumble and elimination chamber for $20 if you time it right…..

  • Merlin

    $14.95 is too much for one wrestling channel. Both HBO and Showtime are less than $14.95 on DirectTV ($12.99 and $9.99 i believe), and both subscriptions come with multiple channels.

  • Ricky

    I don't see why they just didn't go the YouTube route…sounds way less complicated and YouTube offered A LOT

  • Bault16

    This isn’t good

  • skeeber04

    Would dish network carry it

  • nightmarephantom

    If WWE expects me to pay 15-20 dollars a month just to catch some really poor, WWE knock off reality shows and C level PPV's they are insane. The Royal Rumble is the only PPV I would miss watching, but no thank you. I would rather read the results here. WWE really needs to step up their PPV quality and over all programming quality if they want me to pay for it.

  • Kleck

    I’d rather pay 15-20 bucks for a PPV than 55. I’m sure there would be classic matches and some good features on the network that I would enjoy beyond the premium shows

  • Ranfery25

    I believe its a smart investment, simply because first of all its unique programing that they’ll offer, you get the months ppv at almost 60 percent off or even more and on top of that its only 20 bucks a month.

  • [email protected]

    Too high a price point. They need to lower it or I won’t go near it. No way this doesn’t fail.

  • Jason

    I was getting ready to knock the $15/mth fee, but then I realized the price just for a PPV is $50. I think I would pay the fee for it, just depends on finances. If it were reduced to $10, then I would be 100% on board.

  • _JIM_

    $20 a month!! Oh my goodness! Seems a bit pricey to me, but if it will be available on DirecTv I’m sure I will be signing up.

  • evilgenius

    I wouldn't even consider it for more than $10/mo