Hulk Hogan Agrees With Twitter Follower That Impact Zone Makes TNA Come Off As Minor League

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Hulk Hogan agreed with one of his followers on Twitter that taping at Universal Studios makes them come off as minute league. The Tweets are embedded below:


  • Mike L

    But they can’t leave because of Hogan’s Salary!

  • CrankyVince

    *minor league.
    Not minute league.

  • christopher525

    Yeah, that makes sense, because the MGM set for Nitro looked "minor league" right?

  • Austin

    First let me say HAHAHAHA!! Hogan gets paid so much money to bring in an 0.98 rating that I can’t understand how he can do this. How can you bury a company that gives you do much money for doing nothing for them.

  • stoney

    The impact zone doesn't make TNA come off as minor league, Hogan and Bischoff do that

  • unknown

    yeah thats why they look minor league. not by the decisions they make like hiring the "qualified" brooke hogan.

  • Logan_Walker

    How Many Divisions Of TNA is there ?

  • Mr.Love

    Because you are minor league! Except for those few great wrestlers tna actually has

  • Paul

    Tna is minor league, I remember when tna was exciting, new and fresh, not anymore.

  • Autista

    Hogan hasn’t drawn a dime since 2002. Time to pack it in, and sail off between his daughters cheeks..

  • Thumpa

    I went and watched an Impact show last June when we were on holiday, it’s pretty terrible as 95% of the people there are Universal Studios tourists that have wandered in off the street. Surely they could do it from a different arena every week like Raw/SD with 500-1000 paying customers?

  • Kevin

    There's just on problem with your suggestion, Thumpa: you're assuming people in different areas of the country would actually pay to attend a live TNA show. As long as Hogan and Bischoff are in charge, the TNA program will never be worth paying for.

    • Jason

      I agree with you Kevin. My wife and I attended lockdown last year and the only reason we did, the tickets were free, just like the other 75% of the people there! The arena in Cincinnati, OH can hold 13,000+ for a wrestling event and there was only about 4,000 there, and that's giving a generous number!

  • stoney

    This is what happens when TNA hire someone many years past his prime and sports an ego bigger than Texas (oh wait that would be an improvement)