Hulk Hogan Appears On Arsenio Hall Show, Says He Could Work Another Match

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Hulk Hogan was on The Arsenio Hall Show on Friday night for Wrestlemania XXX promotion. One thing Hogan didn't back off of is working another match, one against John Cena.

You can watch the appearance in the videos embedded below:

  • Gary Robert

    Pointless video clips that had nothing to do with the headline? No mention of another match or Cena, not that I’m discounting the fact it was talked about on the show, but why use that headline and follow it up with two videos that were unrelated?

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    Please God no. No more matches for Hogan. I love that he’s back and respect all that he’s done but I don’t want to see him in another match unless it’s a limited tag team

  • J Vomkrieg

    in the words of my people


    For everyone else, that’s a no

  • Kleck

    No thanks Hollywood

  • _JIM_

    “IF” and that’s a BIG “IF” Hogan was to work another match. Why Cena? 2 baby faces never makes for an interesting story. Would only work if Cena went full blown heel. Hogan just can’t turn heel again at this point in his life. Even though I love the Hollywood Hogan character. He has to stay baby face at his age. So it just wouldn’t work with Cena. Because he is NEVER going to turn heel. No matter how much sense it would make. He makes too much money and does too much press for the company for them to ever allow him to turn. So Hogan has to find somebody else to put over.

    • J Vomkrieg

      Two baby faces can work. Bret Hart vs British bulldog at summerslam 92 being a face vs face match (as well as one of my all time fav matches). Heck even Hogan vs Warrior had a lot of people excited and was a big draw.

      The issue with Hogan is that hes broken and couldn’t put on a great match anymore.