Hulk Hogan Appears To Be Intoxicated In Video Response To Sting; Denies He Was Drinking

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Hulk Hogan posted the following video on Twitter last night where he appears intoxicated, however, Hogan says he is still on antibiotics [because of his dental surgery] and was the only one not drinking. The video is embedded below:

Here are Hogan's denials:

  • kurt

    Nah, just at a bar, music blaring, slurring his speech, his head wobbling, wearing his shades in a dark room. Nah not drinking. Never saw ANY antibiotics make you seem drunk. Maybe the shades were to hide his glazed over eyes?….hmmmm Dude was obviously drinking, and has quite a bit at that. Dont really care, buuuut at least be honest about it.

    • Blazeking

      You can't drink & be on antibiotics. You'll end up in the hospital. If he was drinking, he would be in the hospital right now.

      • has been hogan

        Depending on the antibiotic, not true at all. His was prolly a low dosage,minor one for what he had done. Plus, if he was drinking? He was drinking, so maybe you should say, IF he was strong antibiotics.

    • Leg on the bottom rope, again

      Smells like hogan v flair down-under 2 years ago! TNA means same shiz over n over!

  • Anthony

    the guy is hammered

  • Kayvon

    I'd like to see him try that lame excuse of a cover story with a police officer and see how far he gets…come on Hulk, man up and admit you had a few brewskis!

  • Alex

    Of course he's drunk. It's TNA, they promote that sort of thing to be "edgy".

  • Dangerous Lee

    Ok so he wasn’t drinking. He was probably on pills…. That’s the 1st thing I think of when people who appear to be drunk say they haven’t been drinking.

  • HPK

    And move on , we have…?

  • steve2

    Brutus the barber!!!!!!!!

  • goo goo bean x

    lol at all hogan's has been friends!

  • ennrique

    i if he was drinking i dont really care he is a grown man and can do what ever he likes
    even lie if he wants to. i just think thats is pretty cool to see jim dugan he it one of my favorite
    wrestlelers of all time. its really good to know about him.

  • gibbons08

    I wish I was there! I would pick a fight with the nasty boys just so I could put my fist threw the back of Knobs head!

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