Hulk Hogan Asked To Join Metallica

Hulk Hogan has been all over the news in the United Kingdom promoting TNA Impact Wrestling's current tour. Wrestling News World writer Rick Craig sent word the Hulkster claimed in an interview with The UK Sun he was actually asked to join the band Metallica in their early days.

Hogan said," I used to be a session musician before I was a wrestler. I played bass guitar. I was big pals with Lars Ulrich and he asked me if I wanted to play bass with Metallica in their early days but it didn't work out."

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  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    You've gotta be kidding me!!! The true bassist for Metallica has always been Cliff Burton. Why of all 30 years of Metallica's existence, did he reveal that piece of trivia in this day and age? I call false on that. I would've known of this from reading Metal Archives. Metallica formed in 1981, Hogan was wrestling during that time. Wasn't he in AWA at the time? What about filming that Rocky III scene? I'm not sure of session bassists, the first one according to Metal Archives was Ron McGovney (1982 – 1983).

    This isn't the craziest Hogan news today, there was one I read about him talking about his battery pack for his bad back. It was eye opening to say the least.

    • Mike

      I was going to comment here but I couldn't possibly hope to add anything to the above. Good point well made sir 🙂

    • kbunyon

      Taker has an implant in his back that uses electrical pulses to help ease his pain. It's run by a battery pack. I know this as I've been following him, but also because it's something I've discussed with my doctor who controls my pain management issues.

      So I have to say that while it sounds crazy, it's really not as crazy as this article seems.


    • Jim

      Ron Mcgovney was just a buddy of James Hetfield’s who played bass on the bands original demo. He decided that he wasn’t into being in a band so they went out and hired Burton away from a band called “Trauma”. I think that Mcgovney just wasn’t as good as they needed him to be. But this Hogan theory is totally out of left field. Though he was supposed to be a pretty good bass player and played in different bands, and also as a studio musician. But I’ve never heard about Metallica wanting Hogan to replace Mcgovney. As I’m quite positive the Burton was a way more talented player than Hogan. Cliff was pretty much considered a bass guitar genius.

  • @RatedMKD

    Another interview with him a few years back stated (or at least implied) that he reached out to Metallica. The first time that they were looking for a new bassist was in the midst of Hogan's initial WWF Title run, so I doubt he reached out to them then. The second time was around the time WCW folded. I could see Hogan extending an offer to them around then, shortly before returning to work for Vince.

    I've never heard of Hulk Hogan and Lars Ulrich being even acquainted, let alone "big pals".

    • Creeping Death

      Yeah, in a recent issue of Revolver, there's a quote from Hogan he'd quit wrestling in a heartbeat to join Metallica… but they never returned the call.

  • Kleck

    Well if it was Hulk, he would have been crushed his own tour bus…

  • Hulk Hogan


  • steve2

    Metallica AND the Stones?!?!
    What I’m guessing happened is that before Lars met James he was trying to put a band together. Hulk met Lars. Lars told Hulk he was a musician. Then Hulk became a wrestler and Lars and James formed the greatest metal band in the world. The end.

    I guess he just settled on his Bootstrap band or whatever the hell he called it.

    Hulk makes my head hurt….

  • Dave Barton

    This is old news, I remember reading Hulk’s claim to Metallica months ago…thought it was on this site.

  • The~King~Of~Great~Blue~Donkeys

    Don’t worry, if this is a lie, Lars will slap him with a lawsuit. (he likes to do that)

    • Mike

      I just spat coffee on my monitor.

    • 7028brethart


  • jdl

    I smell a very, very strong scent that is reminiscent of a cow farm.

  • Hardy

    Yeah and I was offered the lead guitar spot in megadeth aha! Like already stated above I don’t really need to add to it, but no members of the band have ever really stating that their pals or friends with hulk. So I personally think its total crap, however maybe he tried out to fill the bass spot after Jason left in the early 2000’s?

  • BigMike

    Hogan was a musician so he very well could have been a session person in the 70's before he hit it big in wrestling in the very early 80's in the AWA then with ROcky 3 and then the WWf that is possible but he lived in FL mostly and I thought Lars was in CA?: so someone needs to ask Lars and James about it and see what they say

    • havoc525

      Well, you’ve got to think, Lars was in St. Pete when he was younger. If there’s ANY truth to this, he probably had an offer to join something with Lars, and he’s claiming it to be Metallica.

  • James

    First it was Hogan wanting to a part of Metallica and now its that he was ASKED to join? i smell a lie.

  • Deep Bains

    Hogan started wrestling in 1977. When Lars was 13 years old. I'm sure they were huge pals at the time.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    LMFAO thinkin about what coulda been: Hogan/Hetfield/Ulrich. Man imagine the songwriting meetings. How would you think the songwriting credit disputes be settled… TRIPLE THREAT MATCH?

    Serioulsly, Hulk does play bass and he did a few sessions back in the day before or around wrestling time so what if he was that good? So who knows what could been joining 'Tallica….