Hulk Hogan Comments On Coming Back To WWE

Once the official announcement from WWE about Hulk Hogan coming back to the company, Hogan took to his official Twitter account to give his thoughts about returning to WWE and hosting Wrestlemania 30. Below are his tweets:

Hulk Hogan is coming back to WWE after being gone from the company since 2007. Hogan arrived in TNA Wrestling in 2010 and remained there until September 2013. There has been tremendous speculation about his future, but it is finally revealed.

  • Mysterion

    He’s basically just sh**ing on TNA with these comments, isn’t he?

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    WWE 4 Life. Huh.

    • SandeepBains

      4 As Long As They Keep Paying Me doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way as 4Life. There’s also that whole character limit thing.

  • Ward

    just cheesy dude… But gotta love him lol

  • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

    What if wwe got hogan to sign with TNA as a mole to bring the company down. Lol.

  • IlyasG

    WWE 4 Life… until my contract expires

    • Danny_Boy

      Well atleast he didn’t walk out of the company unlike some people

  • ClintMurphy

    WWE 4 Life as Long as the checks come

    • Danny_Boy

      You know anyone who works the WWE for free?

      • ClintMurphy

        nope, but I know a few people that come back to WWE, pretending they came back because of the fans

  • Matt

    This is brilliant on the part of the WWE. Every major news outlet is reporting on this. It doesn’t matter if Hogan comes out in a wheelchair, he is synonymous with Wrestlemania. People who don’t watch wrestling at all now want to see Wrestlemania. And honestly, if you don’t mark out just a LITTLE hearing Real American on Monday night, you may not have a soul