Hulk Hogan Comments On Devon's Release; Calls It A "Screw Up"

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Someone tweeted Hulk Hogan yesterday and asked him about Devon and his release from TNA Wrestling. Hogan's response can be seen below.

The tweet has now been deleted from Hogan's account.

  • Shawn

    Hulk straight up your a liar. Devon probably asked for more money and a doofus like you and your team said no way look at all the money me and my team sucked outta this place we don’t have money to spend

    • Juan D

      Shawn you might be right on that. Not only did they refuse to pay them more money, I'm sure they wanted him to take even less like they are trying to do with Kurt.

  • Dave Barton

    Seriously, Hulk? A contract is expiring on one of TNA's champions, the guy (Devon) speaks openly about it, and somehow no one in the office notices?

    Whether its the truth or BS (and I'm calling BS), this is just one reason why TNA will never knock WWE out of the top spot.

  • Andrew Ace

    I love the Dudleys/Team3D and I think they’re the greatest team in history but we all know Devon will end up back in TNA because Bully is staying. Devon can’t survivor on his own in another company without Ray.

    • Rob

      Devon was liked in wwe a hell of a lot more than bubba

  • Liam

    When you say somebody, do you mean yours?

  • Shawn

    Tna is a great company..sometimes. They have to be more aware of things like this. Gives me the impression that guys like hogan and sting ( flair ) Brooke (etc) are only there for the money and not there for the right reasons like how the hell don’t u fucks know that his contract is coming up like wtf I work for a company and they know how many times I take a shit a day ur telling me mr hulkamania nd crew didn’t know ya f’n right Gimmie a break they just didn’t care about him or any of there stars they care about nothing but themselves… Maybe if we all boycotted tna for a while they would Smartin up like actually give the ppl what they want and please fuck ups like this make u look Mickey mouse

  • Shawn

    Andrew ace ur telling me a grown man can’t do it on his own????does this mean ur mom holds ur hand when u take a piss.. It’s not like they were a tag team the whole time there they proved they could compete on their own plus Devon’s not coming back to tna he’s gunna end up training guys for wwe.. Wanna make a friendly bet ace

    • Andrew Ace

      It was until recently he finally got a push at a singles career. What happened in the WWE when they broke up the Dudleys for a bit? They gave him that dumb revrend gimmick and did nothing. TNA breaks up 3D and Bully gets a big heel push while Devon jumps into a new tag team with the Pope and then teamed with Garret Bishoff. I’m just stating the obvious.