Hulk Hogan Comments On The Recent Twitter Comments Made By Scott Steiner; Says He Didn't Even Know Scott Was Sent Home From TNA & Had Big Plans For Him

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Hulk Hogan was on "The One Wrestling Show" and gave his thoughts on the recent behavior of Scott Steiner on Twitter. You can hear Hogan's comments embedded in the video below:

  • Thomas

    I'll give props to Hogan for this. I think everyone knows steiner is a bit of a loose cannon but he makes up a good point about someone blaming everyone expect themselves regarding their life. Thing was, Vince kinda screwed Steiner when they were gonna bring back the MEM which was the original plan to battle immortal but then they picked up nash and booker leaving steiner out to dry.

    I was never really a fan of big poppa pump, I just found him very entertaining. Bunch of Fat asses!

  • Matt Scott

    I really do struggle to believe a word hogan says :-/

  • Skeeber

    Where's Rick Steiner

  • WOW!!!

    Hogan is in management and didn't know Steiner was released???

    Says everything you need to know about how much he's involved with the talent!!!

  • Scott

    Rick is working at a school in Georgia i think and in realstate. It would be neat to see the dawg face grimling back in the ring as tag team with Scott. I know we all are getting old. But man just one more run would be nice. I would like to see AJ Styles & Sting invade WWE.