Hulk Hogan Continues To Praise Devon And Wants Him Back To TNA

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Hulk Hogan wrote on his official Twitter page today that he wants Devon back more than anyone. The tweet is embedded below:

It was reported that Devon finished with TNA Wrestling several weeks ago but Richard Gray brought up an interesting point in WNW Youtube video yesterday where TNA is advertising that the Television Title will be defended on this week's Impact Wrestling.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard is tna trying to low ball all of the talent and that’s why they are leaving?

  • Ken

    Maybe Devon's working one more date so he can drop the strap to Robbie E or Garrett Bischoff?

  • BigMike

    why is Robbie E still there? he sucks in the ring his look is OVER before it even started and he just sux in every aspect

    • Gregory Rockefeller

      I’ll take Robbie E and his gay sweaters over freaking Garrett Bishoff any day of the week! Garrett is nothing put a punk kid playing wrestler because his daddy works behind the scenes as a booker.

      • Lenny

        i'll do you one better, i'll take the disturbing tag team of Rico and Orlando Jordan over Garrett Bishoff…at least they can wrestle!