Hulk Hogan Doesn't Know Who Woman Is In Sex Tape; Says It Was Taped At Least 5 Years Ago

- Hulk Hogan was on TMZ Live talking about the leaked sex tape. Embedded in the video below is Hogan's appearance:

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  • Mike

    Whatcha gonna do, sister, when Hulkamania runs wild ALL OVER YOUUUUUUuuuuuuu….<o/

    I'm sorry…

  • More upsetting is that the woman in the tape doesn't know who Hulk Hogan is either. I want to hear what CM Punk has to say on the matter…..

  • Aj

    Wonder how she felt when he started ‘hulking up’ …

    • Mike

      Probably wanted it to just be over already… at Hulk's age, he'd have needed to Train, Say His Prayers, and Take His Viagra… I mean vitamins…

  • Angel

    Iron sheik must be having a field day with this

  • Tjones

    I kinda puled in my mouth after hearing about this. Really who’d wanna see Captain FakeTan naked. Ugh theres that taste again……

    • Tjones


  • Kleck

    He doesn’t know who it was but know it must have happened exactly 5 years ago next Tuesday. PR control, aisle 6

  • Sean Atkins

    Every time i hear about this story I do a Family Guy style throw up.

  • Horny4Hogan

    Bring on the video… 2

  • Michael

    What you gonna do when hulkamania leaves his junk all over you ????

  • Casey Mac

    What is it they say, Any publicity is good publicity. They are talking about him again in mainstream media.