Hulk Hogan Doing Well After Undergoing Back Surgery

Hulk Hogan has successfully underwent another back surgery and is being taken care of by nurse Jimmy Hart. The following is from Hogan's official Twitter account:


  • Kleck

    The nurse’s name is Jimmy Hart…seriously?

    Glad to hear that he is doing well.

  • Porkchop

    Did anyone else get horrifying mental images of Jimmy Hart dressed as a nurse when they read the article?

    • Ken

      Jimmy, dressed as a nurse, about to make use of the megaphone in a very disturbing way…

  • Chris J


  • Shawn

    Lol that’s awsome the mega phone up hogans arse… The guy should be in a retirement home

  • Laterial

    Every time I read an article regarding a HH back surgey, I think back to his match against HBK, and HBK’s Larry King promo.

  • Shatany

    you sold your soul hogan