Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff Comment On Changes To TNA's Creative Structure

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- Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have weighed in on Vince Russo leaving TNA Impact Wrestling and Dave Lagana getting an increased role. The following is from their official Twitter accounts:

  • Lenny

    These two need to go in order for TNA to go into the right direction! Just look at all of the exposure Garrett Bishoff has gotten! Surely he’s not working in the main event yet but he went from reffing to working upper-midcard, while guys like Daniels. Kaz, AJ and Joe are stuck in midcard city! Favoritism anyone?

    • Patrick_Peralta

      that is not a new thing in wrestling

      • havoc525

        Exactly…see Jarrett, Jeff.

    • Alex

      Favoritism has always been a part of wrestling. Just look at HHH in WWE.

  • monty

    this is nothing more than wcw but sad thing is now tna can't put wwe out of business or beat them for 86 straight weeks or something in ratings. They can't even compete with smackdown. I hope eric watches the rise and fall of wcw dvd to see what others thought went wrong. HIm and hogan needs to realize most people don't get a 2nd chance to prove themself on this level. TNA should be much bigger but since day one hogan has said we want to be bigger than wwe how about this TNA be something new and fresh and just compete with wwe because if you put great product on tv people will watch. these old has been wrestlers have to go

  • BIGRAN77741

    I’m not even a tna fan.but i know those 2 human sentipedes are the real reason i dont watch tna.

  • Adam

    Where is jay lethal loved him hes great and suicide

  • Adam

    Weres matt hardy and rvd