Hulk Hogan Fuels WWE Return Rumors

If anything else, Hulk Hogan sure knows how to keep people talking about him. After negotiations broke down with TNA Wrestling for a new contract, Hogan's status remains up in the air. He fed into the speculation with a new photo posted Sunday on Facebook. You can view it below:



I've been told for months, even before his TNA contract was up, that Hogan was training hard in hopes of a match at Wrestlemania against John Cena. Now, I know I've mentioned it before, but I've been really reluctant to write it because of how ridiculous it sounds. I think the one time that I did write it, I noted how outside of Hogan himself, I don't think anyone thought the match was a realistic possibility.

At any rate, there is WWE interest in Hogan and he wants to make sure to keep fans talking. Hogan's first step in rebuilding his bridge back to working for Vince McMahon was his inclusion in WWE 2K14, which will be released on Tuesday.

  • BIG M

    The state Hogan’s body is in if he took an AA from Cena it would probably kill him.
    No joke I’m serious the man’s had like what 30 surgerys on his back in the last 5 years and he still can’t even walk straight.
    And does he have a single joint that hasn’t been replaced.
    No way is he thinking of Wrestling again not even Hulk’s that stupid.

    • GODSENT68

      oh but he is

    • Scottyo614

      He’s saying his prayers and taking his vitamins brother

  • Justin Lal

    If the options are John Cena vs. Triple H at WM or John Cena vs. Hulk Hogan I’d go with the Hogan match.

  • MyBrokenKnees

    Why anyone really cares about him anymore is beyond me. Hell Flair has more to offer wrestling now than Hogan has in the last five years! To be honest it really is just sad seeing him despreate for some media attention.

  • smark calloway

    hulk will do anything to try to stay relevant… brother, dude !!

  • Kleck

    I’d love to see him back on WWE TV but I certainly don’t want to see him wrestle in the WWE anymore.

  • BigMike

    His turn in TNA was what it was, a mistake. He needs to go to WWE and sign a Legend’s contract. Make a few appearances and never get in the ring again