Hulk Hogan - I'm Just A Proud Dad, Creeps & Perverts Everywhere

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Wrestling News World, VH1 and TMZ all covered the revealing photo that Hulk Hogan posted of his daughter Brooke on Twitter.  In a rebuttal to critics who feel he went a little far, he says he's just a proud father, showing off the body of his daughter that works out two hours a day. The following is from Hogan's Twitter:

  • Kenneth

    I completely agree with Hulk on this. As I said in the other article about this, if people really think that there’s anything untoward in Hulk’s mind regarding his daughter then they’re the ones with the sick minds, not Hulk.
    It’s like those people who complain about the sexualisation of children these days. The people who sexualise children the most are those who complain about it. Well, them and kiddy beauty pageant organisers. Point is that most people wouldn’t even think of children being sexual if a select few weren’t bringing it up every other day. Likewise no one would think twice about the Hogan situation, or lack of, if it weren’t for people making baseless accusations.

    Of course, people are entitled to think that about Hulk if that is what they really think, but throwing opinions, accusations, and innuendo around, especially over the internet, without any shred of factual proof is highly irresponsible, and if it’s not illegal then it should be.
    This is a man’s reputation at stake here. Sure, he’s a celeb and to a point intrusion and speculation come with the status, but these sorts of accusations don’t go away, ever, and even if the accusations are proven wrong beyond all doubt it’s the initial accusation that people remember, not the later exoneration.

    Frankly, for this site to have posted the initial article with the headline “Hogan’s Creepy Photo Of Brooke” is no different, in my opinion, than accusing an innocent man of rape, and all for the sake of a few internet clicks. It’s disgusting, and it’s something that I would hope this site avoids in future.

    The site, Richard, and every other member of staff here are better than that.

    Leave that crap for Twitter and Facebook and NEWZ sites.

    Think about it… would anyone here like it if someone splashed your name and face over the internet and accused you of incest, rape, and pedophilia?
    No, of course you wouldn’t, no one would.

    Rant… off.

    • shwo

      its funny, on top of this raw does a huge rating and it was a good show but there are two articles today talking about minor errors on the show that most people couldn’t care less about, it really sucks what’s happening on here.

      • If you don’t care about an item, don’t read it. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be posted. Viewership and ratings have nothing to do with the quality of programming and are more reflective in the shows/PPVs to follow.

      • Kenneth

        Just pointing out that I wasn’t commenting at all on articles about minor errors, and I’m not dissing the site on the whole. I love this site. That’s the reason why I’m commenting on the one article in question. I find it unworthy of the reputation this site has.
        Frankly I couldn’t care less about minor errors on the show here and there. Sometimes I’ll comment, sometimes not. In this case I liked the show, others didn’t, and that’s fine. Liking an episode of Raw or not liking it doesn’t damage reputations and ruin lives. Baseless gossip does.
        A friend of mine fell victim to something similar not so long ago, in his case a false rape assusation the ‘victim’ later retracted, but only after the case had gone to court. The ‘victim’ simply had morning-after regrets.
        Despite the retraction everyone knew my friend as ‘the rapist’ and it ruined his life. It cost him his job, his relatinship with his family, and almost all his friendships, and he had to sell his home and move away to escape the stigma.
        It sucked. In fact I’d been talking to him just before I read this article which is why I ended up ranting just now. Fresh in mind, you know.