Hulk Hogan On Next Week's Raw, Fandango In The UK, Latest From JR

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Hulk Hogan Comments on Raw

Hulk Hogan Tweeted the following about being on next week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Memphis, Tennessee:

Fandango in the UK

Fandango was in the Sky Sports News studio on Wednesday and talked about becoming a huge Everton fan when they agreed to play his theme music at one of their games. The appearance was done to promote Wrestlemania XXX as you can check out coverage at this link.

New JR Blog

Jim Ross has a new blog entry online at this link. Speaking of JR, how about some BBQ sauce?

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  • Daddymack

    Interesting how Fandango dodged the CM Punk question. That to me suggests that all was not buried until recently, my way of thinking is that because punk wasnt going to get a decent programme going into WM, he wanted out of the whole situation all together. Why be around for the world to see that the storylines were going nowhere. Maybe he was given leave, and will return on the raw after WM, can u imagine the reception he will receive… Maybe he was at raw on monday just to report back, give the guys an update on how hes feeling, he was burnt out and questioning his love for wrestling! Maybe this break is working wonders for him. I personally think that if the DB story doesnt change, then punk will feud with DB after WM, and return as a heel, albeit after a heros welcome! Thus meaning DB is still kept away from the title picture!

  • Mike Brailsford

    So Fandango obviously knows everything Everton. Just needs a feud with Sheamus, him being a Liverpool fan.